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Morrowind Misc Quest Walkthrough

19 February 2011

There are many, many miscelleaneous quests in the game which can be found just about everywhere, and don't have any particular place within the main or faction quests. The quests are ordered by the nearest major town or location from which they start. Feel free to Contact the Webmaster to contribute any suggestions, or corrections.

General Quests
Propylon Indices - 21 September 2002
The location to all 10 of the propylon chamber indices.



Ald'ruhn Quests
Ienas Sarandas - 28 May 2002
Help local Ald'ruhn merchants collect on overdue purchases.
Find Falanu's Husband - 6 September 2002
Find this woman's husband who fled when they were attacked by Nix Hounds.
Escort Viatrix Petilia - 17 September 2002
Escort this Noble to the Ghostgate shrine within two days.
Cure Hisi Deep-Raed - 6 September 2002
Help out this Barbarian who crossed with the wrong witch.


Deliver Shirts for Rasha - 6 September 2002
Deliver some shirts to Ald'ruhn for this Argonian.
Deliver Weapons for Lucan - 6 September 2002
Deliver some weapons to Ald'ruhn for this thief.
Rescue Hanat Zainsubani - 6 September 2002
Rescue this explorer from the Sixth House Base of Mamaea.


Ald Velothi Quests
Smugglers Cave of Palansour - 6 September 2002
Find out what happened in this caves South of Ald Velothi.
Cure the Mad Din - 6 September 2002
Cure this raving mad Legionaire SouthWest of Ald Velothi.


Find Jeline's Ring - 21 September 2002
Find this 'poor' girl's ring which fell into the water.


Ahemmusa Camp Quests
Find the White Guar - 6 September 2002
Help Rapli find the White Guar she has been dreaming about.


Help Athanden Girith - 6 September 2002
Find the thieves who robbed Girith of some Guar Hides.


Balmora Quests
Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine - 6 September 2002
Rediscover this lost ebony mine and reveal its location to several Hlaalu councillors.
Ernil Omoran's Body - 6 September 2002
Find and pass on the last words of Omoran on his body North of Balmora.


Thelas' Pillows - 6 September 2002
Return a pillow invoice to Drarayne Thelas in Balmora in this obscure quest.
Skooma Pipe - 6 September 2002
Return a missing skooma pipe to someone in Balmora.


Caldera Quests
Help Aeta Wave-Breaker - 6 September 2002
Retrieve two family heirlooms stolen by a Khajiit and his band of thieves.
Help Hlomer Wine-Sot - 6 September 2002
Help this half-naked barbarian retrieve his stolen axe (and clothes) from a witch.


Deliver Note for Bugrol - 6 September 2002
Deliver this note for this Orc hiding from the law to his friend in Caldera.
Escort Pemenie - 6 September 2002
Escort this trader to Gnaar Mok in return for some magical boots.


Ebonheart Quests
Deliver Note for Dredil - 6 September 2002
A simple note delivery to the East Empire company in town.


Steal List for Bolrin - 6 September 2002
Steal a list from the enchanted Valius in Vivec.


Erabenimsun Camp Quests
Escort Reeh-Ja to Freedom - 6 September 2002
Escort this escaped slave to the safety of the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart.
Tarsus's Stolen Hides - 6 September 2002
Recover some Guar Hides stolen by two Ashlanders.


Find Satyana's Amulet - Erabenimsun Camp - 7 September 2002
Aid this woman in the Arenim Tomb to find her father's amulet.


Fort Moonmoth Quests
Balmora Bloodbath - 11 November 2002
Eliminate some 'bad people' in Balmora for the captain in Fort Moonmoth.


Hla Oad Outlaw - 6 September 2002
Investigate the reports of an outlaw near Hla Oad for Varro.


Gnisis Quests
Hentus' Pants - 6 September 2002
Retrieve some stolen pants so Hentus can get out of the water without embarassment.



Hla Oad Quests
Deliver a Slave - 23 June 2002
Deliver a slave from Relam Arinith in Hla Oad to Balmora.



Khuul Quests
Rescue Sason's Wife - 6 September 2002
Rescue Sason's wife, Malexa, who was abducted by cultists.



Maar Gan Quests
Escort Fonus to the Koal Cave - 6 September 2002
Escort this lost pilgrim to this cave South of Gnisis.



Pelagiad Quests
Maurrie's Glove - 6 June 2002
Help two love struck individuals meet in Pelagiad.
Beluelle's Silver Bowl - 27 October 2002
Return this silver bowl found in a smuggler's cave to its rightful owner.
Romance Ahanassi - 7 September 2002
A great romance awaits for those male characters brave enough to try.


Nels Lendo Outlaw - 6 September 2002
Encounter the sauve, and romantic, outlaw on the road South of Pelagiad.
Escort Dralor to Fields of Kummu - 6 September 2002
Escort this lost pilgrim to the Fields of Kummu shrine.


Sadrith Mora Quests
Gateway Inn Haunting - 28 May 2002
Solve the case of this haunted Inn in Sadrith Mora.



Seyda Neen Quests
A Falling Wizard - 15 November 2003
A strange person falls from the sky.
Fargoth's Ring - 13 May 2002
One of the first quests you can do in the game.
Fargoth's Gold - 6 January 2003
Find out where good ole' Fargoth is hiding his money.


Dead Tax Collector - 21 September 2002
Investigate the murder of a tax collector in Seyda Neen.
Help Vodunius Nuccius - 6 September 2002
Help this poor man earn some money so that he can leave Vvardenfell.


Suran Quests
Find the Slave Haj-Ei - 6 September 2002
Help a bounty hunter in Suran track down this escaped Argonian slave.
Escort Tul - 6 September 2002
Escort this escaped Argonian slave to a nearby farm.
Escort Paur Maston - 2 August 2003
Escort a lost merchant back to Molag Mar.


Find Thoronor's Friend - 6 September 2002
Find a missing friend of Thoronor's who wandered off to check some sounds.
Aid Umbra in Death - 6 September 2002
Help this depressed Orc Warrior in achieving his final request.


Tel Branora Quests
Kill Dalen's Gang - 6 September 2002
Aid Councillor Therana by killing Dalen and her gang outside of Tel Branora.



Tel Vos Quests
Help Talanain with Zainab - 6 September 2002
Help this guard captain in Tel Vos learn some information about the Zainab Ashlanders.



Urshilaku Camp Quests
Kill Zallay Subaddamael - 6 September 2002
Take vengence for the death of Kurapli's husband by killing the outcast Zallay Subaddamael.



Vivec Quests
Business Competition - Foreign Quarter - 17 November 2003
Help a businessman in Vivec squash some local competition.
Annoying Fool - Foreign Quarter - 28 May 2002
Get rid of an annoying fool looking for a troupe in Vivec's Foreign Quarter.
Missing Husband - St. Olms - 23 June 2002
Find a missing husband for a lady in the Fishmonger's Guild in Vivec.
Invisible Man - St. Delyn - 23 June 2002
Help a mostly invisible man become more visible in this Vivec quest.
Investigate Vivec Murders - Temple - 6 September 2002
Solve the mystery of seven recent murders in Vivec.
Cure Cursed Tarer - Temple - 6 September 2002
Cure the poor Tarer who was cursed by Archmagister Trebonius.
Help Balen's Business - Redoran - 7 September 2002
Help Balen's failing business by sabotaging his competitor, Jeanne.
Find Source of Leaflets - Foreign Quarter - 7 September 2002
Investigate the source of some inflammatory leaflets about Aurane Frernis.


Find Roland's Tears - Foreign Quarter - 7 September 2002
Find five of these rare flowers for the alchemist Aurane Frernis.
Exterminate Telvanni Rats - Telvanni - 7 September 2002
Find the cause of a rat infestation for a Telvanni enchanter.
Steal Dwemer Limeware - St. Delyn - 7 September 2002
Steal a shipment of limeware from a ship at the docks in Ebonheart.
Investigate East Empire Co. - St. Olms - 7 September 2002
Find out how the East Empire Company in Ebonheart sets its prices.
Andarys' Love Note - Hlaalu - 7 September 2002
Find an investigate the source of a love letter from Andarys to Eraldil.
Escort Rollie the Guar - 7 September 2002
Escort the guar and his handler to Vivec.
Jobasha and the Twin Lamps - 7 September 2002
Receive a reward for freeing slaves.
Retrieve Stolen Glass - 7 September 2002
Help Drothan retrieve some raw glass stolen by his two 'escorts'.
Ennbjof's Secret Tomb - Telvanni - 7 September 2002
Give some Matze to Ennbjof to hear the tale of a legendary lost tomb.


Vos Quests
Find Botrir's Axe - 21 September 2002
Help this half-naked barbarian retrieve his prize axe from a witch.



