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Morrowind Concept Art

15 February 2011

This page contains any art which was released during the design and creation of the game. Note that some of the images are quite large.

[Siltrider, 100x69 (4kb)] Silt Rider - 800x553, 91K, 15 February 2011
Closeup of a rider on a Siltstrider.
[Siltstrider, 65x125 (3kb)] A Siltstrider - 259x500, 32K, 15 February 2011
A Siltstrider, a common form of transportation in Morrowind.
[Rotumbo, 97x68 (4kb)] A Rotumbo or Guar - 776x538, 113K, 15 February 2011
Concept of what a Rotumbo (or Guar) may possibly look like, used to carry goods and people.
[Scrib, 125x86 (5kb)] The Scrib - 500x344, 49K, 15 February 2011
Concept of what a Scrib may possibly look like, a rodent like beast of Morrowind.
[Sload, 125x67 (4kb)] A Sload - 975x532, 122K, 15 February 2011
Concept of what a Sload may possibly look like (remember N'Gasta in Redguard?).
[Nixhound, 100x75 (4kb)] Nix Hound - 798x597, 96K, 15 February 2011
Concept of what a Nix may possibly look like.
[Figure, 64x94 (2kb)] A Mysterious Figure - 679x995, 94K, 15 February 2011
The face of someone you might meet in the game.
[Ashlander, 80x100 (4kb)] Ashlander - 320x400, 39K, 15 February 2011
Someone who, well, lives in the land of ash.
[Redoran Clan, 71x94 (3kb)] A Redoran Clan Member - 564x749, 381K, 15 February 2011
Two dark elves belonging to the Redoran clan.
[Morag Tong, 71x96 (3kb)] A Morag Tong Assassin - 564x763, 330K, 15 February 2011
A dark elf Morag Tong assassin.
[Indoril Clan, 71x102 (3kb)] An Indorial Clan Member - 564x816, 420K, 15 February 2011
A sketch of a dark elf from the clan Indoril.
[Slit-Strider, 85x76 (2kb)] Silt-Strider - 677x606, 271K, 15 February 2011
A sketch of a Silt-Strider. This is a tall, crab-like creature which the Dark Elves ride and travel on. For those with the Redguard manual, check out page E41 in the Pocket Guide to the Empire for a similar drawing.
[Map of Vvardenfell Sketch, 73x84 (3kb)] Map of Vvardenfell - 582x665, 461K, 15 February 2011
A map of a section of the province of Morrowind where the game will take place. Perhaps something like this will be seen as a travel map of some sort.
[Gnisis Market, 106x71 (4kb)] Gnisis Market - 848x564, 388K, 15 February 2011
Some dark elves in a market in Gnisis (assumably). Gnisis is a small town on the WNW side of the island of Vvardenfell.
[Guard, 78x107 (3kb)] Guard - 597x821, 61K, 15 February 2011
A picture of a guard of some sort.
[Vivec in Battle, 82x118 (5kb)] Vivec in Battle - 1024x768, 128K, 15 February 2011
Vivec, the god of Morrowind, in battle with some sort of creature.
[Map of Tamriel, 133x100 (2kb)] Map of Tamriel - 582x665, 59K, 15 February 2011
An overall map of Tamriel showing the island of Vvardenfell. It would appear that the overall area is about the same size as that in Daggerfall. Whether or not all of it is explorable remains another matter...
[Early Sketch, 82x118 (4kb)] Early Sketch - 329x470, 33K, 15 February 2011
The first sketch of the game released by Bethesda around Christmas time of 1998.
[Hunter With Harpoon, 104x133 (4kb)] Figure With Harpoon - 800x1025, 84K, 15 February 2011
A fighter or hunter armed with a harpoon like weapon.
[Balmora, 123x91 (2kb)] Balmora - 1024x755, 103K, 15 February 2011
Sketch of the city of Balmora.
[Aldruhn, 114x86 (2kb)] Aldruhn - 946x715, 96K, 15 February 2011
City of Aldruhn.
[Ashlander Mask, 102x75 (1kb)] Ashlander Mask - 511x376, 15K, 15 February 2011
Sketch of an Ashlander scouting mask.
[Bonemold Helmet, 60x65 (1kb)] Bonemold Helmet - 298x323, 14K, 15 February 2011
Bonemold Helmet.
[Bone Lord, 67x81 (1kb)] Bone Lord - 560x677, 34K, 15 February 2011
A Bone Lord, a powerful undead creature.
[Gnsis, 98x78 (2kb)] City of Gnsis - 819x648, 110K, 15 February 2011
City of Gnsis sketch.
[Houses, 123x83 (2kb)] Houses - 1024x690, 83K, 15 February 2011
Several houses of some sort.
[Armoured Figure, 79x102 (2kb)] Armoured Figure - 660x852, 60K, 15 February 2011
A well armoured figure.
[Town, 123x89 (1kb)] Town - 1024x744, 53K, 15 February 2011
Another sketch of a town.
[Silt Strider, 81x73 (1kb)] Silt Strider - 677x606, 32K, 15 February 2011
People disembark from a trip on the back of a Silt Strider.
[Emperor Parasols, 99x129 (2kb)] Emperor Parasols - 1233x1617, 142K, 15 February 2011
Sketch of Emperor Parasols, giant, man-sized, mushrooms.
[Pelagiad Gate, 123x94 (2kb)] Gate of Pelagiad - 1024x783, 86K, 15 February 2011
Sketch of a city gate in Pelagiad.
[Redoran Watchmans Helm, 89x49 (1kb)] Redoran Watchmans Helm - 443x245, 10K, 15 February 2011
A helmet of a Redoran Watchman, looking like a modified mushroom top.
[Imperial River-Newt Scale, 64x68 (1kb)] Imperial River-Newt Scale - 318x340, 17K, 15 February 2011
River-Newt Armor.
[City of Vivec, 123x89 (3kb)] City of Vivec - 1024x744, 150K, 15 February 2011
Birds-eye view of the City of Vivec, one of the larger Morrowind cities.

Sources and Links...
The following links were used as a source for some of the above images and information, and will generally provide a good source of Morrowind news and other Elder Scrolls stuff.
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  2. The Hall of Adventurers
  3. TES: The Essential Site
  4. Redguard Official Site

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