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The UESP: Battlespire
Note: This page has been moved to the new UESP-Wiki. The same content, just a different presentation.
This page very likely contains outdated information (last updated in 2005).

This site last updated 19 February 2011
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Latest Patch is: v1.5

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Files for the Game Including Patches, Editors and Save Games...

Files Area 19 February 2011
Get your latest patches, file editors, and more for Battlespire here!


All Kinds of Info on the Game, FAQs, Reviews and More.

Hints 19 February 2011
All kinds of hints on everything imaginable.
Quest Walkthrough 19 February 2011
Stuck on a level, need to know the solution to a riddle, where's that troublesome key? Your answer may be answerer within.
Bugs 19 February 2011
Lists the found bugs in the game along with any solution if applicable.
Hacking Guide 19 February 2011
All kinds of information about hacking the game, file formats, offsets, etc...
Bestiary 19 February 2011
Monsters in the game along with a picture, description, and fighting tactics, etc... Note: Document contains 34kb of JPEG images.
Official FAQ ?
An updated official FAQ on the Bethesda's web site put up after the game was released. Contains some information on bugs, patches, improving game play, etc... The FAQ is currently missing but should be found soon hopefully.
Older Official FAQ 19 February 2011
The official FAQ for the game before it was released. Contains preview and related information.
Unofficial FAQ 19 February 2011
The unofficial FAQ of the game answering some of the commonly asked questions.
Guilds 19 February 2011
Since BS allows multiplayer, there will most likely be guilds forming, much like in Quake. This page will hopefully list describe the available ones.
Technical Info 19 February 2011
Information on bugs in the game, how to avoid/correct them, error messages, and possible methods on making the game run faster.
Reviews 19 February 2011
Some reviews on the game from typical gamers. Feel free to submit your review too.


Preview Information on the Game Such as Screen Shots, Features, etc...

Features 19 February 2011
List and some explanation of features found in the game and the required hardware to view it. Some information taken directly from Bethesda and some from rumours here and there.
ScreenShots 19 February 2011
Contains several nice screenshots of the game and a few released animations.


Links to Battlespire Related Sites...

Battlespire Links 19 February 2011
Currently just a few links devoted to the game on the UESP links page.

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