Fargoth's Ring
13 May 2002

During character creation, when you exit the building the first time, grab the Engraved Ring of Healing from the barrel beside the door. After you finish in the Census office, you should be able to find Fargoth wandering around just outside (blond Wood Elf). Talking to him will reveal that he believes the Imperials to have taken his ring. Inquiring further, you are given the option to give it to him or keeping it. Giving him the ring will result in an improved disposition with Fargoth as well as with Arrille (local shopkeeper) which translates into much cheaper items when you first start, a definite advantage. Also, even if you give him the ring you can get it back in another Fargoth related quest.

Fargoth's Gold
6 January 2003

In the starting town of Seyda Neen, you can find out from Arrille that Hrisskar has been having money troubles of late. Hrisskar, in the bar upstairs, will reveal that he believes Fargoth has been hiding gold from him and he asks you to help find it.

If you wait until night and stand on the light house you can watch Fargoth (around 10 pm) sneak to his secret hiding spot in the trunk of a tree in the muddy swamp you can see from the lighthouse. The trunk contains 300 gold, a lockpick, and possibly his Engraved Ring of Healing (if you previously returned it to him). If you return to Hrisskar, he will take the 300 gold and give you 100 gold back for your troubles. Also, you could simply not give Hrisskar back his gold and keep everything from Fargoth's horde as you do not need Hrisskar again. The extra 200 gold is a handy sum when starting off.

Note, you might also be able to receive this quest by finding out that Fargoth has not been paying his taxes lately (not confirmed).

Original text written in part by Tom Newman, David Livingston, and Meryl Lan.

Annoying Fool
28 May 2002

Miun-Gei, an enchanter in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks, is having trouble with an annoying fool loitering outside his shop. The fool, Marcel Maurard, just outside Miun-Gei's shop, will tell you that he is an actor looking for work and merely selling things to make ends meet. You can attempt to persuade or threaten him to leave, but he won't budge (short of killing him, which might be a bad idea). Maurard does mention that he would leave if only he could find a theater troupe.

If you ask around town about a troupe, you'll soon find out that Crassius Curio has just written a (questionable) new play and is looking to form just a troupe. Curio can be found in the Curio manor in the Vivec's Hlaalu plaza. Chat with the interesting Curio for a bit to find out some basic information about the play and return with the news to Maurard with the news. Once Maurard is taken care of, return to Miun-Gei for an enchanted spear.

Note, there is a bug with this quest that if you kill the fool and return to Miun-gei, you will be rewarded with 250 gold. In fact, every time you talk with him you'll get the reward, non-stop. This may be fixed in future game patches.

Original text written in part by Bill.

Dead Tax Collector
21 September 2002

Just outside (North West) of Seyda Neen you can find the corpse of Processus Vitellius lying on the ground amoungst some rocks. Collect the tax records, 200 gold, and some other nice things from his corpse and return to town. Go to Socucius Ergalla in the census office that let you pick your class and talk to him about the man you found dead. If you give back the gold you recovered from his corpse, he will ask you to find the killer of the tax man.

You can look at the tax records to see who owes the largest sum of money (somewhere in the Census Office?), or you can ask around town to learn that Vitellius has a girlfriend in the lighthouse. Go and talk with Tavere Vedrano and learn that Vitellius recently had an argument with Foryn Gilnith.

Find Foryn in town, in a building in the shack area of town, confront him and he will admit the murder and then you have the option to arrest him. Kill him then report back to the census office for 500 gold (decent way to get that initial cash). You can also return Vitellius' ring to Vedrano for two health potions.

Note that if you kill Foryn Gilnith before going to the cenus office you get the reward and get to keep the 200 in taxes.

Original text written in part by Wyked and Kieth.

Ienas Sarandas - Ald’ruhn
28 May 2002

In Ald’ruhn, ask around and you will learn that Ienas Sarandas has lost his patrimony betting on guar and has sold his family silverware to pay his debts. Go to any of the merchants and they will offer you work. It seems that Ienas Sarandas has failed to pay up for the goods he has purchased.

Look for Ienas Sarandas in his house. Ask him about the goods. Raise his disposition towards you and he will give you the goods to return on his behalf (you may also be able to convince him to join the temple). Note that if you kill him, you can still complete the quest but your disposition with the locals may actually decrease.

Brocade shirt & silk pants:
Return to Bivale Teneran the Clothier and you’ll receive 50 gold.
Racer suede belt:
Return to Tiras Sadus and receive 25 gold.
Ebony ring & glass ring:
Return to Daynes Redothril the Pawnbroker and receive 50 gold.
Designer shoes:
Return to Llether Vari and receive 50 gold
Firejade Amulet:
Return to Bevene Releth and receive 25 gold
The merchants are quite easy to find. Just ask around if you need directions.

Original text written by Meryl Lan.

Gateway Haunting - Sadrith Mora
28 May 2002

In Sadith Mora, you’ll learn that a ghost is haunting the South Turret bedchamber at Gateway Inn. When someone drives it out, it comes right back. It’s ruining business at Gateway and Angaredhel the Prefect in unhappy.

Go to Gateway Inn and talk to Angaredhel. He’ll give you the directions to the haunted room. He will also tell you that Mage-Mistress Arara Uvulas inspected the room but does not know why the ghost reappears or how to stop it. Angaredhel advises you to speak to Arara Uvulas at the Telvanni Council House. You can kill the ghost (as many times as you want), but you cannot solve the quest in this manner.

The Council House is a big sphere located near the docks. Speak to Arara Uvulas there about the Gateway Haunting and she will tell you that she can find no evidence of a restless spirit or ancestral influences. She suspects that a conjuration expert is involved. Ask anyone at the Council House about a conjuration expert and you’ll discover that Uleni Heleran from the Mage’s Guild teaches conjuration.

Go to Wolverine Hall and speak to anyone there. You’ll learn that Uleni Heleran is mischievous and that she has bad feelings about Angaredhel and the Gateway Inn. Confront Uleni Heleran about the Gateway Haunting. She’ll admit that it was a joke she played. She agrees to stop the haunting and gives you a note to take to Angaredhel.

Return to Angaredhel and hand the note to him. He will reward you with a choice of one of three rings: a Fighter’s Ring, a Mage’s Ring and a Thief’s Ring.

Original text written by Meryl Lan.

Bloodbath - Balmora / Moonmoth
1 June 2003

Once you reach level 6 (some people report level 4) you can ask people in Balmora about a little secret. You will hear that Larrius Varro at Fort Moonmoth (just East of Balmora) wishes to speak with you. Larrius is in the back of the main fort past all the vendor tables. Larrius ends up speaking very carefully and actually asks you to do nothing (which is his intent), but if you question him further he will tell you that he wants someone to wiping out 5 members of the Camonna Tong in Balmora. Though he doesn't know where they are, or even their names, he knows their proffessions: scout, pawnbroker, savant, thief, and smith.

Return to Balmora and ask around about the bad people and you will be directed to the Thieves Guild in the South Wall Cornerclub (disposition of 50 or higher is needed). Ask around in the club and, if you are persuasive enough, you will learn that all of the 5 are in the Council Club in town.

In the Council Club, you'll find 3 of the members in the tavern (you don't have to kill the Barkeep), one is downstairs, and one upstairs. If you are careful, you can take out the one downstairs and the one upstairs without alerting the other three (sneak and chameleon helps). Otherwise, taking on all 5 at once (and sometimes the barkeep), can be very tough. You may wish to stock up on scrolls and potions beforehand. If you have a decent SpeechCraft skill you can taunt each of members to attack you without the others joining in. You should be able to taunt the one downstairs and upstairs first and kill them without attracting the others. Then, taunt one of the three and head upstairs and you might be able to have only one attack you at a time.

Unfortunately, once you attack them, you will be wanted by the guards. If you run (and sneak) quickly back to Varro in Moonmoth without being spotted, Varro will in turn remove the price on your head for helping him out. You also receive a nice Ring of Surroundings (20 to 30% Chameleon). If you managed to clear your name before speaking with Varro, the captain will be happy at your discretaion and give you a speechcraft skill book (Biography of the Wolf Queen) as well.

Original text in part by Peter Stockinger Jason W., Acecool, Johnny Snyder, Wolfgang Klenk and Ryan Weible.

Maurrie's Glove - Pelagiad
6 June 2002

On the road to Balmora from Seyda Neen (not sure at what point, but a little farther after the Pelagiad fork), there's Maurrie Aurminethe Breton. She tells you she was robbed by a handsome man by the name of Nelos Onmar. She asks you to deliver her glove to him in Pelagiad as a token of her love. Nelos may be found at the Halfway Tavern up the hill at Pelagiad. He seems touched by the news and gives you a note to deliver back to Maurrie. If you return to Maurrie she will be overjoyed and may actually attempt to set you up with someone else. If you are male it will be Emusette Bracques at Plot and Plaster in Tel Aruhn, and if a female Bernand Erelie and Sethan's Tradehouse in Tel Branora. See the appropriate one for a reward of a Restore Health potion.

