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Morrowind - Main Quest: Dagoth Ur

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Sunder Artifact [Dagoth Ur Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: No more main quest!
Location: Dagoth Ur's Citadel
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 15
Required Items: Levitate
Suggested Items: Restore Attributes (all)
Difficulty: Hard

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Ensure that you have the Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder Artifacts
  2. Enter Dagoth Ur's Citadel (19019,70381) in the crater of the Red Mountain. The spherical door is opened by a nearby crank on a steam pipe.
  3. Confront Dagoth Ur in the Facility Cavern. He may attack you after talking with him.
  4. Once you kill Dagoth Ur the first time, pick up the ring in front of the doors to the Akulakhan Cavern and enter.
  5. Equip Wraithguard and Sunder and hit the Heart of Lorkhan in the center of the robot Akulakhan.
  6. Equip Keening and hit the Heart five times to destroy it, along with Dagoth Ur.
  7. Return to the Facility Caverns to meet Azura, view a cut scene, and receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Preparing for the Assault
In order to assault Dagoth Ur's Citadel in the center of the Red Mountain (should be marked on your map if you've talked with Vivec), there's a few things you need:
  1. Wraithguard Artifact (from Vivec)
  2. Keening Artifact (need some Short Blade skill as well)
  3. Sunder Artifact (need some Blunt Weapon skill as well)
  4. Soul Ring
  5. Belt of Heartfire
  6. Amulet of Heartthrum
  7. Amulet of Heartrime
  8. Amulet of Heartheal
  9. Amulet of Heartfire
  10. Blood Ring (found on Dagoth Gilvoth in the citadel)
It may be possible to defeat Dagoth Ur without the Heart items from the 7 Ash Vampires, but at the very least you need the three artifacts (killing the Ash Vampires apparently greatly reduces the strength of Dagoth Ur).

Dagoth Ur's Citadel
The citadel is best approached from the North, but be careful not to fall into the lava when going down into the crater (levitate or slow fall helps here). The Outer Facilities entrance is blocked by a spherical door which you've seen before, so just look for a nearby hand crank (just South of the door). There's nothing much to find in the Outer Facilities section, though you do here the voice of Dagoth Ur beckoning you further, similarily with the Inner Facilities. The Lower Facility holds Dagoth Gilvoth in the third chamber in and holds the Blood Ring magical item. Expect to encounter a variety of creatures including several lesser Dagoth's, Ash Slaves, Bonelords, Lame Corpruses, and Greater Bonewalkers.

[Dagoth Ur Citadel, 454x456 (29 kb)]
Dagoth Ur Citadel

Meeting Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur is found just inside the Facility Cavern, though he will not attack you right away (in fact, he says its up to you to take the first blow, though he did attack me before I did anything). Talk with Dagoth Ur for a bit until you've learned all you want. Buff up with enchantments as desired and then start the fight (again, you might want to buff up before talking with him). There's no secret tactic to killing him the first time, just hit/cast hard and he should fall shortly. Well, you don't actually kill him, he just disappears, leaving a nice magical ring before the doors to Akulakhan.

Destroying Akulakhan
Before you enter Akulakhan you should heal up and equip Wraithguard and Sunder (equip the Wraithguard first). You will be attacked by Dagoth Ur and his minions once you enter. Instead of fighting them, your goal is to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan in the center of the great Dwemer robot Akulakhan. Using Levitate or Slowfall to jump off the ledge to reach it is a good idea. You must strike the Heart once with Sunder, and five times with Keening to destroy it, and Dagoth Ur as well. Once you do this, run back across the bridge and watch the destruction of Akulakhan, thus ending Dagoth Ur's reign of terror.

Reward from Azura
Follow the ledge back around to the top (or fly up) and open the door back to the Facility Caverns using a crank on the pipes in front of it. Once you enter you will meet Azura and a cut scene will begin, outlining your accomplishments. You will also receive a nice magic ring. Once you exit you should be greated to a nice clear more blight, no more ash storms.

That's it...your done!

Quest Bug
After you've completed the main quest, there is a rare bug you might encounter if you speak to various people, including Divayth Fyr. They will seem to think that you've failed to complete the Nerevarine prophecies and you are directed to speak to Archcanon Saryoni in Vivec. It seems this is due to the exact order in which you completed the parts of the main quest, but exactly what is unsure.

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