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Current Patch: v1.2.0722 - 26 July 2002
Expansion Pack: Check out Tribunal, Released November 2002!
Expansion Pack: Check out Bloodmoon, Released June 2003!
Latest News: Game of The Year version Released (November 2003)!

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All sorts of files to occupy your disk space. Preview stuff and eventually editors and patches...

Files Area 15 February 2011

All sorts of Morrowind related files. Currently limited to any preview downloads available.


All sorts of hints, tips, cheats and other information...

Hints 15 February 2011

All sorts of game playing tips and hints to help you enjoy the game more (if that's possible).
Cheats 15 February 2011

Various cheats to help you in the game.
Game Map 15 February 2011

An interactive JAVA map to help you find locations in the game.
Quest Walkthrough 15 February 2011

Tips and walkthroughs related to the optional major and minor quests found in the game.
Editor Info 15 February 2011

Information and help related to using the editor included with the game to create new and modify the existing game.
Books 15 February 2011

Contains the available books and literature available in the game.
Tamriellian Pantheons 15 February 2011

A detailed list of the major gods of Tamriel and in which regions they are worshipped.


Any sort of preview information, rumours, concept art, etc...

Info/Rumours 15 February 2011

List of the current set of features and design of the game that have been floating around.
Quick Info 15 February 2011
Quickly get the latest information on the game.
Screenshots 15 February 2011
All kinds of preview screenshots from the game.
Concept Art 15 February 2011
Any sort of art released during the game's developement can be found here.
Developement Team 15 February 2011
Check out the Bethesda team who is working on the game.
Pocket Guide Excerpts 15 February 2011
Excepts from the Pocket Guide to the Empire relating to the province of Morrowind.
Interview with a Dark Elf 15 February 2011
An interesting interview with a Dark Elf from Morrowind (aka Bethesda) containing interesting information about his homeland and people.

Morrowind Sites

Links to and Morrowind related sites...

Morrowind Links 15 February 2011
Any of the Morrowind specific links in the site database.
Specific Links 14 February 1999
The following links are usually a good source of Morrowind information, as well as other lots of other Elder Scrolls stuff.
Morrowind Summit
The best place to find and download plugins.
Official Morrowind
The official site with all kinds of preview information and a great forum.
Bethesda home page.
Destination Morrowind
Great unofficial fan site with all the latest news.


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