Original text in part by Allegra.

Missing Husband - St. Olms
23 June 2002

The quest starts at the Brewers and Fishmongers Guild in St. Olms District, Vivec. Talk to the ladies inside and ask for local rumors. One of the lady's husband has gone missing - ask around in St. Olms and you'll find out he's a Skooma addict that use to hang in the Underworks. Go to the Underworks and in one of the connecting tunnels you'll see (or be attacked by) a Corprus Stalker kill him loot the corpse to find the husband's ring. Take the ring back to the wife to complete the quest.

Original text in part by Maurice.

Business Competition - Vivec Foreign Quarter
17 November 2003

Talk to Alusaron in Vivec, Foreign Quarter Plaza. He will complain about the amount of competition he's facing and especially about losing a good deal of business to Ralen Tilvur. Alusaron has heard that Tilvur has recently received a contract for a large weapons shipement. He asks you to steal the contract from Tilvur. The contract can be found in Ralen Tilvur's private quarters ( Foreign Quarter Plaza ).

Bring back the contract to Alusaron and he will reward you with a Firebite War Axe.

Original text written by Vokiel.

Invisible Man - St. Delyn
10 August 2002

I found an invisible man (or at least mostly invisible) on the top floor of St. Delyn Canton in Vivec. Cassius Olcinius is wandering around on the plaza. He has been cursed by a wizard and ask you to go to Fevyn Ralen for a solution on behalf of him. People are scared of him, that is why you have to go as he is too embarassed to speak with his father, the trader Lucretinaus Olcinius whose shop you are standing in front of.

You can speak with his father first, inside the shop. At first he'll be too busy to offer any help to his son, but will supply a measly 75 gold for assistance.

Fevyn Ralen can be found in the Telvanni compound, in the South Waistworks section. The door is marked 'Telvanni Mage'. He admits but tells you that the man asked for it and has not paid hus due for it (400 septims). You have a choice, simply pay for the invisible man or not. I did pay and returned to him. He just thanks you but cannot give you anything because of the lack of a job, though his father will reward you with 100 gold.

Alternatively, don't pay the wizard right away but return to visit the father once again. Mention debt to pay and he'll cough up the 400 gold to pay the wizard. Return to the wizard to pay the debt and then return to the father for your 100 gold reward.

Original text in part by Marc Musger.

Deliver a Slave - Hla Oad
23 June 2002

Speak with Relam Arinith found through the trap door in Fatleg's dropoff in Hla Oad. He asks you to deliver a slave named Rabinna to Vorar Helas in Balmora. Evidently the actual slave is not important, but what she is carrying...some illegal drugs of some form. Along the way to Balmora, you can talk to Rabinna (if you raise her disposition to 50) to determine that you have the choice of what happens in the quest.

If you decide to deliver her to Helas on the East side of Balmora, he will attack Rabinna immediately (to get the drugs). Alternatively, you can help her kill Helas (or just avoid him entirely), and deliver Rabinna to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart.

If you deliver her to Helas, you will receive 400 gold, and a magic ring (even if Rabinna dies on the trip and you rescue the Moon Sugar). If you deliver her to Im-Kilaya you will receive a 400 gold reward and a 10 point boost in disposition with the Twin Lamps.

Original text in part by Robert Bradley.

Find Falanu's Husband - Ald'ruhn
6 September 2002

Just West of Ald'ruhn, on the road past the Silt Strider port, you will find Falanu Indaren standing alone. Speak to her to learn that she was seperated from her husband when they were attacked by several Nix Hounds. Falanu believes that her husband, Drerel fled West. You should find several Hounds in the area West and North of the wife which you should kill. Further North and West you should find her husband in hiding. Speak to him and lead him back to his wife to receive a Block skill book. If you should happen to find Drerel before Falanu, you should be equally able to complete the quest.

Escort Viatrix Petilia - Ald'ruhn
17 September 2002

SouthWest of Ald'ruhn you may run into Viatrix Petilia. Speak to her to learn that she needs someone to escort her to the Ghostgate within two days. Agree to get her to follow you (though you might regret it as she can be rather annoying). The trip, if you haven't made it before, can be quite difficult with reduced visibility and the tough blighted creatures. In addition, you'll pass nearby to one or two Daedric shrines and might attract the attention of whatever is nearby. Watch out for Petilia that she doesn't take too much damage from attackers, or that she doesn't get lost in low visibility of an Ash Storm. You must led her to the shrine inside the Ghostgate, up the path and to the East slightly. You will receive payment (? gold) once she approaches the shrine. Assumably, if you take longer than two days to reach the shrine, you will fail the quest.

The reward is 100 gold (meager for the long trip, but then she only promises a "tip").

Contributions from Cure Hisi Deep-Raed - Ald'ruhn
6 September 2002

A ways West from Ald'ruhn, you should run into a half-naked Barbarian on the road with the name of Hisin Deep-Raed. Speak with him to learn that he was escorting a witch and, in the process of, got himself cursed, paralyzed, and de-robed. If you have it in your heart, or at least gold-sack, you can cure him with a regular Cure Disease spell or potion. In return, you'll receive the magical helmet named the Icecap, which bestows a good cold resistance to the wearer. Unfortunately, you cannot appear to be able to give him any clothes though...

Deliver Shirts for Rasha - Ald'ruhn
15 October 2002

Far West and South from Ald'ruhn, along the road, you'll come across the Argonian Rasha who wants you to deliver five Exquisite Shirts to Bivale Teneran in the Ald'ruhn Manor District. He casually asks you to swear on Zenithar that you will make the delivery. While this oath may not seem important, you may find that you will not be able to conduct business in Ald'ruhn until you making the delivery. Give this shirts to Teneran and receive an enchanted Belt of Will as your reward.

Console Cheat for 5 Shirts: player->additem "exquisite_shirt_01_rasha", 5

Deliver Weapons for Lucan - Ald'ruhn
6 September 2002

If you are lucky, or quite thorough in your exploration, you will come across Lucan Ostorius to the West and North of Ald'ruhn, very much in the middle of nowhere (East of the Dushariran Shrine). Apparently he has been waiting to meet someone there and they have not yet shown up, and he asks you for a favour. You are to deliver four weapons to Yak gro-Skander at the Rat in the Pot club in Ald'ruhn. You'll receive a whole 100 gold for the delivery and, if you are a Thieves Guild Member, a faction increase as well.

If you decide to keep the weapons instead of delivering them, know that the first time you leave Ald'ruhn, Lucan will appear and attack you.

Rescue Hanat Zainsubani - Ald'ruhn
6 September 2002

This quest is related to the main quest portion you receive from Caius Cosades when you visit the ashlander Hassour Zainsubani up in Ald'ruhn. Hassour will mention in the conversation that his son, Hanat, is exploring the ruins of Mamaea, a ways NorthWest from Ald'ruhn. Mamaea is your larger that average Sixth House Base that is divided into three sections, each with its own complement of typical Sixth House patrons. Hanat is actually being held prisoner in the base in a locked cell within the Sanctum of Black Hope. It might be wise to clear the path to the exit so that Hanat will not be harmed on the way out. When the path is clear, escort Hanat back outside the base, where he will part company. If you've finished the main quest part dealing with Hassour, you can visit him again to receive a number of items: Raw Ebony, magic shortsword, and a magic ring.

Note that Mamaea itself has a number of nice items within it if you have the skill to survive. This includes one of the few Daedric Helms (Shrine of Pitted Dreams), and the magic dagger, Fang of Haynekhtnamet (Shrine of Pitted Dreams).

Smugglers Cave of Palansour - Ald Velothi
6 September 2002

This strange quest actually begin and ends in the smuggler's cave of Palansour, South of Ald Velothi. Once inside, instead of smugglers, you'll find an Ogrim and a few scamps and a few dead smugglers. Explore the cave further to find the sorcerer Inwold locked in a cell, along with an explanation. Apparently he is to blame for the death of his comrades and wants you to supply him a levitate potion so that he can escape. In return he offers to give you the lovely hat and skirt the scamps made him wear. There are a few levitate potions in the cave itself, so finding one for him shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you refuse to accept either the hat or skirt you'll receive one point of Reputation.

Cure the Mad Din - Ald Velothi
6 September 2002

You can find the rambling Din SouthWest of Ald Velothi wearing some Imperial Legion armour. Unfortunately, conversation with Din is difficult as you will quickly find out. Choose the dialogue options of catch some slaughterfish followed by muddled to receive the option to cure him. Curing Din requires a form of Cure Disease, though if you don't have any handy you can get Din to follow you to the healer at the Gnisis Temple. If you do make the journey you'll receive a small gold reward as well as a faction increase with the Legion.

