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Morrowind - Main Quest: Ash Vampires

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Meet Vivec [Ash Vampires Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Keening Artifact
Locations: Kogoruhn Caverns, Endusal, Tureynulal, Mamaea
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 15
Required Items: Levitate, Open lock (30)
Suggested Items:
Difficulty: Hard, 7 tough Ash Vampires to face

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Enter the Ghostgate (21761,38947) (East of Caldera and Ald'ruhn) and explore the area.
  2. Find and kill the seven Ash Vampires, taking the magic item that each carries.
  3. Kill the Ash Vampire Dagoth Uthol in the Kogoruhn Caverns (9003,91220) (Charma's Breath)
  4. Kill the Ash Vampire Dagoth Endus in Endusal (14439,61247), North and West of the Ghostgate.
  5. Kill the Ash Vampire Dagoth Tureynul in Tureynulal (33264,74804), North East of the Red Mountain crater.
  6. Kill the Ash Vampires Dagoth Odres and Vemyn who hold the artifacts Keening and Sunder.
  7. Kill the Ash Vampire Dagoth Araynys in Mamaea (-58189,79904), South East of Gnisis.
  8. Kill the Ash Vampure Dagoth Gilvoth in Dagoth Ur (19019,70381).

Detailed Walkthrough

Exploring the Red Mountain
You've just meet with Vivec and he's outlined the simple 5-step plan to eliminate Dagoth Ur, well, perhaps not that simple. The first step requires you to enter the Ghostgate and scout out the region to become familiar with it and gather resources as required. Overall, this is not a bad idea. The Ghostgate is the only entrance past the Ghostfence as is location roughly in the center of the island, roughly East of Caldera (position 20400, 38900, 1400 using the TDT console command). Inside the Ghostfence is a nasty place so make sure you go prepared. Typical things you'll encounter here are Ash Slaves, Daedroths, Blighted Cliff Racers, Corprus Stalkers, Hungers, Blighted Shalks, Lame Corpruses and Ash Zombies.

First Ash Vampire
The first Ash Vampire you may have already encountered in the Kogoruhn Caverns, Charma's Breath while completing the Third Trial. The vampire is Dagoth Uthol and is holding the magic item the Belt of Heartfire. If you haven't killed Uthol yet, now is the time. You can enter Kogoruhn the way you entered previously, or from an entrance inside the Ghostfence (which is the closer entrance). Ash Vampires are quite tough, so go in prepared. Note that this Ash Vampire is actually the easiest of the 7, it all gets tougher from here.

Second Ash Vampire
The second Ash Vampire, Dagoth Endus is another Ash Vampire in Endusal (Kagrenac's Study) who holds the Amulet of Heartrime. Endusal can be found a North and a little West of the Ghostgate. Endusal is rather small so you shouldn'y have any problems finding the Dagoth Endus (don't forget to take the Amulet).

Third Ash Vampire
The third Ash Vampire, Dagoth Tureynul can be found at, of all places, Tureynulal, far North East within the Ghostfence, just North East of Dagoth Ur's Citadel. There are several sections to the ruins, but Tureynul is in the main chamber, so you don't need to explore the remaining parts unless you want to. Don't forget to get the Amulet from him.

Forth and Fifth Ash Vampires
The forth Ash Vampire (Dagoth Odros) will be met when you look for the Keening Artifact. Similarily, the fifth Ash Vampire (Dagoth Vemyn) is encounted during the Sunder Artifact quest. Both are tougher than the previous vampires.

Sixth Ash Vampire
The sixth, and toughest Ash Vampire, is Dagoth Araynys, the only one which is not accessible from within the Ghostfence. Araynys can be found in Mamaea, located East of the stronghold Berandas. Berandas can be tricky to find, but its on your paper map just South East of Gnisis (position of -58150, 80000, 1800 using the TDT console command). There's not too much to find in Mamaea's first section, Sanctum of Awakening. The next Sanctum of Black Hope holds the Dagoth in the Northernmost chamber, but little else. The last Sanctum of Pitted Dreams contains little else but some loot in the bell chamber including a Daedric helmet. The only monsters around that you challenge you at this point is the Dagoth himself (Ash Slaves, Zombies and Dreamers).

Seventh Ash Vampire
The seventh, and last, Ash Vampire Dagoth Gilvoth, encountered during your Assault On Dagoth Ur. I don't believe killing all the Ash Vampires are nessecary, but killing them will reduce Dagoth Ur's power and supply you with several useful artifacts in the process, making the final fight that much 'easier'.

Continue on with the Keening Artifact portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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