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The UESP: Morrowind Main Quest Walkthrough
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Morrowind Main Quest Walkthrough

19 February 2011

The main quest walkthrough is finished, although I may still go through and create better maps. Feel free to Send Me any corrections or suggestions on the walkthrough.

Notes on Quest Walkthroughs

  1. Prerequisite Quest: Any quest that needs to be perviously performed. Note that there are some quests that can be done in any order and will be noted as such.
  2. Next Quest: The next quest which follows after the current one. Again, some quests can be done in an arbitrary order, not nessecarily in the order given in the walkthrough.
  3. Location: The various locations that the quest takes place in.
  4. Minimum Level: The lowest possible level that you can complete the quest at. Some quests have level restrictions imposed by the game.
  5. Recommended Level: The reccommeded level to do the quest. This value was obtained from the point of a Redguard Warrior and other classes may need to be higher to achieve success.
  6. Required Items: Any items or spells that are nessecary to complete the quest.
  7. Suggested Items: Any items or spells that are helpful, but not required, to perform the quest. Often having these items will result in extra loot and items.
  8. Difficulty: A general degree of quest difficulty taking into account the kinds of battles, amount of travelling, and dialogue choices.

Starting Out Dwemer Ruins of Arkngthand The Third Trial Rescuing Milo Andrano Ancestral Vault Curing Corprus Travel to Vivec Ashlander Informant Urshilaku Camp Urshilaku Camp Ahemmusa Tribe Zainab Tribe Sunder Artifact Keening Artifact Meeting Vivec Ash Vampires House Redoran Erabenimsun Tribe Assault on Dagoth Ur House Telvanni House Hlaalu Quest Map (click on a topic below to jump to walkthrough)
[Morrowind Main Quest Map, 574x406 (9 kb)]
Quest Map (click on a topic above to jump to walkthrough)

Caius Cosades Quests
1. Starting Out - 19 February 2011
Starting out on the main quest from character creation.

2. Arkngthand, Dwemer Ruins - 19 February 2011
Your first assignment from Caius in Balmora to retrieve some information on two secret cults.

3. Andrano Ancestral Vault - 19 February 2011
Another small errand for Caius has you running for a local tomb.

4. Travel to Vivec - 19 February 2011
Yet another fact finding mission for Caius has you running all over Vivec this time.

5. Ashlander Informant - 19 February 2011
A short trip to Ald'ruhn to gather some information from an Ashlander merchant.
6. Urshilaku Camp - 19 February 2011
Travel to the Northern coast to find out more about the Nerevarine Prophecy and how it relates to you.

7. Sixth House Base - 19 February 2011
Caius asks you to dispose of a Sixth House base recently discovered near Gnaar Mok.

8. Curing the Corprus - 19 February 2011
The last quest got you the dreaded Corprus disease, now you must find a way to cure it.

9. Rescuing Milo - 19 February 2011
Caius has left and has sent you off to find Mehra Milo once again in Vivec.

Third, Forth, and Fifth Trial Quests
10. The Third Trial - 19 February 2011
You visit the Urshilaku Camp once again and must complete the Third Trial of the prophecy.

11. Ahemmusa Tribe - 19 February 2011
12. Zainab Tribe - 19 February 2011
13. Erabenimsun Tribe - 19 February 2011
To satisfy the forth trial you travel to the three Ashlander Camps and have them to recognize you as the Nerevarine. The exact order you do the tribes in is not important.
14. House Redoran - 19 February 2011
15. House Hlaalu - 19 February 2011
16. House Telvanni - 19 February 2011
Visit to the three Great Houses and have them pronounce you as their Hortator. The exact order you do the houses in is not important.

End Game Quests
17. Meet Vivec - 19 February 2011
Make the arrangements to meet the god Vivec and receive the plan to defeat Dagoth Ur.

18. Ash Vampires - 19 February 2011
Destroy the seven Ash Vampires to weaken Dagoth Ur and receive powerful magic items to aid you in your assault.

19. Keening Artifact - 19 February 2011
Acquire the magical short blade needed to defeat Dagoth Ur.
20. Sunder Artifact - 19 February 2011
Acquire the magical hammer needed to defeat Dagoth Ur.

21. Assault Dagoth Ur - 19 February 2011
Your final assault on Dagoth Ur's Citadel to destroy the god of the Sixth House.

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