Find Jeline's Ring - Ald Velothi
21 September 2002

SouthWest of Ald Velothi, along the road, you will run into a lady named Synette Jeline. She complains that her ring has fallen into a nearby pool of water and wants you to get it. If you are playing a male character, her request is accompanied by some significant flirting as well. The ring is in a shallow pool of water just North of Jeline. Unfortunately, once you grab the ring, Jeline and her invisible friend, Tavynu Tedran will attack you. Kill them and take their loot of gold and magic weapons as a reward (the ring itself is relatively worthless). Tavynu Tedran has the Amulet of Shadows. This amulet has 80% Chameleon for 120 sec and a total charge of 1200. A very nice item to have.

Includes Contributions from Keith.

Find the White Guar - Ahemmusa Camp
6 September 2002

Speak with Urshamusa Rapli in the Ahemmusa Camp to learn that she has been dreaming of a White Guar which she believes has been sent to help her tribe, and she wants you to find it for her. She suggests that you start looking somewhere near a fork in the path, like she saw in her dream, in an area with stone fingers (cryptic enough for you?). Head out on the path to the West of the camp and keeping following West and South past a T with five stone fingers. The Guar should be nearby, though it may have wandered a short distance away. Once you approach it, the Guar should begin to move West. Follow it and once it stops explore the area to find a corpse. On the corpse you'll discover the Amulet of Ashamanu (a minor Restore Health and Cure Blight item). Return the Amulet to Rapli to receive the Shield of the Undaunted (light armour shield with a minor Restore Stamina Cast When Used enchantment, the amulet may be more useful if you don't feel bad about keeping it).

Help Athanden Girith - Ahemmusa Camp
6 September 2002

You'll find Athanden Girith West of the camp along a path and discover that he has been robbed by two Ashlanders. Girith tells you that his friend, Berwen, in Tel Mora will reward you greatly if you can recover his guar hides for him. Head back to the Ahemmusa camp and ask around about the attack to identify the thieves as Emul-Ran and Kashtes Ilabael found in a camp South near the water. The pair will readily admit to the theft so feel free to dispose of them at your pleasure. Be sure to take the 10 Guar Hides from Emul-Ran's body. Return the hides to Girith who will only thank you. To receive your reward, trek over to Berwen's shop in Tel Mora for three Fortify Health potions and a Ring of Hornhand (damages fatigue when used).

Hla Oad Outlaw - Fort Moonmoth
1 July 2003

Once you've finished the the Balmora Bloodbath quest for Varro in Fort Moonmoth and you have a high enough disposition with him (40), you can ask him about careless travellers to reveal that a Nord has been attacking people near Hla Oad. Head over to the town and find Fjol near the bridge North of town. Speak to him about murderous outlaws and he will demand that you give him 100 gold, basically confirming that indeed he is (if your disposition is higher than 40, he'll ask more politely). If you give him the gold you can return to Varro and report Fjol position, but you will not receive any reward. If you refuse to give Fjol the 100 gold, he will attack and you will be forced to kill him. Return to Varro for a 100 gold reward.

Note, that unlike other quests where you can kill off somebody, and then later go to the quest-giver, get the quest, then talk to them again and voila you've already done it and it counts, this one didn't for me. While in Hla Oad I decided to swing on by and take him out while I was at it. Varro now won't give me the quest, he just keeps saying he doesn't have anything else and the topic about "something something travelers" (or whatever it is) isn't on the list when you talk to him.

Includes Contributions fron Wolfman.

Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine - Balmora
6 September 2002

Rather than starting at a particular person, this quest actually begins at a location. You can find the Vassir-Didanat Cave a ways South of Balmora, on the other side of the river. The cave was actually a former Ebony mine which has somehow become lost. Once you enter the cave you've essentially 'rediscovered' it and open up the dialogue option Vassir-Didanat Mine with three Hlaalu councillors. Of course, feel free to take any ebony that you like for a good amount of gold. The councillors that offer you a reward to reveal the mine's location are Nevena Ules (Ules Manor, near Suran), Dram Bero (Haunted Manor in Vivec's St. Olms Plaza), and Velanda Omani (Omani Manor NorthEast of Vivec). Ules will actually not give you anything, Bero will offer you a choice of several Daedric weapons, and Omani will offer you 2000 gold.

Ernil Omoran's Body - Balmora
6 September 2002

North of Balmora under a stone arch you can find the body of Ernil Omoran. On the body you'll find a note and a Skooma pipe which you should both take. Find Tsiya in her house in Balmora, on the West side of town near the river (the door is locked). Speak to Tsiya about Ernil's note and you'll be able to exchange the note for some gold and moon sugar.

Thelas' Pillows - Balmora
7 June 2003

This is one of the more obscure quests in the game which takes a bit of luck, and a good memory to discover. On your very first Fighter's Guild quest to kill some rats in the house of Drarayne Thelas, you may have noticed the unusual large number of pillows she keeps. On the other end of the island, far to the North in the Sheogorad Region, you'll find an Abandoned Shipwreck, North of the Sanctus Shrine (far West of Dagon Fel and just North of the Vas stronghold). Inside the cabin you'll find an invoice for 40 pillows addressed to Thelas (bk_pillowinvoice). While you cannot deliver the pillows, you can give Thelas the invoice and receive a 'comfy' pillow as a reward (talk to her about a 'Pillow Shipment' when you have the invoice). The pillow merely changes the message you receive when you wake from sleep.

Help Aeta Wave-Breaker - Caldera
6 September 2002

South of Caldera you will find Aeta Wave-Breaker who has been robbed by bandits. The bandits are led by the Khajiit Dro-zhirr who stole some jewelry including two family heirlooms that Aeta would like returned. Aeta and the town guards will mention that the thieves have a hideout somewhere East of town. The bandits are in the cave of Shushishi which is actually more NorthEast of Caldera on the other side of the mountains. The heirlooms are carried by Dro'zhirr who is at the end of the cave. Either kill him or talk with him to agree to split your reward with Aeta for returning them. Return to Aeta with the heirlooms to receive a 300 gold reward.

Help Hlomer Wine-Sot - Caldera
6 September 2002

NorthWest of Caldera, you will run into a half-naked Barbarian on the road. Hlomer Wine-Sot will tell the tale of being seduced by a witch, paralyzed, and robbed of his prized Cloudcleaver axe, and almost all of his clothes. Hlomer will say that he believes the witches camp is towards the NorthWest. Escort Hlomer and follow the road to the NorthWest, taking the North path at the first intersection. Find the witch Sosia Caristiana who will tell a different tale. Sosia says that she hired Hlomer as an escort but he became too friendly so she cast sleep and took his possessions as a lesson. Though she will not give the axe back yet, she says that she will meet with Hlomer in three days at the Caldera Mages Guild and give the axe back then. Talk to Hlomer about this offer who will basically force you to take sides. If you side with Sosia, Hlomer will attack and you will have to kill him. Sosia will give you some potions for your troubles though. If you side with Hlomer, he will attack and kill Sosia. Look the axe from her corpse where you have the option of giving it to Hlomer or not. If you don't, Hlomer will attack you. If you give him the axe he will offer you some fighting tips that will increase your strength by 2 points. Unfortunately, once again you cannot give the barbarian back his clothes.

Deliver Note for Bugrol - Caldera
6 September 2002

You will find the Orc Bugrol gro-Bagul hiding from the Caldera authorities behind a rock NorthWest of Caldera near the road. He will ask you to deliver a note to his friend, Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera. Bashuk is in her house in town and will give you another note to return to Bugrol. Return to Bugrol who will try and short-change you by giving you a useless rock (which is actually a not-so-useless diamond).

As an aside, you can actually find out what the orcs are up to by reading some notes in Bashuk's and Valvius Mevureius' houses in town.

Deliver Note for Dredil - Ebonheart
6 September 2002

Talk to Llaalam Dredil on the second floor of Castle Ebonheart and receive the task of delivering a letter of J'Zhirr at the East Empire Company in town. This is simple enough as the distance is small and Khajiit is easy to find. Give the note to J'Zhirr and take another note to deliver back to Dredil. Deliver this note to Dredil and receive a 75 gold payment (quite nice for such a simple delivery, perhaps you are in the wrong profession).

Feel free to read the notes, though they may not make immediate sense at the moment, but they will come into play in other quests.

Steal List for Bolrin - Ebonheart
6 September 2002

To get this quest you must have previously completed the note delivery for Llaalam Dredil in Castle Ebonheart, as well as the Rats quest for Audenian Valius in the Telvanni Canton in Vivec. Once these two are done, talk to Bolrin in the East Empire Company Hall using the dialogue topics further assistance and information gathering. Bolrin will ask you to retrieve a list from Valius in order to learn exactly what he has been selling and to whom. The list is in Valius' back room on a shelf in plain sight. The catch is that the clever Valius has enchanted the note to summon a Hunger if anyone but himself picks up the note (I've never seen the Mages Guild sell that spell unfortunately). Obtain the list by any means nessecary and return it to Bolrin for a 700 gold reward.

