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Morrowind Daedra Shrine Quests

19 February 2011

There are several quests and artifacts related to a specific Daedric Shrine and the god (or Daedra) found within it.

Shrine of Azura - 23 June 2002
Help Azura's priestess in Sheogorath to receive Azura's Star.
Shrine of Boethiah - 1 December 2002
Find this obscure shrine underwater to receive a quest for the powerful sword, Goldbrand.
Shrine of Clavicus Vile - 6 June 2002
Find the Mask of Clavicus Vile and be well liked by everyone.
Shrine of Malacath - 23 June 2002
Kill the last of the Oreyn bloodline to receive the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw.
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon - 23 June 2002
Recover the Mehrunes Razor from an Ancestral Tomb.
Shrine of Mephala - 23 June 2002
Assasinate a member of the Morag Tong to receive the Ring of Khajiit.
Shrine of Molag Bal - 23 June 2002
Kill an errant Daedra to receive the Mace of Molag Bal.
Shrine of Sheogorath - 23 June 2002
Kill a Giant Netch with a magic, really!

Shrine of Clavicus Vile
6 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] This is actually part of an Imperial Legion quest that you get at Fort Moonmoth. It's the last quest given by the head of the Imperial Legion, Radd Hard-Heart.

Head to Dagon Fel in the far North East. East of the town but very close, just outside you will find some Dwemer dungeons. One of them is called Sorkvilds Tower. In the Tower you will fight a guy with a Dwarven Mace and a Bonemold armor. He's not too tough. Head down to the main room of this very small dungeon and up a ladder to the upper level. There you will be attacked by a mage. He has some nasty spells but he's not very tough either. Kill him and search his body to find the Masque.

Masque of Clavicus Vile
Type: Helmet, Heavy Armour
Weight: 15
Armour: 168
Health: 800 / 800
Value: 15000
Constant Effect: +30 Personality

Original text in part by Rahvin and Theohall.

Shrine of Malacath
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] The shrine is located in Assurdirapal in the Sheogorath region on the long island West of Dagon Fel (just West if the Sanctus Shrine island).

Talk to Malacath and he will tell you a story about a false elven hero by the name of Oreyn Bearclaw. Actually, he is no hero at all but was falsly credited the deeds done by his friend, an orc named Kharag Gro-Khar. Malacath wants you to destroy Bearclaw's legend by killing the last of his bloodline. If you do you will receive the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw as your reward.

Head towards Vivec as suggested by Malacath to begin your search for the descendant. You should be able to find out that the last of Bearclaw's line is Farvyn Oreyn and that you can find him near Gnaar Mok. Ask some townsfolk to find out where he is, South of town. Farvyn is fairly easy to kill but his 2 bodyguards are not so be careful. Once you have killed him, return to the shrine to pick up your reward.

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
Type: Helmet, Heavy Armour
Weight: 10.0
Armour: 261
Health: 900 / 900
Value: 125,000
Constant Effect:
Fortify Agility 40 Points on Self
Fortify Endurance 40 Points on Self

Original text in part by Nick.

Shrine of Azura
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] Travel to Azura's Shrine located at the South East corner of Vardenfall (also on the game's paper map). Its hard to miss as the entrance is marked by a very large statue of Azura.

Click the statue inside to talk with Azura to find out that she has a priestess apprentice living in seclusion in the Sheogorath region and that Sheogorath has sent some Daeadra to disturb the priestess. Azura might say that the island is North of Dagon Fel, where it is rather to the West of it. There are 4 islands on the northern most border of the map the second on the left holds the priestess and the Daedra. You should find the island occupied by a number of various Daedra including some Ogrim, Atronachs, and Hungers. Kill all the Daedra you like you really only have to kill the Golden Saint named Staada near the priestess hut (but dont disturb the priestess). You can also find Sheogorath's Signet ring on the body of Staada as proof that Sheogorath has been meddling.

Travel back to the Shrine to receive your reward, Azuras star, a reusable soul gem. Like every soul gem it needs to hold a soul for use and it does not come with a soul.

Azura's Star
Weight: 2.0
Value: 2,000,000

Original text in part by Nick.

Shrine of Boethiah
1 December 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] One of the daedra, Boethiah, has a shrine that's more then a bit tricky to find. Why? Because it's sank to the ocean floor. North of Hla Oad on an island there's a daedric ruin. If you check out the ocean a short distance west and north of the island, you'll find ruined daedric buildings on the ocean's floor. Amongst them is the shattered shrine of Boethiah. You can click on boethiah's head, located a short distance from the rest of the statue, and initiate the quest.

He wants his shrine rebuilt, and sends you to Caldera to find a sculptor. Ask around and you'll be directed to a shopkeeper, who in turn directs you to an orc in Ghorak Manor across the street from his shop. The orc requires 2000 gold and a copy of a book on the shrine (Boethiah's Glory, available in Jobasha's rare books) to begin work. Once he starts, it will take him 45 days to complete.

At that time, head to the rebuilt shrine -- located at Khartag Point -- and click on the statue. You'll be rewarded with Goldbrand, a two handed sword with impressive base damage and some enchantments.

No combat is required for this quest. A first level character who can scrape together 2000 gold can perform it easily, allowing access to a rather solid weapon early on. Goldbrand is far from the best weapon in the game, but it's certainly better then most.

