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The UESP: Site Credits
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Site Credits

19 February 2011

I've had much help in creating the Daggerfall FAQ, and these web Pages. If your name/organizarion is not in the list below, and you feel that it should be, please use the site Contact Form to notify me and get it corrected as soon as possible.

  1. All of the individual contributers listed on all of the content pages.
  2. mOOse ( m00se@wwa.com ) - Donated use of the old www.honesty.com server. Many thanks!!!
  3. Karl Meiser ( karlm@m0use.net ) - Tech guy at honesty who set me up quickly and has been a great help
  4. Arena, Daggerfall, and Battlespire manuals
  5. Daggerfall Demo Documenation
  6. BETHESDA SOFTWORK's WWW Pages: http://www.bethsoft.com
  8. COMPUTER GAMING WORLD (CGW), January 1995 Issue, DAGGERFALL preview
  10. MOSH TEITELBAUM (LONEWOLF), previously the Bethesda WWW Page Maintainer
  11. BETHESDA01@AOL.COM's postings on USENET groups such as comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
  12. The Daggerfall Mailing List
  13. The many Bethesda people I've talked to over the years.
  14. Softwind and Shadow Jack, admins of the www.m0use.net server which currently hosts the site.
  15. All the other many Elder Scrolls WebMasters, Andel Crodo, SkeletonMan, Lord Ravana, Alrin, and many others.
  16. The Canaca ISP service for a quick, easy, and cheap web service hosting.

The Elder Scrolls: DAGGERFALL, Copyright © 1995, BETHESDA SOFTWORKS
The Elder Scrolls: ARENA, Copyright © 1993, BETHESDA SOFTWORKS

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