Escort Reeh-Ja to Freedom - Erabenimsun Camp
6 September 2002

South of Tel Fyr, NorthEast of the Erabenimsun Camp, you will find the lone Argonian Reeh-Ja, a runaway slave who wants to go home. Though he initially may not talk about his situation, he will loosen up once his disposition is 50. Reeh-ja is heading towards the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart in hopes to escape out of Morrowind. If you wish to aid the slave, merely escort him to the Mission in Ebonheart. Though the distance is long, you'll receive a nice reward of a Blood Belt and a Twin Lamps faction improvement once you introduce the slave to Im-Kalaya.

If you are having a mean streak, you can return the slave to his owner, Savile Amayn at the Tel Aruhn Slave Market. You'll receive 150 gold for having Reeh-Ja alive, or 50 gold dead. If you take this route you will lose Twin Lamps faction if you mention the slave to Im-Kalaya in Ebonheart.

Marsus's Stolen Hides - Erabenimsun Camp
6 September 2002

Find Marsus Tullius North of the Erabenimsun Camp who has been robbed by two Ashlanders who stoles some Guar Hides from him. Marsus asks you to find the thieves and return the hides. Return the camp and ask around to learn that the Ashlanders responsible are actually the respected warriors Tinti and Hairan who probably were offended in some manner by Marsus. Speak to the warriors in the camp to confirm the story that Marsus was stealing hides from the camp's herds, and that they merely took back what was rightfully theirs. If you've already completed the portion of the Main Quest that makes you a verified Ashlander, the two warriors will actually give you the hides they stole. If you refuse to take them you'll receive a Herder's Belt (First Barrier shield).

If you are not yet an Ashlander, the only way to get the hides back is to kill the two warriors if you so decide. Once you return the hides to Tullius, he will refer you to his father Stentus in Tel Aruhn for a reward. Visit Stentus walking around Tel Aruhn for a 200 gold reward. Unfortuately for this quest, you cannot return just any Guar Hide to Marsus.

Escort Pemenie - Caldera
6 September 2002

Find the trader Pemenie on the road North of Caldera on the way to Ald'ruhn. She will ask you to escort her to the Gnaar Mok in return for the Boots of Blinding Speed. Agree to do so and escort her to Gnaar Mok to the West. Once you cross the bridge into town, you will be rewarded with the boots. The boots increase speed by 200 points but also have a 100% blindness on them, meaning you'll be fast, but have no idea where you're going. The trick to using the boots is to use a Resist Magic spell or item. If you have 50% Resist Magic, you'll only be 50% blind, meaning that things will be a bit darker. You can also find out from people in Caldera or Gnaar Mok that Pemenie is a wanted felon.

Hentus' Pants - Gnisis
6 September 2002

East of the Silt Strider you'll find Hentus Yansurnummu standing in the water. It appears that Hainab Lasamsi has stolen his pants while he was bathing and he wants you to retrieve them. Hainab does have the pants and you can get them from him any number of ways: kill him, knock him out, steal them, or raise his disposition to 80 and talk him into giving them to you. Return the pants to Hentus for some hackle-lo.

Rescue Sason's Wife - Khuul
6 September 2002

South of Khuul you will find Sason along the road who will tell you that he has lost his wife, Malexa, who was abducted by cultists. He suspects that the cultists are nearby and indeed they are, hiding in the Ashalmawia Shrine to the SouthWest. Malexa can be found in a locked/trapped door near the altar area. Kill the cultists to clear the way, speak to her, and escort her back to her husband to receiv a 200 gold reward and a faction increase with House Redoran.

Escort Fonus to the Koal Cave - Maar Gan
6 September 2002

West of Maar Gan you will find the pilgrim Fonus Rathryon along the road who will ask you to escort him to the Koal Cave South of Gnisis. The quickest route is to simply head back to Maar Gan and take a Silt Strider up to Gnisis and then head South to the Cave. If you take too long to escort the pilgrim, he will leave on his own. Once you reach the cave Fonus will reward you will 150 gold.

Beluelle's Silver Bowl - Pelagiad
27 October 2002

This is one of the rare quests that, instead of starting with a person, begins with an item instead. In the smuggler's cave of Ulummusa, NorthWest of Pelagiad, you will find an ordinary silver bowl named as Beluelle's Silver Bowl. If you've already found it you may have suspected that it was involved in a quest of some sort, and have hopefully have it safely stashed away somewhere. If not, the bowl can be found on top of the chest at the end of the cave. Once you take the bowl you should receive a journal entry about the bowl's inscription. Note, that although the bowl's inscription mentions the East Empire Company, I could never get anyone there to give me any information about the bowl or Armond Beluelle.

Ask around Pelagiad about the bowl to learn that there is a Piernette Beluelle on a farm to the East. You will be directed to the healer at Fort Pelagiad, Ygfa, for further directions (unfortunately, her directions are more confusing that helpful). The farm is a ways East from Pelagiad, North from Vivec, and SouthWest of Suran. Speak with Piernette to learn that the bowl was her husband's and was stolen. Return the bowl to her without asking for any reward to receive a 1 point Mercantile boost. If you acted honorably and returned the bowl you can talk to people about the bowl in Pelagiad to receive a boost in disposition.

Includes Contributions from Steve Hunter.

Nels Lendo Outlaw - Pelagiad
6 September 2002

You'll run into the sauve Nels Lendo on the road South of Pelagiad. If you are a male character, Nels will politely asks you for 50 gold, and if a female character, all he requests is a kiss. If you refuse to pay the gold (or, assumably, the kiss), Nels will attack you (he is rather powerful for a starting character to defeat). If you do pay him the gold (or kiss), you will find him later on in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, offering training in Short Blade, Security, and Sneak.

Escort Dralor to Fields of Kummu - Pelagiad
6 September 2002

You can find the pilgrim, Nevrasa Dralor a ways West and slightly North from Pelagiad, Dralor has lost her way to the Fields of Kummu shrine found in the NorthEast direction along the road on the North shore of Lake Amaya. Once you reach the shrine with your escort you will receive a 150 gold reward. Dralor also has some interesting things to say about Lord Vivec in case you're interested.

A Falling Wizard - Seyda Neen
15 November 2003

If you follow the North path out of Seyda Neen, you will soon here a strange scream coming out of nowhere. All of a sudden, a wizardly man will fall out of the sky and die. If you approach him and read his journal, you will find that he has completed a spell to allow himself to leap great disances. Three of these scrolls are included on his body. They increase one's acrobatics by 1000 for seven seconds. Be warned that using these scrolls as is will most likely result in you ending up much like the wizard...dead and rather flatter. You can reduce the damage done when you land by increasing your Acrobatics skill or, better yet, by using a SlowFalling spell.

Original Text Written By Daniel Sherry.

Help Vodunius Nuccius - Seyda Neen
6 September 2002

Speak with Vodunius Nuccius in town and choose the dialogue options little advice and he will suggest that you use the Silt Strider for travelling, and direct you to the town's Silt Strider operator, Darvame Hleran. Speak with Hleran and mention that Nuccius sent you to learn that the two have a business arrangement and that Nuccius is unhappy in Vvardenfell. Return to Nuccius with this information and we will tell you that, indeed, is not happy. The only reason he stays is that he does not have the money to leave. He also offers to sell you his cursed ring, which is an ordinary ring in fact, but the money might help Nuccius acheive a little happiness.

Find the Slave Haj-Ei - Suran
6 September 2002

Stop by Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran and speak with the bounty hunter at the bar, Daric Bielle. Bielle has been hunting for a particular slave, the Argonian Haj-Ei, and hasn't been having much luck, even though he has hired a guide by the name of Hides-His-Eyes to aid him. Ask people around town about both Haj-Ei and Hides-His-Eyes, though you might have to increase their disposition to high levels to get them to talk. On the Haj-Ei topic, you will be directed to the slave trader Dranas Sarathram in town. Talk to him to learn that Haj-Ei is Argonian which simply means, Hides-His-Eyes. Find the one Haj-Ei / Hides-His-Eyes on the top floor of the Suran Tradehouse. If you decide to keep his true identity a secret, you will receive a faction bonus with the Twin Lamps guild. If you want to turn him in, Haj-Ei will attack you. Return to Bielle when he is dead for a 150 gold reward. If you tell Bielle that Haj-Ei is in fact, Hides-His-Eyes straight away, he won't believe you, though he'll give you the 150 gold anyways.

Note that if you are an Argonian or have an Intelligence greater than 90, you'll get the dialogue option to complete the quest with Bielle right away. I guess it was just that obvious...

