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Morrowind - Main Quest: Meet Vivec

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: House Telvanni [Meet Vivec Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Ash Vampires
Location: Vivec Temple, Palace
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 12
Required Items: Open lock (level 50)
Suggested Items:
Difficulty: Low

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Once you've completed the Forth Trial, go to the Temple District in Vivec to meet with the Archcanon.
  2. Talk with Danon Indules in the Temple tunnel to arrange the meeting with the Archcanon.
  3. Enter the Archcanon's office from the locked back door in the Hall of Wisdom.
  4. Talk with Archcanon Tholer Saryoni to arrange a meeting with Vivec.
  5. Go South to Vivec's palace, and talk with the god.
  6. Receive and go over the five step plan to defeat Dagoth Ur.

Detailed Walkthrough

Overview of the Forth Trial
By now you should have had the four Ashlander Tribes name you as the Nerevarine, and the three Great Houses name as you their Hortator. This completes the Forth Trial of the Seven Trials. You have received a note from the Temple asking you to meet with them in Vivec once you have completed the Forth Trial, so head there now.

Finding the Archcanon
Meet with Danso Indules in the Temple District of Vivec, in the central exterior tunnel. Danso says that the Archcanon is waiting for you in his private quarters in the East Chapel of the High Fane. Once you enter the High Fane, you quickly discover that the Archcanon is actually behind a locked door (level 45). Unfortunately there's an Ordinator standing nearby which means that all but the most steathy of characters may wish to try it. There is a back door from the Hall of Wisdom and, although the door is still locked (level 50), there's no Ordinator on watch.

Talking with the Archcanon
Once inside the Archcanon's office, you can talk with Tholer Saryoni. After a brief talk, you are given the choice to visit the god Vivec, who will hopefully shed some more light on the current situation. When you say yes, you are given two keys for the Archcanon's office and Vivec's palace. You are warned that the Ordinators are still not under Tholer's control.

Meet with Vivec
Vivec's Palace can be found at the top of the puzzle canal South of the Temple District. You can find Vivec just inside the entrance. Vivec goes over the plan for you to follow in the future (assuming you accept all the items and oaths). You receive the Wraithguard, a powerful Right Gauntlet needed to defeat Dagoth Ur. Vivec gives you his blessing and says that he will end the persecution of the Dissident Priests by the Temple. You receive detailed plans on exactly how to go about defeating the Dagoth.

Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur
The plan involves five basic steps:
  1. A series of aggressive raids within the Ghostfence.
  2. A series of aggressive raids to neutralize Dagoth Ur's ash vampire kin and recover artifacts from the bodies of said kin.
  3. An assault of Gate Citadel Vemynal to neutralize Dagoth Vemyn and recover the artifact hammer Sunder.
  4. An assault of Gate Citadel Ordasol, to neutralize Dagoth Odros and recover the artifact blade Keening.
  5. An assault of Citadel Dagoth with the artifacts Wraithguard, Sunder, and Keening to sever Dagoth Ur's connection to the Heart of Lorkhan and thus to destroy Dagoth Ur.
The plans Vivec gives you are detailed and are of great aid, so read and use them.

Alternate Route #1: Killing Vivec
The main quest can diverge significantly here for those who wish to do things the hard way. Instead of meeting Vivec and acquiring the Wraithguard as described above, a powerful character can instead simply break into Vivec's Palace, kill the god and steal the Wraithguard (which is simply named as an Unique Dwemer Artifact). Of course, this is far from easy, but certainly possible. Once this is done, you are basically forced into ending the main quest the hard way. Vivec is level 100 and packs a huge wallop when he hits you, so be prepared for a very long and difficult fight. By obtaining the artifact in this manner, you can basically bypass all the previous portions of the main quest (I assume).

Unfortunately, things become complicated in that it was Vivec who taught you how to properly use the Wraithguard, so when you kill him and steal the glove, it is not functioning. There is one character in the game that will be able to aid you with the artifact (think about someone intimate with ancient Dwemer artifacts)...Yagrum Bagarn, the last living Dwarf found in the Corprusarmium under Tel Fyr.

Travel to Tel Fyr and speak with Yagrum about the artifact, which he'll indeed identify as the Wraithguard, providing that you have a reputation of 20 and a disposition with Yagrum of 90 (or, alternatively, a reputation of 30 and the papers Dagoth Ur's Plans and The Plan to Defeath Dagoth Ur, found in Vivec's Palace). The Dwarf actually help make the Wraithguard and says that he can most likely figure it out, but he needs Kagrenac's Planbook and Journals. The planbook is in Tureynulal (Kagrenac's Library) and the journals in Enudusal (Kagrenac's Study), both within the Ghostfence region.

Return to Yagrum with the Planbook and Journal and he will activate the Wraithguard. The only catch here, and it is a rather large one, is that since you stole and hacked into the artifact, it will backfire the first time you equip it, dealing anywhere from 201 to 225 hp of damage to you. You best buff up as much as you can so that you are not killed immediately. This is just a one time thing and the gauntlet will work normally afterwards.

From here on, you can follow the remaining walkthrough of the main quest as you wish, knowing that you had to be different and do things the hard way.

Alternate Route #2: Just Wait
There is a way of bypassing the fourth and fifth trials without killing Vivec. If you take a long time to complete the 3rd trial (eg: while completing other quests) then Nibani tells you that she is worried and that you should see the Archdeacon in Vivec High Fane. He then points you in the direction of Vivec who will recognise you and give you Wraithguard. This will save a lot of hiking around the various camps and councillors (although I guess you have to be really very late in the main quest before this is proposed).

Continue on with the Ash Vampires portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from Colin.

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