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Daggerfall: General Quest Tips

19 February 2011

Most of the quests encountered in DAGGERFALL are randomly created (such as guild quests etc...), and as such, no solutions to these exist. What is included here are various techniques for solving them. Please feel free to Contact the Webmaster with any suggestions, information which is not included here or links to other sites containing item making information.

Please Note: Excessive amounts of spoilers are found below.

Quest Walkthrough - 19 February 2011
Complete walkthrough for the main quest of Daggerfall.

General Quest Hints - 13 March 1999
Some general tips to aid you while questing.
The Cop Killer Quest - 20 June 1998
Explanation of which quest allows you to kill guards will no legal repuation plenty.
Twisting Endings to Quests - 20 June 1998
A few quests with interesting possible endings.
Stolen-Item Temple Quest - A Technique - 7 March 1997
A good method to solve the buggy 'find the stolen item quest' given by many temples.

Twisting Endings to Quests - 20 June 1998

For one merchant quest, you are asked to impersonate someone to a duel, to settle some love triangle. You could go find the woman involved, talk to her, and she will pay you not to kill the other guy. I don't know what this will do to your reputation, but it is surely fun.

Certain quests can be complete via multiple ways. One involves 4 fake gold. Another involves a deed of house, and gold. If you like, you can provide all possible solutions, and get all quest items. For example, in the deed quest, you can kill the noble, get the deed, the gold and then talk to the merchant. What is the benefit of such ?

Well, there is a bug in Daggerfall which gives you extra items. When a quest is complete, all items related to this quest are deleted. But treasure piles are not, even if the only item they contain is quest item. So, if you place the deed, the gold, and whatever other items related to this quest on the floor, place each quest item on its own pile, and no other item in that pile, then talk to this merchant, the quest will be completed. The quest item in the treasure piles must be gone. But the treasure pile themselves can not. So, if you re-examine the treasure piles, you will found the quest items, the deed, the gold, etc. will be transformed into real treasures for you to take.

The same is true for the fake gold quest. Even though it states that you will be paid a certain amount per faked gold, your pay is the same no matter how many gold you bring. So, just drop three on the floor, give one to the merchant, and collect your gold-turned-treasure on the floor.

This can be done to any other quest, like the mummy finger quest. You just drop the finger, letter on the floor when you arrive at the right dungeon. When you finish the mummy, they will turn into treasure. You can do this to any quest, and my game never crashed forthis.

Original Text Written by lmei01@utopia.poly.edu

The One and Only Cop Killer Quest - November 1996

We all know that one quest can enhance your legal reputation ( change you from "common citizen" to "respected", or get out of the "pond scum" status.) That is to take a merchant quest. A merchant requires you to escort him to somewhere. If you stay in town, go into a shop, an inn, or a guild house, etc. you will immediately attract attention from the group that wishes to kill him. If it is the law that wants him, you can hand him over to improve your legal reputation. According to my knowledge, this is the ONLY Quest you can safely kill agents of the law without any consequence, as a human. Being a werewolf allows you to attack guards, but no very safe.
With a twist from a existing quest, of course.

After you hand him over, the guards will stay wherever they are, and not move, until the next day when the quest is consider completed by Bethsoft. If I stand in front of them, they will attack me when attacked. But, if I stand behind them, they will not know how to turn around and fight me. So, I use these guards as standing targets, and practice archery, back stab, hand-to-hand on them! If I wish to practice hand-to-hand, I will stand behind them; so I am perfectly safe, and improve my back stab skill as well. If I stay away, I use archery. By the way, the only way the guards move is due to violent punches! For me, this beats using the trainer.

Also, my legal reputation does not drop for this "brutal killing". I guess once the criminal in the Quest is caught, the "police" are no longer labeled agents of law, and become "Monsters" for me to kill. Once, I did this in broad day light. There are city guards and town people walk around, but no one said any bad thing to me. If I try to pick their pocket, city guards may try to catch me. But otherwise, they leave me alone. But I have to very careful not to let my arrows hit some "innocent" bystanders.

It is very ironic how this quest can end. You can improve your reputation with whatever quild, and still kill all of them, being able to take all their iventory at the end, and practice skills with vast safety. I could not think of any better ending. It also seems that if it is the other guilds who want to catch that person, the same is true. But I do feel other guilds are harder to fight. Because there is no way for me to tell if double crossing can cause any drop in reputation for other guilds, I did not try this. If you have better experience, let me know. Hey, there is no way for me to tell if it is considered double-crossing at all! It is a great feeling to beat the law, isn't it!

Original Text Written by lmei01@utopia.poly.edu

General Quest Hints - 13 March 1999

  1. I like to do several quests for a particular guild in a row. This allows me to ask for another quest directly after finishing one helping me save a bit of playing time.
  2. There are many different types of quests...dungeon, guard, cast a spell, deliver etc... I prefer to do a variety of them depending on my mood. Dungeon quests are easily the longest but will help increase skills and will gain many items and gold. The quickest are the guard type quests which can usually be done very quickly and are the best way to quickly improve your rep within a guild.
  3. Get sent on a quest to go kill some Giants, or Harpies for the Fighters Guild. Go to a spot to where you can rest for 99 hours, and do it. Some Harpies or Giants will come so that you can get the quest done fast.

Some information contributed by Jogaryo@aol.com.

Stolen-Item Temple Quest - A Technique - 7 March 1997

Many people have had problems in completing the stolen-item Temple-Quest. This is the quest where you are asked to recover an item stolen by a thief. Although some people have been able to get the location of the thief by asking "Any News", this is not a 100% successful solution. The only sure solution that I know is to go door-to-door. However, this does not mean that you have to actually open the door, locked or unlocked, of every house in town. I have found that the following technique works for me, having used it 4 times successfully.

Set your cursor to "info" mode (F3). From horseback or your cart, ride through town and click on every house. Those that give no information cannot be entered. You will see some houses for sale, but most will simply be described as "Residence". Eventually, you will get one that is identified as "The (name) Residence". This is the house you should enter to find the thief. Apparently, the game selects a house, assigns a name to it, and implants the thief when the quest is started.

If you have done several house-related quests in the town, your map will show several houses as "named" houses. However, I have found that if you click on these in "Info" mode, it will be identified merely as "Residence". (I assume that the name is removed when the quest is completed and removed, but the map is not affected.) Apparently only the houses relating to outstanding quests have names that show up in "info" mode.

Original Text Written by Rich Kovarik - rkovarik@vnet.net

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