Escort Tul - Suran
6 September 2002

NorthWest of Suran you will find an Argonian slave named Tul who will beg you to led him to a nearby Redguard farm who helps slaves escape. Even if you don't know the place, it isn't hard to find after a little walk to the NorthWest, Stredecan's Farm (ask the locals about friendly Redguards to get information). Find the Redguard Sterdecan tending his fields. As you approach Sterdecan will reveal himself to be a Camonna Tong agent sent to kill the Redguard, and gives you a chance to leave. If you don't, he will attack. Once the assassin is dead, speak to Sterdecan who mentions that people are trying to kill him all the time, and even gives you a magic ring for your troubles.

Escort Tul - Suran
6 September 2002

NorthWest of Suran you will find an Argonian slave named Tul who will beg you to led him to a nearby Redguard farm who helps slaves escape. Even if you don't know the place, it isn't hard to find after a little walk to the NorthWest, Stredecan's Farm (ask the locals about friendly Redguards to get information). Find the Redguard Sterdecan tending his fields. As you approach Sterdecan will reveal himself to be a Camonna Tong agent sent to kill the Redguard, and gives you a chance to leave. If you don't, he will attack. Once the assassin is dead, speak to Sterdecan who mentions that people are trying to kill him all the time, and even gives you a magic ring for your troubles.

Find Thoronor's Friend - Suran
6 September 2002

A ways West from Suran, on the road North of Lake Amaya, you will find Thoronor who will tell you that he has lost a friend, Edras Oril, who wandered off to check on some strange sounds. Close by you should be able to easily find the source of the sounds, two mating Kagouti. Edras should be trapped nearby, a ways East from Thoronor. You can either kill the Kagoutis and escort Edras back to his friend, or cast a chameleon/invisibility spell on Edras to avoid detection from the animals. Either way, once you return to Thoronor you will receive an Amulet of Slowfalling.

Aid Umbra in Death - Suran
6 September 2002

Speak with the bartender, Ashumanu Eraishah, at the Suran Tradehouse for the latest rumours to learn of a well armoured madman on a nearby hill to the East. You should find the Orc warrior Umbra just outside of Suran, though the steep hills in the area will make finding him more difficult. Speak with him to learn that the Orc is merely tired of life, having killed so many times, and wishes to die a warriors death in combat. If you wish, you can get him to agree to fight you in order for you to attempt to grant his wish. Be warned though, Umbra is more powerful than your average opponent, and his sword packs quite a wallop. You might want to attack from a distance or have some healing magics prepared if you aren't well armoured or healthy. Once you kill him, you get to keep his equipment, including that nice sword.

Escort Paur Maston - Suran
2 August 2003

Just South of Suran you should find one Paur Maston wandering around. You you first speak to him he should mention something about meeting a business partner and travelling onto Molag Mar. Inquire further to learn that his partner, Vanjirra, never showed up for their trip. Keep talking and agree to escort Paur to Molag Mar just to the East. The trip shouldn't be too difficult, but keep a close eye on your companion to ensure he doesn't get into trouble. Vanjirra should be found outside on Molag Mar on the Western bridge. Paur will stop following you when he gets near to Vanjirra. Speak to Vanjirra who will offer you a reward for escorting Paur to her (a Light Amulet). Note that if Paur died for any reason you can still get 50 gold as a reward.

Includes Contributions from Gareth.

Kill Dalen's Gang - Tel Branora
6 September 2002

If you've visited the Telvanni Tower of Tel Branora in your travels, you may have wondered about the group of people gathered just outside of it to the SouthWest. Attempting to speak with any of them, including the apparent leader, Trerayne Dalen, gets you nowhere, though you do learn that it relates to a dispute with Councillor Therana in the tower. Speak with the very eccentric Therana at the top of Tel Branora to learn that she doesn't consider Dalen worth enough to leave the tower for. One of her guards, however, Mollimo of Cloudrest, who patrols the ramp up to the Upper Tower entrance will offer you 1000 gold to deal with Dalen and her gang. Dalen and her friends look more impressive than they really are, and any accomplished adventurer should have little trouble dealing with them. Return to Mollimo for the reward.

Help Talanain with Zainab - Tel Vos
6 September 2002

Speak to the captain of Aryon's guards, Turedus Talanian, in the Tower of Tel Vos to learn that he wants you to find out what the Zainab Ashlander tribe wants, in order to improve relations with them. The camp can be found a ways towards the South and West of the tower if you haven't been there before. Unfortunately, you won't find out much right away, partly because the Ashlanders are proud people and rarely admit to wanting anything. The females can be a little more helpful in this respect, so speak to any female Ashlander using the topic trade goods wanted. You'll learn that they are in need of potions to cure diseases that are common in the wild. Return to Talanian with the information to receive a 100 gold as well as an Amulet of Levitating, along with a good increase in Reputation and local faction.

Kill Zallay Subaddamael - Urshilaku Camp
6 September 2002

Once you have become the Ashlander Nerevarine for the Urshilaku Camp, you can speak with the trader Kurapli to receive this quest. Kurapli will tell you that the outcast Zallay Subaddamael killed her husband and, if you were to kill Zallay, she will give you a magic Spirit Spear. She suggests that you can find some more information on where Zallay is currently from Dagon Fel. Just about everyone in Dagon Fel will tell you that Zallay can be found in his encampment at Aharasaplit, on the South coast of the island SouthWest from Dagon Fel. Zallay can be found within his tent. Return to Kurapli once he is dead to receive the spear.

Investigate Vivec Murders - Vivec
6 September 2002

Speak to people in Vivec about the latest rumours and you're bound to here of the latest mysterious deaths, including two temple guards. You are directed to Elam Andas in the Office of the Watch in Vivec's Hall of Justice, Temple Canton, for more information. The murders were strange in that it appears that only one of the seven victims had put up a fight, and nothing was removed from the bodies. Three victims were found in the Foreign Quarter, one in the water surrounding the Arena, one in the Hlaalu Compound, and the two guards near the Hlaalu victim (the last two are believed to be related). The fact that the two guards did not have their weapons drawn brings the concern that the murderer is incredibly powerful. Finally, although there are no witnesses, there is a report of someone being threatened by a Dunmer women wearing a skirt and netch armour, wielding a dagger.

There isn't to follow up on, so ask around about the murders and the women in the Hlaalu, Arena, and Foreign Quarters. From the Foreign Quarter you're learn that a Dunmer women was seen in the Underworks of the canton. Still vague, but it is worth checking out. The Dunmer woman in question is indeed the culprit, which is basically confirmed when she attacks you on sight (a red-haired dreamer). Report back to Andas when she is dead to receive a choice of an Indoril Helm or Cuirass, or a Belt of the Armor of God (10% Shield, 20% Sanctuary, and +10 Willpower for 30 seconds).

Cure Cursed Tarer - Vivec
6 September 2002

Speak with Tarer Braryn in the Office of the Watch in the Hall of Justice, Temple Canton in Vivec. You'll learn that he recently ran into the Mages Guild Guildmaster, Trebonius Artorius, while drunk and 'mistakenly' called him 'flat-head'. He now has a mysterious rash that just won't go away...conicidence? I think not. At any rate, Tarer wants someone eloquent with words to have a chat with Trebonius and have him remove the curse. The Mages Guild is on the Foreign Quarter Plaza and the GuildMaster is inside at the bottom of the stairs. Speak with him while you have the book that Tarer gave you, Aedra and Daedra and Trebonius will give you a Levitation and Cure Disease potion for Tarer. Return to Tarer to cure him and you'll be rewarded with 100 gold, twice what he promised you.

Help Balen's Business - Vivec
6 September 2002

Speak to Balen Andrano in the Redoran Trader shop in the Waistworks level of the Redoran Canton in Vivec. Apparently his business has been doing poorly lately, a trend that he atributes to the trader Jeanne on the Foreign Quarter Canalworks level. He asks you to plant a magic item, a Dwemer bone, in a chest near her bed in an attempt to lower her sales, and his own. You can find the chest in Jeanne's locked back room so the trick here is to unlock that door without Jeanne seeing you. You can either count on your own sneak skill, or use a helpful chameleon spell or item. The chest inside is also locked but with the door closed, Jeanne will be none the wiser. Return to Balen once you've planted the bone to receive a Sleep Amulet as a reward.

Note that if you travel back and speak with Jeanne, you'll find that lately her customers have been scared off by a Dwemer ghost haunting the premises and, she even asks you for your help. You can either kill the ghost or remove the cursed bone and speak with Jeanne again to receive a Steel Shardmauler.

Find Source of Leaflets - Vivec
6 September 2002

You'll find Domalen on the Foreign Quarter Plaza handing out inflamatory leaflets claiming some nasty things about the alchemist Aurane Frernis, who has a store on the Lower Waistworks level. Take a leaflets and visit with Aurane who will say that its merely slander, and will ask you to investigate the source of it. Speak with Domalen and claim that the leaflet contents are lies to get him to admit that he was asked by Galuro Belan to distribute them. Go and have a chat with Belan who owns another alchemy shop on the Waistworks level of Telvanni canton. She should readily admit to being the source of the leaflets and offer you a whole 100 gold to keep the entire matter a secret. You can take this gold and then expose her anyways to Frernis for yet another 100 gold.

