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Morrowind - Main Quest: Cure for Corprus

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Sixth House Base [Cure for Corprus Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Rescuing Milo
Locations: Balmora, Tel Fyr
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 6
Required Items: Levitate
Suggested Items: Open Lock (100), Chameleon
Difficulty: Low, some travel but nothing much else

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Returning to Caius in Balmora and talk with him to learn of a possible Corprus cure.
  2. Travel to Tel Fyr (124387,15688), give Divayth Fyr the Dwemer artifact, and talk with him.
  3. Retrieve the Dwemer Boots of Flying from Yagrum Bagarn deep within the Corprusarium.
  4. Receive the cure from Divayth.

Detailed Walkthrough

Finding Divayth Fyr
After the last quest to destroy the Sixth House base near Gnaar Mok, you contracted the deadly Corprus disease. Now, returning to Caius in Balmora, he offers you a possible cure. Evidently Fast Eddie in town says that a Telvanni Wizard, Divayth Fyr, runs a Corprusarium deep beneath his tower in Tel Fyr. Caius is also kind enough to provide a Dwemer artifact to help gain Deivayth's disposition, some gold to pay for the cure, and a few levitation potions for use in the tower.

Tel Fyr is on the East side of the Island opposite Balmora, so its quite a walk (check your paper map as its not marked on your in-game world map). The fastest way would be to take a mage teleport over to Sadrith Mora or, alternatively, you can take a boat to Sadrith Mora from Ebonheart. Taking the teleport from the Balmora mages guild is quick, easy, cheap, and you don't actually need to be a member to use it. Tel Fyr is a little South West of Sadrith Mora and can be a little tricky to find, buts it on one of those small islands (position 124400, 15800, 500 when using the TDT console command). The actual name of the place is Tel Fyr, Onyx Hall.

Meet with Divayth Fyr
Once inside Tel Fyr, Onyx Hall, you can talk to his wife on the main level to find out that Divayth is in his study, accessible by the main fly well. The fly well is upstairs in the Hall of Fyr, just inside the entrance. Levitate up and find the well dressed Divayth in Daedric armour. Give him the Dwemer artifact and ask him about the divine disease (unless you were actually leering at his daughters). Alternatively, you might have to raise his disposition by persuasion in order to get him to talk to you. Mention that you may fulfill the Nerevarine Prophecies and he will offer you a possibly fatal cure for Corprus...with a price. You must fetch a pair of boots from Yagrum Bagarn below in the Corprusarium and return them to Divayth.

If you have 'accidently' ticked off Divayth previously by killing some of the members of the Corprusarium, there are still several ways for you to continue this quest. Depending on how much he hates you, you can possibly still talk to him by using persuasion and/or bribing him (bribe him a few 1000 is generally the easiest way). If he still refuses to speak with you, you can try the command spell but this may very well cause him to attack, which will definitely ruin the main quest. Alternatively, you can use the console in the PC version and enter the commands:

player->SetPersonality 1000 player->SetSpeechcraft 1000
Remember to record your initial values so you can reset them afterwards.

The Corprusarium
The Corprusarium is downstairs and is probably about the only thing unlocked around here. The catch here is, which you find out by talking to the warden Vistha-Kai , you cannot harm the inmates here, though they certainly have no qualms about hurting you. This is a good place for invisibility or chameleon if you have it, or a good sneak skill. Yagrum is hard to miss in the Corprusarium Bowels, a big guy on a Dwemer robot basically. He will easily give you Dwemer Boots of Flying and actually has some interesting comments on the disappearance of the Dwemer (it appears that Yagrum himself may be the last and only surviving member of his race). There is also a trick in getting the Corprus inmates not to attack you. Give the find the guarskin drum and give it to Uupse Fyr next to Yagrum. She will play a tune to soothe the inmates.

The Cure?
Return the Divayth, give him the boots, and accept the potion. Note that if you run into a problem trying to give Divayth the boots but he won't take them, it may be due to having a pair of the same type of boots. As soon as I removed one pair from my inventory he gladly took the other pair and cured me.

It turns out that the potion didn't actually cure me, but just remove the negative effects of the disease. Thus, you have the complete disease resistance that Corprus gives, but no loss of attributes. Note that the 1000 gold Caius wasn't needed meaning you a bit richer too. Things just keep getting better and better. You can return to Caius in Balmora for the next stage of the quest.

Interesting Note
If you talk to Divayth about plundering the dungeon, it seems one of his hobbies is to invite thieves to try and steal his rather large collection of treasure and artifacts. Evidently there is a good deal of loot to be held in the Corprusarium if you are a talented enough thief. All the chests have 100 magnitude locks and are trapped. They contain dwemer artifacts, coins, and a 'few' nice items. Yagrum has a full suit of Dwemer armour in his closet, in addition to about 12,000 gp worth of Dwemer coins and a few books. There are a total of 5 chests in the Corprusarium, each containing a key (1092, 897, 802, 738, and 678). These keys will open other chests, including some of those in Tel Fyr itself. There are more chests in Tel Fyr, each with some treasure and a key (1008, 1155). Note that some NPCs, such as Davayth, don't seem to mind you going through and taking his things, but do be careful.

Continue on with the Rescuing Milo portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from Cory.

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