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Morrowind Pocket Guide Excerpts

19 February 2011

The following are 5 pages from the Pocket Guide to the Empire that deal with Morrowwind. The Pocket guide is contained in the Redguard game manual and the images were released by Bethesda as a preview to the game. The pages give some detailed and interesting information about the land of Morrowind and its inhabitants. If you want to see them in more detail you'll have to buy Redguard. The entire Pocket Guide is 46 pages long, is very well done and extremely informative, a definite must for any Elder Scrolls fan.

[pgE 39, 115x177 (4kb)] pgE 39 - 460x708, 47K, 19 February 2011
Introduction describing the basic characteristics of Morrowind and the Dark Elves. The sketches include a general map of the province and a typical Dark Elf portrait.

[pgE 40, 115x179 (5kb)] pgE 40 - 460x717, 51K, 19 February 2011
The origins and history of the Dark Elves along with a brief description of the Tribunal, the worshipped gods of the Dunmeri. The sketch of the donning of ceremonial beetle armor.

[pgE 41, 115x180 (4kb)] pgE 41 - 460x718, 40K, 19 February 2011
Description of clan system present in Morrowind, currently consisting of 5 clans. Includes a more detailed description of the clans Indoril, Redoran, and Telvani. The sketch is of a dust merchant riding a stilt-strider.

[pgE 42, 115x182 (4kb)] pgE 42 - 460x727, 44K, 19 February 2011
Continued description of the Dark Elven clans Dres and Hlaalu. Also includes information of a typical Dunmeri warrior including several sketches.

[pgE 43, 115x180 (4kb)] pgE 43 - 460x721, 53K, 19 February 2011
Description of several important locations in Morrowind including the island of Vvarndfell (the location for Chapter 3), Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. The sketch is of a Dunmeri warrior.

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