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Tribunal Hints and Tips

15 February 2011

As usual, there are (or at least will be) always a large number of requests for hints and spoilers on lots of topics. This page will contain those various hints and spoilers I've compiled in some organized fashion. Feel free to Contact the Webmaster to contribute any suggestions, spoilers not included here, or links to sites that include hints. The various topics are sorted according to the date on which they were last updated or added.

Please Note: Many of these hints are based on the personal playing preferences of a wide variety of people and are included only as helpful suggestions.

Major Topics, Seperate Documents
Artifacts - 15 February 2011
A list of all the special items and artifacts added in the expansion.
Item Table - 15 February 2011
Complete list of all the items added in the expansion.
Minor Topics, Below on the Page
Adamantium Ore Locations - 4 January 2003
Locations to find adamantium ore in the expansion.

Adamantium Ore Locations
4 January 2003

All the adamantium ore in the expansion is found in random rocks which have a 60% chance to have the ore. None of the rocks are set to respawn so the ore is limited.

Location Number of Rocks Notes
Old Mournhold: Temple Crypt 9  
Old Mournhold: Temple Catacombs 3  
Old Mournhold: Armory Ruins 4  
Norenen-dur, the Teeth that Gnash 4 Reached through Bamz-Amschend, Passage of the Walker

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