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Morrowind Screenshots - Page 3

19 February 2011

This page contains any of the released preview screenshots for the game. Note that these are not cut scenes or the like, but actual screenshots (and they can only look better as time goes on)...Amazing! Warning: Excessive browsing of these screenshots may cause continual drooling... You may go to Page 2 for more screenshots or back to Page 1 for more recent shots. For the latest screenshots, see the Official Morrowind Site.

[Strider Port, 123x92 (3kb)] Stider Port -1024x768, 158K, 19 February 2011
You approach a strider port with a hefty axe in hand. Striders can be used to travel faster around the Morrowind island.
[Dark Elf, 123x92 (3kb)] Dark Elf - 1024x768, 227K, 19 February 2011
Talking with a female dark elf outside of a trade house. Again, note the wonderful character detail. In the far background in the sky, note the floating creature known as a netch, killed for making armour and other goods.
[Village, 123x92 (3kb)] Village -1024x768, 158K, 19 February 2011
Image of an unamed village and well armoured NPC.
[Construction Set, 123x92 (3kb)] Construction Set - 1024x768, 227K, 19 February 2011
Screenshot of the construction set editor, which comes with the game and allows almost complete control over everything in the game. This is the same editor that Bethesda is using to make to game. WOW!
[Script Editor, 123x92 (3kb)] Script Editor -1024x768, 158K, 19 February 2011
Another view of the construction set editor showing the powerful script window.
[Gnisis, 123x92 (3kb)] Gnisis - 1024x768, 227K, 19 February 2011
Ariel view of the vilalge of Gnisis. Although this is a small village, there is a great amount of detail.
[Gnisis Wireframe, 123x92 (3kb)] Gnisis Wireframe -1024x768, 158K, 19 February 2011
Wireframe view of the village of Gnisis.
[Imperial Fort, 123x92 (3kb)] Imperial Fort - 1024x768, 227K, 19 February 2011
Snow falls lightly outside an Imperial Fort near the town of Gnisis.
[Town, 104x78 (3kb)] Town View -800x600, 67K, 19 February 2011
An excellent view in town as you stroll down the road towards the city gate.
[TES Editor, 104x78 (3kb)] TES Editor - 800x600, 124K, 19 February 2011
Another great view of the TES Construction set editting a well armoured NPC.
[Sunset in Town, 104x78 (3kb)] Sunset in Town -800x600, 45K, 19 February 2011
You and a sullen guard observe the sunset (or sunrise) in town.
[Outside the City, 104x78 (3kb)] Outside the City - 800x600, 64K, 19 February 2011
Apparently you are trespassing in someones garden outside of a city on top of a hill.
[TES Editor, 104x78 (3kb)] TES Editor - 800x600, 104K, 19 February 2011
Another view of the TES Construction set, this time editting a cave dwelling of some sort.
[TES Editor, 104x78 (3kb)] TES Editor - 800x600, 129K, 19 February 2011
The TES Construction set editting someone named Conan in a Nordic village.
[House Detail, 104x78 (3kb)] House Detail - 800x600, 76K, 19 February 2011
Closeup of a house showing the incredible detail of the game.

Sources and Links...
The following links were used as a sources for some of the above screenshots and information, and will generally provide a good source of Morrowind news and other Elder Scrolls stuff.
  1. Morrowind Official Site
  2. Computer Games Preview
  3. Gamespot Preview

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