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Morrowind - Main Quest: Travel to Vivec

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Andrano Ancestral Vault [Travel to Vivec Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Ashlander Informant
Locations: Balmora, Vivec Foreign Quarter, Vivec St. Olms, Vivec Temple
Minimum Level: 3, Caius won't speak to you before this
Recommended Level: 3
Required Items: None
Suggested Items: None
Difficulty: Low

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Return to Caius in Balmora for your orders.
  2. Meet with Huleeya in the Cornerclub, Vivec Foreign Quarter.
  3. Calm the locals and escort her to Jobasha's Bookshop and receive her notes.
  4. Meet with Addhiranirr in the Underworks of St. Olms canton in Vivec.
  5. Find and tell the excise agent Duvianus Platorius that Addhiranirr has left Vivec.
  6. Receive the notes from Addhiranirr.
  7. Meet with Merha Milo in the Temple Library of Vivec.
  8. Steal or buy the book Progress of Truth.
  9. Return to Caius in Balmora.

Detailed Walkthrough

Orders from Caius
After the last errand, Caius tells you to train for a while and come back to him (you must be Level 3 or higher for this part of the main quest). Again, he sends you on a fact-finding mission, this time to Vivec. There are three people you must track down: Addhiranirr (Khajiit Thieves Guild member, St. Olms), Huleeya (Argonian Morag Tong member, Foreign Quarter, Black Shalk Cornerclub), and Mehra Milo (Temple Priestess, Hall of Wisdom, Temple compound). Caius is once again looking for any Sixth House or Nerevarine information and he gives you 200 gold to help with expenses. The quickest way to Vivec is to take a Silt Strider, but feel free to take the scenic route.

Huleeya in the Foreign Quarter is easily visited first and can be found in the Cornerclub in the Lower Waistworks. Unfortunately, Huleeya seems to be having problems with the locals whom you'll have to talk to first. Have a chat with the Dunmer Ethys Savil (or his 2 friends) and presuade him to leave the Argonian alone. Raising his disposition to you a bit will work, or you can just kill him outright. If you try to leave without talking to one of the thugs, they will attack (you will have to protect Huleeya). Once you've solved this, Huleeye will let you escort him to his friend's bookshop. Jobasha's Rare Books is on the same level as the Cornerclub in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks, just at the opposite side. Make sure Huleeya follows you correctly as often NPCs become lost or become stuck. Once inside the bookstore, he will give you some notes to take to Caius. Super spoiler: Pick up the book Progress of Truth here if you want as you will be needing it shortly.

NOTE: If you are the grandmaster in the Morag Tong, you might not be able to get Huleeya to give you the information. If you are playing on the PC version you can using the following console commands to get around this bug:

Player->AddItem, "bk_A1_7_HuleeyaInformant", 1
Journal, "A1_7HuleeyaInformant", 50

Addhiranirr is the next closest in the St. Olms canton, South and East of the Foreign Quarter (past the Redoran and next to St. Delyn). It turns out Addhiranirr is difficult to find as almost no one in St. Olms knows where he is. With enough exploration and questions, you do eventually find him all alone in the Underworks for the reason that a Census and Excise agent is looking for her. In order to get anything out of him, the agent must be taken care of. The agent in mention is Duvianus Platorius and can be found in St. Olms Waistworks. As usual, you can either kill him or presuade him that Addhiranirr has gone elsewhere. Note that if you happen to accidently tell him where Addhiranirr is, you can still get the information required by Caius by raising Addhiranirr's disposition until he will talk to you. Anyways, once the agent is out of the way, Addhiranirr will let you know that the Sixth House is into smuggling, but no one knows what as they are being very secretive about it.

Mehra Milo
Moving onto the last contact, Mehra Milo in the Library of the Temple, Halls of Wisdom at the South end of Vivec. Once you find her, and follow her to the back of the library for secrecy, she lets you know what she has on the Sixth House Cult, suggesting that you get a copy of the book Progress of Truth for Caius. Although the Library has a book, it is under guard, though she suggests trying the local bookshops, even though the book is official banned by the Temple. The copy in the Library is the tall book on top of the bookshelf in the South West corner. Alternatively, you can just buy a copy from Jobasha (150 gold) in the Lower Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter (remember, we were just there a while ago). Other copies can be found at:
  1. Tel Uvirith, Arelas' House
  2. Vivec, Hall of Justice Secret Library
  3. Vivec, Jobasha's Rare Books
  4. Vivec, Library of Vivec
  5. Vivec, Telvanni Tower
Alternatively, you can use the console cheat: player->additem "bk_progressoftruth",1 to give yourself the book if you are stuck.

Return to Caius
Returning to Caius with the information, he promotes you to Journeyman and suggests you take some more time to train and go some other guild work to keep your cover up. Come back for the next part of the quest in a few days.

Quest Bug
If you neglect to "lie" to the tax collector then you'll miss one entry in your journal for Caius and you can never complete the quest (or the game), and there's no going back. Someone has found the console command to bypass this if Caius gives you problems by not acknowledging that you've completed the quest when you really have:
  1. Open console (tilde key, PC version only)
  2. Type: Journal "A1_V_VivecInformants", 50 A1_V_VivecInformants
  3. Type: PCRaiseRank "blades"
  4. Close console
And it works! I think the only thing you miss then is the 200 gold given to you by Caius after the mission, but you DO end up keeping the book you should've aquired, and at a value of 150, if there's a merchant who likes you you can usually recover most of your expenses from the trip to Vivec.

Contributed by Mark Quinn

Continue on with the Ashlander Informant portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from masterofsorcery.

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