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The UESP: Battlespire Unofficial FAQ
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Battlespire Unofficial FAQ

15 February 2011

This is the unofficial Battlespire faq that I have made to answer all of your common questions when you first play Battlespire. This FAQ covers various things, but pretty much all the questions you might ask. Enjoy!

Will there be a 3dfx patch for Battlespire?
No. There was a problem at the end of development, and they were unable to implement 3dfx.

How do I take screenshots?
  1. During the game, press Ctrl-P. This will store a .raw file in your /pics directory of your batspire folder.
  2. Download Paint Shop Pro at www.jasc.com or use the special RAW to PCX conversion utility BATRAW.ZIP - 94kb.
  3. Using BATRAW is easiest I find, just unzip into the PICS directory and run. Select/view the .RAW files and save the desired ones as PCX files which can be loaded and editted in any picture editor.
  4. For PSP its a little more complicated, just open the file and fill in the following properties when asked:
    color channels=Three Channel (RGB)
    Header Size=0
    File Structure=Interleaved

Where are the towns?
There are no towns in Battlespire. The game is not in any way like Daggerfall or Arena, but it is it's own game.

Where is all the gold?
Again, there is no gold either. Whats there to spend it on? You will find all the items you need in the Battlespire, and will not have to buy anything.

How do I swim?
This was not included in the manual, but swimming is done with the page up and page down keys.

How do I play Multiplayer?
You can use MPlayer (www.mplayer.com), or Kali (www.kali.net). Kali does not have built in support, so just log on to the same server of your friends, and then launch a game of battlespire.

How Do I Rest/Camp?
You don't. This is one thing that makes Battlespire very challenging. To heal yourself, you must do one of three things:
  1. Make a healing spell during character generation. (Hotkey it!)
  2. Find Healing potions
  3. Find the blue gems that are on each level. They heal you to full health.

Is it neccessary to keep quest Items? (Items used to complete levels, like the password scroll in level 1.)
No. You will not need to keep any items like this, exept for a few things. The Scrouge Mace, in level 2, is optional, because it makes a great weapon. And the Armor of the saviors hide, found in level 5, you must keep to beat the game. If you don't, you can find another suit of it on level 7. Otherwise, Items should be erased from your inventory automatically.

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