Find Roland's Tears - Vivec
6 September 2002

Once you've completed the leaflets quest for the alchemist Aurane Frernis, who has a store on the Lower Waistworks level of the Foreign Quarter, she will ask you to travel to the nearby Daedric shrine of Ald Sotha to collect five rare Roland's Tears. The flowers are identical to appearance to the common Gold Kanet, a dark yellow flower with small petals. The shrine is just NorthEast of Vivec and you'll find a good amount of Gold Kanet about, though the Roland's Tears are more difficult to find. In particular, the Tears grow towards the East side of the ruin, though there are several others scattered about as well. Return to Frernis with the five Roland's Tears to receive a reward of a Luck potion.

Exterminate Telvanni Rats - Vivec
6 September 2002

Ask around for the latest rumours in the Telvanni canton and you'll hear about a rat problem that Audenian Valius has been having on the Waistworks level in his Enchanter shop. You can start by killing the two rats in his shop, though he asks you to find the cause of the rat infestation as well. Investigate the Telvanni sewers to find 10 more rats that need to be wacked. Return to Audenian for a reward of a Grand Soul Gem.

Steal Dwemer Limeware - Vivec
6 September 2002

Speak to Alarvnye Indalas in the Glassworker's Hall on the St. Delyn Plaza. Indalas will complain that Dwemer items are becoming more difficult to obtain, possibly due to manipulation by Bolrin at the East Empire Company in Ebonheart. She says that she knows that a current shipment of Dwemer limeware in the ship Chun-Ook at the docks at Ebonheart and asks you to steal the shipment for her. The ship itself is east to find, but the door inside is locked and watched by two guards. You can, however, move to the stern of the boat and enter unseen. The limeware is contained in a crate close to the front of the ship, and it includes five cups and five bowls. Watch out for the lone guard and steal the items when he isn't looking. You can return the items to Indalas back in Vivec for 1500 gold, or return them to Bolrin in Ebonheart for 500 gold (for pointing out the lack of security in the operation).

Investigate East Empire Co. - Vivec
6 September 2002

You can receive this quest only after delivering a letter for Llaalam Dredril in Ebonheart. Once this is done, speak with Mevure Hlen at the Tailors and Dyers Hall on the St. Olms Waistworks level who wants to know how the East Empire Company in Ebonheart sets its prices. If you happened to read the letter you deliver to/for Llaamlam Dredril, you can finish the quest right now. Otherwise, you'll have to return to Ebonheart to seek the letter's contents. The letter in particular that you seek is now held by J'Zhirr, or actually in a locked chest behind a locked door next to J'Zhirr (sometimes it does pay to be nosy I guess). Unfortunately, this room is well guarded so take your chances and pick the lock, and pay the resulting fine if you are caught (or just kill everyone if that's your thing), or use a chameleon spell to help conceal you. Bring the letter back to Hleran to receive a two point bonus to the Mercantile skill.

Andarys' Love Note - Vivec
6 September 2002

If you are very thorough, or lucky, you might have found a love letter in the Southern planter on the Hlaalu Plaza. The letter is from Gadayn Andarys to Eraldil and should be a good example of how _not_ to write a love letter. You can find Andarys close by in his General Goods shop on the same level. It seems that, although eloquent, Andarys simply cannot profess his profound feelings to Eraldil, and asks you to act on his behalf. You can find Eraldil walking around on the Hlaalu Waistworks level who will outright deny Andarys' profession of love, being rather rude in the process, suggesting that he marry his cousin instead. Return to Andarys with the bad news, though he takes it rather well, suggesting instead that you use a love potion to convince Eraldil.

You can either agree to use the potion, or bring up the suggestion about his cousin, Galthel (yes, I'm serious). If you suggest his cousin, Andarys will have a literal change of heart, agreeing that Galthel would be a good choice. If you return to Andarys again a while later, he and Galthel will have married and he is quite happy. So happy, in fact, that he will reward you with a Flamemirror robe and cheap prices at his store.

On the other hand, if you do agree to use the potion, bring it to Eraldil, pretending that Andarys is sending it as an apology. Unfortunately, Eraldil will be as rude as before. Return once again to Andarys who is still optimistic and gives you a Light Ring as a reward. If you return to him a while later, though, his mood is most depressing and he blames it mostly on you, raising his prices too boot.

Escort Rollie the Guar - Vivec
6 September 2002

NorthEast of Vivec, along the road North of the gro-Bagrat farm, you will come across Teris Raledran and his guar Rollie. Teris and company are in need of an escort to Agrippina Herrenia's Clothing shop in Vivec's Foreign Quarter, Waistworks level. The catch here is that you don't need to actually escort both Teris and the guar the entire way. For some reason, guars are not permitted inside Vivec's city limits (think guar droppings). Instead of trying to cross the bridge West into Vivec, head further South and Teris should pipe up, commenting that here would be a good spot to leave Rollie. You can now head in the city and onto Agrippina's without trouble. Once you reach the shop, Teris will reward you with 200 gold (or a mere 100 gold if you accidently-on-purpose killed the guar).

Jobasha and the Twin Lamps - Foreign Quarter
6 September 2002

You're probably one of many who have come across the many slaves in the game and the reference to the Twin Lamps, an abolitionist organization which helps slaves escape. The organization features a minor role in the game and you find it crop up in various places, like Jobasha's Rare Bookshop on the Foreign Quarter's Lower Waistworks. By the time you have freed 5 slaves, and spoked to one afterwards, the Twin Lamps topic will appear on various people. By the time you have freed 30 slaves, pay a visit to Jobasha to receive three skill books (Armorer, Athletics, and Marksman), provided his disposition is at least 70. This is the only known reward for freeing slaves, besides that warm feeling you get.

Retrieve Stolen Glass - Vivec
6 September 2002

Tinos Drothan can be found across the bridge to the East of Vivec's Telvanni canton. Drothan is reluctant to yield anything useful at first, but raise his disposition to 50 and he'll tell you that his two 'escorts' have stolen his shipment of raw glass. Of course, he asks you if you'd like to help and retrieve it. The two escorts, Alvur Hleran and Dondir, ran off to the SouthEast to the cave Beshara. The cave actually houses a number of people will ill-repute, including the two in question. The glass itself can be found in a locked chest at the very end of the cave. Pick the lock or persuade Alvur to give you the key (by means nessecary). When you return to Drothan with the 10 pieces of glass, you'll receive a bonus to your Mercantile skill. The amount depends on whether you killed one or both of the thieves.

Ennbjof's Secret Tomb - Vivec
6 September 2002

Grab some Matze and have a chat with Ennbjof at the Lizard's Head tavern on the Telvanni canton's Waistworks level in Vivec. In order for him to tell you the secret, you'll need some Matze to give to him. Once done, he'll give you an old key and a story about an old burial chamber on a small island off the West coast of the peninsula between the Daedric shrine of Zaintiraris and Tel Branora. Unfortunately, these directions are rather vague and could refer to any number of tombs within the area.

The tomb in question, however, is the Marvani Ancestral tomb and it is North of Tel Branora and slightly West of Zaintiraris/Molag Mar. If you head NorthWest from Tel Branora you should pass to the North of the tomb. The tomb can be identified by a level 80 lock at the back of the tomb, which is unusual for a tomb. If you have sufficient skills to open such a lock, you can easily explore the tomb on your own without having to speak with Ennbjof

Once inside, you'll quickly realize that this is no ordinary tomb. Once down the long flight of stairs, you are faced with a small maze of sorts. One end of the maze ends with a door with the name of Sepulcher (levitation comes in handy if you don't like mazes, even simple ones). Inside you are treated with the burial chamber of a king's son in the form of a Viking ship...quite impressive to say the least. There's all sorts of loot including a Daedric helm and warhammer far above the ship itself. Definitely worth the cost of one Matze wouldn't you say?

Find Botrir's Axe - Vos
21 September 2002

You'll find another of the half-naked barbarians scattered across the land SouthEast of Vos with the name of Botrir. Speak with him to hear his painful tale of being seduced and cursed by a witch who stole his clothes and prize axe, Widowmaker. He asks you for your help in the matter, saying that the witch ran off to the NorthWest. The witch's campsite is not too far in that direction and she leaves you little choice in your options...she attacks as soon as you and Botrir draw near. Botrir will likewise attack and you can aid him or watch the battle at your leisure. Once the witch is dead, loot her corpse to find the axe. If you give the axe to the barbarian you will receive a bonus to your Axe skill. If you decide to keep the axe, Botrir will attack you.

