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Latest Patch is v1.06

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Although an old game by todays standards, there are still a large number of people still buying and playing the game. Unfortunately there are very few resources available for Arena, and I'm sad to say that as of lately, this is the only site I could find (please feel free to correct me on this). Enjoy the information that I do have and let me know if I'm missing anything.


Games Domain Review 23 September 1998
Review of the game on the Games Domain Review (GDR) WWW site.
Codex Scientia Review 23 September 1998
Review of the ARENA hint book.
Arena Interview 15 February 2011
An early interview with Bethesda developers Julian and JV around June of 1994.


Files 16 February 1999
Patch v1.06
16 October 1998
255 kb The latest official patch for the game. Download and unzip into your game directory.
20 May 2003
1.8 Mb A demo of the game.
16 October 1998
34 kb A save game editor.
16 October 1998
40 kb Another save game editor.
16 October 1998
2417 bytes A useful program for running those really old games on those stunningly fast pentiums. This freeware utility can slow your computer from 1 to 99% making those games much more playable. Note that the latest Arena patch does include an option to slow the game down on Pentium systems but I'm not sure how well it works.
26 January 2002
50 kb Another free utility for slowwing down your computer under Win95 or NT (and assumbly under other more recent windows versions).

Save Games 15 February 2011
Several save games available for downloading.


Unofficial FAQ 15 February 2011
The unofficial FAQ for the game with lots of good answers and information. A Text Version of the FAQ is also available.


Artifact List 15 February 2011
A listing and description of all the artifacts found in the game. A Text Version of this file is also available.
Items List 15 February 2011
An excellent items list along with their location. Over 2000 magical and regular items of all sorts!
Buying and Selling Guide 15 February 2011
A very nice description of how to buy and sell effectively in the game.
Win95 Tips and Tricks 15 February 2011
How to successfully install and run the game under Windows 95 or 98. Also check out the Windows Tips page for more information on old DOS games and Windows.


Arena Links 15 February 2011
Unfortunately there are very few other sites related to Arena but there are lots of other Elder Scrolls sites for your perusal.

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