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Morrowind - Main Quest: House Redoran

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Erabenimsun Tribe [Redoran Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: House Hlaalu
Locations: Ald'ruhn, Vivec Arena
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 12
Required Items:
Suggested Items: Heal potions/scrolls
Difficulty: Medium, Tough fight at the end

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Visit Athyn Sarethi (Sarethi Manor in Ald'ruhn, Manor District) to learn about the Redoran council members.
  2. If not a house member, rescue Sarethi's son, Varvur, in the Venim manor, to get his vote for Hortator.
  3. Meet with Miner Arobar in his manor and get his vote for Hortator.
  4. Meet with Garisa Llethri in his manor and get his vote for Hortator.
  5. Meet with Hlaren Ramoren in his manor and get his vote for Hortator.
  6. Meet with Brara Morvayn in her quarters in the Council Hall and get her vote for Hortator.
  7. Challenge Bolvyn Venim is his manor to a duel, meeting him in Vivec's Arena.
  8. Return to Sarethi and be named the Hortator for House Redoran.

Detailed Walkthrough

You should now have been acknowledged as the Nerevarine by all four of the Ashlander Tribes, now to move on to becoming Hortator to the three Great Houses, starting with House Redoran (though again, the actual order of the houses is unimportant). There are two main differences when doing this, and that is whether you previously became a member of the house or not.

Sarethi Manor
Pay a visit to Athyn Sarethi in the Sarethi Manor in Ald'ruhn (Manor District). If you are a member of the House Redoran, Athyn should tell you that all but one council member will support you as Hortator, Bolvyn Venim. If you're not a member, you'll have to presuade him significantly in order to get him to speak with you. Even then, Athyn will ask you a favour first, to rescue his son Varvur Sarethi from the Venim Manor (first manor on the right in the Manor District). You must be careful when resucing him not to kill the councilman Bolvyn as the other council members will turn against you.

Rescuing Varvur Sarethi
To find Varvur, find the Right Wing of the Venim Manor. In the large room, on a bench, you should find a Note to Malsa Ules and a key. The note says that the guest is in the room behind the tapestry. You'll find the door and tapestry nearby, and the key on the note opens that door (50 level lock). Remember the nearby guards won't like it if you take the key or note. Once you find Varvur, escort him back to the Sarethi manor and his father. Note that any guards that see him will attack, so planning the fastest route ahead of time might help. You are free to kill the guards, but again be careful not to kill Bolvyn. Once you return Athyn's son, he will name you Redoran Hortator and says that the other council members will concur, except for one.

If you don't mind killing, an easier rescue method is to kill everyone in the house before you rescue Varvur.

Visit Redoran Councillors
From this point, the quest is the same whether you are a Redoran member or not. You must visit and talk to all the Redoran councillers (see the Red Book 3E 426 for a complete list). All are in Ald'Ruhn in their respective manors: Miner Arobar, Garisa Llethri, Brara Morvayn, and Hlaren Ramoren. Talk to each one about the Redoran Hortator and to get their vote (all are off the manor district except for Morvayn who is in her quarters in the Redoran Council Hall).

Bolvyn Venim
The one exception is, of course, Bolvyn Venim, who won't agree with you no matter what. The only option is to have a duel to the death with him to get him out of the way. If you just kill him outright, the other council members will not like you anymore. Talking with him reveals he wishes to duel you in the Vivec Arena. Teleport or Silt Strid over to Vivec and enter the Arena to find Bolvyn. He is a tough opponent if you attack him one-on-one as he is heavily armoured (Ebony) and has a Daedric Dai-Katana. Of course, he has no ranged weapons or spells so feel free to take him out from a distance if your honor won't be ruined. Healing potions and scrolls are helpful of course.

Return to Sarethi
Once Bolvyn is out of the way, return to Athrun Sarethi to be named the Redoran Hortator and receive the Ring of the Hortator to identify you as such. You also receive some notes and news. The sealed package contains a note from the Temple saying that should you be named Nerevarine and Hortator of the four tribes and three houses, to present yourself to the Archcanon Saryoni in the High Fane of Vivec. Hold onto this note as you'll need it later.

Console Cheat Codes
Clear Flag if you Killed a Councillor: set RedoranMurdered to 0
Add Miner Arobar if you Killed Him: placeatpc, "miner arobar", 1, 120, 0
Add Garisa Llethri if you Killed Her: placeatpc, "garisa llethri", 1, 120, 0
Add Brara Morvayn if you Killed Her: placeatpc, "brara morvayn", 1, 120, 0
Add Hlaren Ramoren if you Killed Him: placeatpc, "hlaren ramoran", 1, 120, 0
Continue on with the House Hlaalu portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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