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Morrowind - Main Quest: House Hlaalu

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: House Redoran [Hlaalu Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: House Telvanni
Locations: Balmora, Vivec, Dren Plantation, Omani Plantation, Ules Manor
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 12
Required Items: 3000 gp
Suggested Items:
Difficulty: Medium, Lots of the usual running around, Possibly tough fight

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet with Crassius Curio in the Curio Manor, Vivec Hlaalu Plaza, to receive an overview of the Hlaalu councillors.
  2. Get Curio's vote for Hortator.
  3. Find Yngling Half-Troll in Vivec, St. Olms Plaza, Yngling Manor, and get his vote (gold required).
  4. Find Dram Bero hidden in the Haunted Manor, Vivec St. Olms Plaza, and get his vote.
  5. Learn about Orvas Dren from Dram Bero.
  6. Take care of Orvas Dren in the Dren Planation (), North of Vivec (blackmail or kill him).
  7. Find Velanda Omani on the Omani Plantation () on Elmas Island, East of the Vivec St. Olms Canton, and get her vote.
  8. Find Nevena Oles is in Ules Manor () just North West of Suran (East of the Dren Plantation, and North East of Vivec) and get her vote.
  9. Return to Curio and be named the Hortator of House Hlaalu.

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest is part of convincing each of the three houses to vote you as the Hortator of the House. The exact order you do the houses in is not important. Again, you must visit all the council members of the House to convince them to vote for you. The Yellow Book of 3E 426 lists these members and can be obtained from Nileno Dorvayn at the Balmora Hlaalu Manor. The members are Crassius Curio, Yngling Half-Troll, Dram Bero, Nervana Oles, and Velanda Omani.

Crassius Curio
Crassius Curio downstairs in the Curio Manor in Vivec, Hlaalu Plaza, can be convinced just just a little gold. If you're a member of the house and a male, it only takes 500 drakes (or 300 if you're disposition is high enough), otherwise it takes a costly 1000 drakes. If you are a female, all it takes is a kiss. Simple enough. Curio also offers some good advice on the other council members.

Yngling Half-Troll
Yngling Half-Troll is in Vivec, St. Olms District Plaza, Yngling Manor. Similarily he'll ask for 1000 drakes if you're a member. or 2000 otherwise. An alternate route is to actually kill Yngling, which is quite alright with the other council members if you talk to them about it (such as Dram Bero).

Dram Bero
Dram Bero is hidden in the basement of the Haunted Manor in the Vivec St. Olms Plaza. You may need to unlock the basement door somehow. You just have to talk to him and you'll get his vote, no gold needed. He'll also mention that Velanda and Nevena are loyal to Orvas Dren. Orvas us a brother of the Duke and has a netch ranch in the Ascandian Isles.

Taking Care of Orvas Dren
In order to convince Velanda and Nevena, you must take care of Orvas Dren first, which may mean a number of things. You can just kill him but he is well armored and armed and has a few good bodyguards. You can blackmail him if you get some papers locked in his basement (his bodyguard has the key). Or, if you can raise his disposition high enough, you can talk to him about protecting Morrowind, resulting in Dren naming you Hortator. If your in House Hlaalu and you've done the quest to take over Cammona Tong, Dren should just give it up and say he'll use his influence on his two cronies. Alternatively, if you have a good chameleon and sneaking ability (or invisibility), you can find a key that lays on a desk near Orvas Dren himself, and just take the papers without been seen.

Orvas lives on the Dren Plantation, a large sized manor just North of Vivec. I tried talking with him initially but my disposition was so low he attacked me anyways. If you're lucky you will be able to attack and kill him without alerting the other guards in the house.

Talk with Velanda and Nevena
Once Orvas is taken care of, you can continue and talk to Velanda and Nevena. Velanda is on the Omani Plantation on Elmas Island, East of the Vivec St. Olms Canton. Nevena is similarily in Ules Manor just North West of Suran (East of the Dren Plantation, and North East of Vivec). Once you talk to each about the Hlaalu Horator they name you as such.

Return to Curio You can now return to Curio in Vivec to be officially named as House Hlaalu's Hortator and receive the Belt of the Hortator as proof.

Continue on with the House Telvanni portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from Ratfink, Borrowind and Mara.

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