Type: Long Blade, One Hand
Chop: 10 - 50
Slash: 10 - 45
Thrust: 10 - 25
Speed: 1.50
Dmg Ratio: 75 (120 with spell)
Reach: 1.0
Condition: 4500 / 4500
Weight: 40.0
Value: 150,000
Cast When Strikes
Fire Damage 10 to 30 pts
Charge: 50 / 50

Use the following cheat to give yourself the weapon in case you encounter a bug in the quest (you cannot receive the weapon after 45 days).

player->additem "katana_goldbrand_unique", 1

Original text in part by brute_FANG.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] This small shrine lies in Yasammidan, just west of the Dwemer ruins of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz, West of Ald Velothi on the coast North of Gnisis. Dagon is one of the four 'bad' Daedra, which is pretty obvious once you activate his statue to talk to him. He finally decides that to prove your worth that you are to retrieve Mehrune's Razor from Alas Ancestral Tomb.

The tomb can be found in the center of the Molag Amur mountain range, North of Molag Mar, and South of the Erabenimsun Ashlander camp. The tomb is small and you should quickly discover that there is no Razor to be found. All your attempts bring up is a lowly rusty dagger on the body of Varner Hleras on the altar. If you return to Mehrunes with this dagger, he will transform it into the Razor for you.

Mehrunes Razor
Type: Short, One Hand
Chop: 12 - 15
Slash: 12 - 15
Thrust: 12 - 17
Speed: 2.5
Dmg Ratio: 42.5 (62.5 with spell)
Reach: 1.0
Condition: 600 / 600
Weight: 6.0
Value: 5,000
Cast When Strikes
Disintegrate Armour 6 to 25 pts
Weakness to Poison 5% for 20 secs
Poison 6 to 20 pts
Charge: 210 / 210

Shrine of Mephala
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] This shrine can be difficult to find, being hidden in the secret Morag Tong headquarters in the Storage Area on the Canalworks Area of the Arena Canton in Vivec. Speak to Taros Dral about sensitive manners. He may not say much up front, just something about Mephala giving him information which must be acted upon. If you inquire further, you'll learn that Mephala wishes you to poison Balyn Omarel, an important member of the guild who has been performing executions on his own. Dral will supply the Treated Bittergreen Petals to put in Omarel's food.

Omarel can be found in Balmora, on the 2nd floor of the Northernmost house in the middle rank of structures East of the river. Omarel is wandering around out front and, if he sees you, the quest will be ruined. In order to sneak into his house unseen, use the back door found on the roof of the house. Once inside, activate the cauldron on the West wall to poison it and escape the same way you entered, being sure not to be spotted by Omarel.

Return to Dral and he'll tell you to speak to the shrine. Do so and receive the Ring of Khajiit as a reward. If you return to Omarel's house, you'll find him dead on the floor.

Ring of Khajiit
Weight: 0.1
Value: 18,000
Cast When Used
Invisibility for 30 secs on Self
Fortify Speed 0 to 20 points for 30 secs on Self
Charge: 265 / 265

Shrine of Molag Bal
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] This shrine can be found in the ruins of Yansirramus, two islands West of Tel Aruhn (West and a bit North of Sadrith Mora). Note that you can access the shrine safely, but exploring any of the side chambers will likely get you attacked. Bal complains about a lazy Daedra named Menta Na who has retreated into the caves of Kora-Dur instead of creating the usual havoc and terror. Molag Bal gives you a key and asks you to kill Na to obtain his favour.

Kora-Dur can be found East of the Stronghold of Kogoruhn, far North of the Red Mountain Crater. The door is locked tight but fortunately you have a key. You'll find Menta, the Daedroth, in the innermost chamber. Among the loot you'll find here is a Daedric Staff. Return to the shrine to receive your reward of the Mace of Molag Bal.

Mace of Molag Bal
Type: Blunt, One Hand
Chop: 3 - 30
Slash: 3 - 35
Thrust: 1 - 4
Speed: 1.30
Dmg Ratio: 45.5
Reach: 1.0
Condition: 4000 / 4000
Weight: 45.0
Value: 25,000
Cast When Strikes
Absorb Strength 1 to 15 pts for 30 secs
Absorb Magicka 1 to 20 pts for 30 secs
Charge: 1500 / 1500

Shrine of Sheogorath
23 June 2002

[Quest Locations, 106x121 (4 kb)] This shrine is easier than most to find, being in the Ihinipalit Shrine in the Underworks of Vivec's St. Delyn Canton. You may need to take care of the current occupants to ensure that you have the privacy you need. Activate the shrine to speak to Sheogorath who wants you to recover the Fork of Horripilation from a mad hermit near Ald Redaynia, on the long island North of the main land, and use it to kill a Giant Bull Netch that lives nearby.

The hermit is found in Big Head's Shack which is on the island directly North of Ald Redaynia and should be the North West-most island at the top of the map. Though the hermit is indeed mad, he is not dangerous, and you can ask him about the Fork and he'll let you take it. He doesn't say where it is, but you can find it on the table looking like a large barbecue fork.

Now, off to kill this Giant Netch with a large fork...and you wonder why they call Sheogorath the mad one? The trick is that Sheogorath just said you had to kill the Netch with it, so just use whatever weapon to beat the Netch down and use the Fork to finish it off (much easier in the latest patch that shows the creature's health).

Once you kill the Giant Netch, return to the shrine to receive your reward of the Spear of Bitter Mercy.

Spear of Bitter Mercy
Type: Spear, Two Hand
Chop: 1 - 15
Slash: 1 - 15
Thrust: 15 - 60
Speed: 1.00
Dmg Ratio: 37.5
Reach: 1.8
Condition: 2500 / 2500
Weight: 20.0
Value: 130,000
Cast When Used
Reflect 20 to 30 points for 30 secs on Self
Summon Storm Atronach for 30 secs
Charge: 2160 / 2160

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