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Morrowind - Main Quest: Ahemmusa Tribe

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: The Third Trial [Ahemmusa Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Zainab Tribe
Locations: Urshilaku Camp, Ahemmusa Camp, Ald Daedroth Shrine
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 12
Required Items:
Suggested Items: Water Walking Spell, Restore Attribute (Strength, Endurance), Cure Paralysis
Difficulty: Medium, Tough NPCs and monsters at the Daedric Shrine

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Return to the Urshilaku camp (27000,150000) and speak with Nibani to be named Nerevarine of the Urshilaku Tribe.
  2. Learn the location of the Ahemmusa Camp (94500,135000) from Nibani, on the far North East corner of the main island.
  3. Talk with the Wise Woman Sinnammu Mirpal in the Ahemmusa Camp.
  4. Secure the Ald Daedroth Shrine (94552,167771) (North of the camp) for Sinnammu (easiest method is to kill everyone).
  5. Return to Sinnammu and escort her to the Inner Shrine to be named as Nerevarine.

Detailed Walkthrough

Return to the Urshilaku Camp
You have just officially become the Nerevarine and must be acknowledged as the war leader by the four Ashlander tribes (Ahemmusa, Zainab, Urshilaku, and Erabenimsun) and the three Great Houses (Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni). First step is to return back to the Urshilaku camp and talk to Sul-Matuul who will automatically recognize you as the Nerevarine, War Leader of the tribe. He also gives you the Teeth of the Urshilaku so that you will be recognized as the Nerevarine by other Dunmer (talk to him about becoming the Urshilaku Nerevarine. Nibani Maesa will also be able to guide you to the locations of the other three tribes. The Ahemmusa Tribe can be found on the far North East corner of the main Island (check your in-game map once you talk to her about it). Its a long walk but you can grab a boat from Khuul to Dagon Fel and on to Tel Mora which is just South East of the Ahemmusa Camp. Note that the exact order which you do the tribes and houses is not important. You can also find out the location of the Zainab and the Erabenimsun Camps so you don't have to return to the camp later.

Ahemmusa Camp
Once you reach the Ahemmusa Camp, enter the Wise Woman's Yurt to talk to Sinnammu Mirpal. At first she will require that you show courtesy to her Gulakhans, Kausi, Dutadalk, and Yenammu. Speak with these three about the Nerevarine before coming back to her. Kausi can be found in her Yurt, and Dutadalk and Yenammu in Dutadalk's Yurt. When you return to Sinnammu, mention that you wish her to name you the Nerevarine. She agrees, but on one condition, that you secure a safe place in Ald Daedroth, an ancient Daedric shrine North of the camp (check your in-game map). Once you make it safe, you will have to escort her there to prove it.

Ald Daedroth
Ald Daedroth is directly North of the camp, though its quite a swim, or walk if you have a Water Walking spell handy. Things are a bit more complicated when you arrive there, however, as you find that the Shrine is occupied by two sides (Ordinators and Cultists) which are not getting along with each other (and both hate you). You can either watch them fight and kill the winner, or jump in and hope for the best. Note that there is a peaceful solution since when Sinnammu mentions safe, all she needs is to be able to enter the Inner Shrine to the statue safely. You can use the Calm line of spells to initiate conversation with the members, and there's an Ordinator outside who will talk to you before attacking. If you tell the Ordinators that you are there to rip off the shrine, they will leave you and Sinnammu alone. For the cultists, you need to talk to the priestess Hlirenu Indavel in the Inner Shrine. You'll need a high speechcraft (50 or higher) in order for her to take pity on the Ahemmusa. If your level or reputation is 20 or higher you can offer to spare her life. Otherwise, you'll need to persuade her to go along. Of course, if you don't like all this work you can just kill the infidels and move on.

If you go for the kill-em-all and let Arkay sort'em out approach, be wary of your foes. You may encounter Golden Saints and Dremora (if you loot the shrines) and of course the Ordinator and cultists. Some cultists have weapons that paralyze so take caution (and some potions). The NPCs have the usual assortment of relatively good gear (Bonemold armour, magic weapons, etc...), though you would need a few trips if you wanted to sell it all.

Escorting Sinnammu
Once you've made the shrine safe, return to Sinnammu and escort her to the shrine. She evidently has water walking abilitity so don't worry about her in the water. Once you bring her to the Inner Shrine's statue, she will recognize you as the Nerevarine and give you a magic amulet (Madstone). You can now continue on to getting the other Ashlander Tribes to recognize you as the Nerevarine (the exact order you do them is unimportant).

Continue on with the Zainab Tribe portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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