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Morrowind - Main Quest: Urshilaku Camp

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Ashlander Informant [Urshilaku Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Sixth House
Locations: Balmora, Urshilaku Camp, Urshilaku Burial Caverns
Minimum Level: 3
Recommended Level: 5, some tough undead
Required Items: None
Suggested Items: Levitation
Difficulty: Medium, big dungeon, undead, lots of travel

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Return to Caius in Balmora to receive your orders.
  2. Travel up to the Urshilaku Camp (-27000,150000), East of Khuul.
  3. Meet with Zabamund and then Sul-Matuul.
  4. Retrieve the Bonebiter Bow for Sul-Matuul from the Urshilaku Burial Chamber (-21641,136255).
  5. Return to Sul-Matuul and receive permission to speak with Nibani Maesa.
  6. Meet with Nibani Maesa for her opinions on the Nerevarine Prophecies.

Detailed Walkthrough

Orders from Caius
The proverbial plot has thickened significantly by this point as you discover that the Emperor intends to use you to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies, ensuring that things go his way. After completing the last errand for Caius, he gives you a decoded copy of the original package you delivered to him along with 200 gold and instructions to see Somutis Vunnis and Crulius Pontanian at Fort Moonmoth before heading up to see the heads of the Nerevarine Cult at Urshilaku, Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa. You can skip the Fort Moonmoth (just East of Balmora) part if you don't need any useful scrolls and potions, very handy at low levels (talk to Crulius and Somutis about essential supplies to receive the items).

Visit the Urshilaku Camp
Urshilaku, however, is a good deal farther away, on the Northern coast of the Island (handy to check your map for many of these locations, it should also be marked on your in-game map as well). Depending on your preferences, you could just walk basically North for while, checking your in-game world map as you go. Its not too far depending on how many dungeons and towns you stop at along the way (of course, this is half the fun, or perhaps more). A quicker way is to take a Silt Strider from Balmora to Ald'ruhn, and then on to either Khuul or Maar Gan. Urshilaku is a little ways East from Khuul and North from Maar Gan (Khuul might be a bit closer and it is easier to follow the coast till you reach the camp).

The camp is small so be careful not to overlook it as you pass by, especially if you arrive during an ash storm which are common in the area. People here don't seem to be expecting you and and not particularily friendly. Remember what your Ashlander friend told you about giving gifts and people will like you more (persusion, bribes, Tussirradad accepts Kwama Eggs and Hainan accepts Trama Root). Nibani Maesa can be found in the Wise Women's Yurt and will talk to you once your disposition is above 60 or so. When you ask her about the Nerevarine Prophecies say that you fulfill them (you can probably talk to just about anyone in the camp about this). The person tells you to go and speak with Zabamund, in his yurt (hut). Once you receive his permission you may then speak with Sul-Matuul.

Meet with Zabamund
Again, to speak with Zabamund you must raise your disposition with him to around 70 or higher first. When you talk to him about the Nerevarine Prophecies, offer to give him 200 gold as a tribute (they do mention that gold is the usual bribe when you mention thoughtful gift). With this, Zabamund says to go to Ashkhan's Yurt and speak with Sul-Matuul.

Meet with Sul-Matuul
Fortunately, once you reach Sul-Matuul you have no need to raise his disposition as he will talk with you straight away. Matuul says that you must pass through an initiation rite in order to join the Nerevarine cult (as you are an outlander). You are asked to travel to the Urshilaku Burial Caverns and retrieve Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow (who was Matuul's farther). Once you get the bow, this will prove your worth to join the cult. Directions to the Caverns are given, but are rather confusing honestly, and all you need to do is just head South-South-East from the Camp for a short distance (Caverns are at -21650, 136400, 890 using the TDT command in the console, just east of the Abinabi cave which is directly south of the camp). Note that the actual name of the caverns are Urshilaku, Astral Burial.

Urshilaku Burial Chamber
[Urshilaku Burial Chamber, 518x772 (28 kb)]
Urshilaku Burial Chamber Map

The Caverns are rather larger than most of the tombs scattered throughout the island and, as usual, filled with undead (types probably depending on your level). There is also a significant amount of loot to be horded (especially at the lower levels), probably a whole lot more than you can carry out in one load (or three). Some items include lots of glass armour and weapons, a nice Ebony helm, more magical arrows than you can count, a wizard's staff (top of Laterus Burial), among other useful stuff. A levitation spell is extremely handy here, and is required if you want to reach all of the areas, though not needed for the main reason why you're here. Go through the Astral Burial chamber (where you entered) through to the Karma Burial and then the Laterus Burial. Follow the rock ledge all the way to the top of Laterus and into the June Burial. At the far end of this chamber part you encounter the Wraith of Sul-Senipul, a rather nasty little ghost, who has the Bonebiter Bow that you must retrieve. Another named monster in here is the Worm Lord (powerful spell casting skeleton in Fragile Burial), though his exact purpose (if any), is unknown (he carries he nice Vampire Ring).

IF you cannot find the Wraith, or lose it's corpse, you can open the console and use the command

	player->additem, "bonebiter_bow_unique" 1
to add it to your inventory in order to finish the quest.

Return to Sul-Matuul
Returning to Sul-Matuul in Urshilaku , he congratulates you on completing the initiation rite, naming you Clanfriend of the Ashlanders, thereby permitting you to talk to Nibani Maesa. As a bonus, you get to keep the bow (which isn't that powerful) as well as being able to rest in any bed in the camp (though be careful about taking things still).

Meet with Nibani
Nibani is in the Wise Woman's Yurt and has lots of answers to your questions about the prophecy. Do yourself a favor and listen to what she says as it will greatly help you understand the overall storyline. Finally, ask her if you pass the test. It seems that although you are not the Nerevarine, you are one who may become it. In order to know more, Nibani asks you to find the lost prophecies and bring them to her, so that she may guide you better. She also gives you a copy f the Strange and the Seven Visions relating to the Nerevarine Prophecy. You can return to Caius for your next assignment.

Continue on with the Sixth House portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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