You might be able to talk to the witch and she gives you the option of meeting her at the Caldera Mages guild in 3 days. When you tell Botrir he gets mad and attacks you. However if you kill the witch you do get a bonus of +2 points of Strength.

Includes Contributions from Keith.

Find Satyana's Amulet - Erabenimsun Camp
6 September 2002

This quest actually starts and ends in the Arenim Ancestral Tomb, a ways East and slightly from the Erabenimsun Ashlander camp along the coast. Once you enter the tomb you'll encounter the woman Satyana to whom you should speak with. Apparently the tomb is her families and she is looking for her father's amulet, asking you for some help. Accept and she will follow you around the tomb, aiding you combat. Within a locked room you'll find the amulet (and Sword of Agustus) on a skeleton. Satyana will demand the amulet which you should give her, otherwise she will attack you. If you give her the amulet she will continue to follow you around the tomb, helping you kill and loot.

Romance Ahanassi - Pelagiad
6 September 2002

If you are a male character, visit the Khajiit Ahnassi on the second floor of the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. Raise her disposition to 50 and she'll be all yours. Choose the smooth moves and her profession dialogue topics and choosetje Give Ahnassi the gift of friendship. She'll plead with you to come and visit her often. This opens up a string of quests with her.

Once you and Ahnassi and properly aquainted, she'll reveal to you that the guest Hrordis, upstairs, has a magic belt and worships Mehrunes Dagon. The belt is actually the Belt of Sanguine Fleetness (Athletics) which is needed for the involved 27 Sanguine Items quests, so hang onto it if you decide to wack Hrordis.

If you speak to Ahnassi about the new friend topic, you'll open up the share a gift option which will allow her to give you a Feather potion.

Speak with Ahnassi once again to learn that a Cammonna Tong thug, Daren Adryn, has frightened her by trying to force her to join the guild. Someone bothering you're girlfriend just won't do, so go and pay Daren a surprise visit in Nadene Rotheran's shack in the town of Gnaar Mok. You can talk to him about Ahnassi, but that only delays the envitable fight with him. Return to Ahnassi who will be so pleased that she goes about and clears your entire current criminal record. She will also give you some new gifts including some new clothes and a Short Blade skill book.

Once you've taken care of Daren, Ahnassi will tell you that the Redoran agent Belrose Dralor has a key to two chests in the Redoran Treasury in Vivec in his wife's chest of clothes. The Dralor Manor is located in the Redoran Plaza in Vivec and the key can be found in an unlocked chest in the top bedroom. The two chests are on a table in the treasuries lowest level, just watch out for the guards who will attack if they see you take anything (the key words here being 'see you').

Unfortuately, it turns out that your girlfriend has a mate if you explore her share a care dialogue topic. The mate is actually a former one, J'Dhannar, though she admits to still having feelings for him. J'Dhannar is a Skooma addict who lives in the St. Olms canton in Vivec and Ahnassi wants you to persuade him to quit the drug. You'll find him on the lower level of St. Olms on the canalworks section and becomes quite irrate when you try and cure him (mentioning, by the way, that he and Ahnassi are not so much former mates, but more current mates...oops!). Speak with either Vaval Selas (St. Olms Temple) or Velms Sadryon (Library of Vivec) who will both suggest the book Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater, directing you to Jobasha's Rare Bookshop in Vivec's Foreign Quarter (where else?). Jobasha doesn't actually have the book for sale, but you can find it in a chest in the lower SouthWest corner of the shop. Return tto J'Dhannar with the book and, with a disposition of 50, you can try and cure him again...with success. He agrees to read the book and releases Ahnassi from the martial bond.

Once this is done, return to Ahnassi and you'll hear the J'Dhannar has indeed quit the Skooma and has returned home to Elswyr. Ahnassi now considers you her very special friend and invites you to visit her home in town, supplying you with a key. You can basically considered yourself as married as you'll get within the game, and you can use her house as your own. Ahnassi will now be found in her/your house from this point on.

Once you and Ahnassi move in together, you have the chance to meet with Ahnassi's friend, Senyndie, at the Arena Fighters Quarters in Vivec. Mention Ahnassi to Senyndie and your disposition will soar, meaning lower rates, as well as a free Acrobatics skill book. Senyndie is also the secret master for Acrobatics in the game, meaning that you can train with her all the way up to 100.

Speak with Ahnassi again using the share a gift topic to learn that she wants two flowers, a Coda and a Gold Kanet. Sounds simple enough, and the Gold Kanet is indeed hard to miss in most places (look at the crossroads West of Pelagiad for instance). The Coda is more difficult to find, and is actually the flower of the Draggle-Tail plants found along the Bitter Coast region. The best place to find them is between the town of Seyda Neen and the Stronghold of Hlormaren far to the NorthWest. You can also buy a Coda from Peragon at Fort Moonmoth. Return the flowers to Ahnassi for her profuse thanks.

Once you give her the flowers, Ahnassi will ask you to steal a Flamemirror robe from the wizard Mavon Drenim's lair in Vivec's Telvanni Plaza, Plaza. Drenim is a powerful opponent and will most likely know when you've entered before you do. Either face the wizard and kill him if you can, or take the stealthy / runaway approach and take take the robe from the closet. Return it to Ahnassi for 20 Ebony throwing stars.

The last quest from Ahnassi, revealed again by her share a gift topic, will reveal that Elvul's Black Blindfold (a glove actually) can be found underneath the Imperial Commission in Castle Ebonheart. The place is well guarded but Ahnassi will tell you of a secret entrance located underwater just outside of Ebonheart. Once inside the cave, use the door inside to enter the shrine under the Imperial Commision and find the Blindfold in a chest in the room next door. The cave also holds residence to Varus Vantinius who wears the powerful Lords' Mail and is part of the last Imperial Legion quest.

This is all there is to Ahnassi's quests, though you will find that in her/your house, the two containers of food and drink will refill themselves after a while.

Propylon Chamber Indices
4 August 2003

[Propylon Indices Map, 428x500 (54 kb)]

ID Name Location Directions
index_andra Andasreth Propylon Index Hlormaren, Dome The Hlormaren Keep is near the West coast, West of Balmora. The index is in the dome on the middle shelf to the left of the dome entrance.
index_beran Berandas Propylon Index Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen Arvs-Drelen is in the main town of Gnisis, North side. The index is on the top shelf next to Baladas at the top of the home. It has no assigned owner so Baladas shouldn't mind if you take it.
index_falas Falasmaryon Propylon Index Maar Gan, Shrine In the shrine in the South-East of this main town. The index is on the silver plate next to the big rock when you enter the shrine. Salen Ravel is the index's owner, so be careful when you take it.
index_falen Falensarano Propylon Index Maelkashishi, Shrine, Forgotten Galleries This Daedric shrine is a little ways West from Maar Gan on the other side of the mountain range. The index is on the scroll next the skeleton at the very top of the Forgotten Galleries section (levitation needed).
index_hlor Hlormaren Propylon Index Caldera, Irgola: Pawnbroker Irgola's shop is easily found in the center of Caldera. The index is on the window sill next to Irgola, who also owns it so be careful if you decide to steal it. Irgola should sell the index as well.
index_indo Indoranyon Propylon Index Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr Tel Fyr's tower is on an island a ways SouthWest from Sadrith Mora (you will visit the location during the main quest if you haven't already). The index is at the top of the tower on the table next to Divayth Fyr (he doesn't own the index so feel free to take it safely).
index_maran Marandus Propylon Index Vivec, St. Olms Temple The Temple in the St. Olms district of Vivec is reached via the Plaza level. The index is downstairs in the NorthWest storage room on the floor next to the crates.
index_roth Rotheran Propylon Index Rotheran, Communal Hut (Rols Ienith) The Rotheran Stronghold can be South of Dagon Fel near the tip of the island. Rols Ienith is just inside the communal hut and must be killed for you to obtain the index.
index_telas Telasero Propylon Index Telasero, Lower Level This stronghold can be found a little East from Suran (or a ways West from Molag Marr). The index can be found in a troth in the center area of the lower level.
index_valen Valenvaryon Propylon Index Urshilaku Camp, Wise Woman's Yurt The Urshilaku camp can be found along the coast a ways East from Khuul. The index is on the table at the back of the Wise Woman's Yurt. The Wise Woman Nibani Maesa owns the index so be careful when you take it.

The following is the navigation circle of Propylon Chambers found across the island of Morrowind. It shows which chamber is connected to which.

[Propylon Navigation Circle, 450x450 (27 kb)]

Propylon Circle Image Contributed by Lawrence Goldstein.

Balmora: Skooma Pipe
1 December 2002

A small quest about Tsiya's skoomapipe. We can find it on a corpse near Balmora not far from the temple. Just follow the river (from the temple) and you will find a corpse with Tsiya's skoomapipe. Then bring it at the house of Tsiya (near the council club in Balmora), she will give you 50 septim and 10 sugarmoon.

Originally Written by Fabien.

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