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Morrowind Cheats

19 February 2011

This page will contain various cheats related to the game. Feel free to Contact the Webmaster to contribute any suggestions, spoilers not included here, or links to sites that include cheats. The various topics are sorted according to the date on which they were last updated or added.

Major Topics, Seperated Documents
Item Table - Saturday, 19-Feb-2011 09:55:40 EST
The complete list of all items in the game.
Minor Topics, Contained Below on the Page
XBox Sunder/Keening Cheat - 4 August 2003
Raise your stats permanently using this simple cheat on the XBox.
Infinite Level Cheat - 12 January 2003
Level your character as much as you wish to (XBox and PC).
Corprus Cheat - 10 January 2003
A nice little cheat to increase your strength and endurance.
XBox Cheats - 2 August 2003
Cheats for the XBox version of the game.
Changing Race - 6 June 2002
How to change your race in the middle of a game.
Console Commands - 6 June 2002
Lists the console commands available within the game.
Summoned Item Bug - 6 June 2002
How to get summoned items to last forever.
Links to Cheat Related Sites

Corprus Cheat
10 January 2003

If you get corprus, and then sleep repeatedly, your strength and endurance will permanently go up 1 point each day you sleep. I suggest sleeping right in front of Divyath before you get cured, as your other attributes will go down until you get them restored. I have gotten to over 500 strength with this. It is more important for XBox users, as this is very time consuming, but it works, and makes carrying capacity much better.

Original Text Written by John.

Infinite Level Cheat
12 January 2003

You can use this cheat to level infinitely as far as I can tell.

  1. Raise an attribute to 100. It will need to be one of your major or minor attributes.
  2. Find or create an artifact that will raise that same attribute over 100 as a constant effect.
  3. Locate a Master Trainer for a skill within that same attribute.
  4. Train over and over. The message underneath will always be that you have rasied that skill to 100, but you will still get the skill points and therefore keep leveling. (i.e. Major Attribue: Intelligence, Skill: Security, Artifact: Necromancer's Amulet, Master Trainer: Hecerinde in Balmora)
Now, granted, if you've gotten this far in the game you probably don't need to be leveling anymore, but it is kinda fun to see your character go up and over the 100 mark.

This cheat was used on an Xbox, so I don't know if you can do this on a PC.

Original Text Written by Eric Anderson.

XBox Cheats
2 August 2003

To activate cheats go to stats page and highlight the status you want to replenish.

Highlight health and press black white black 3x then hold A to refill. If you hold A and close window, it will have constant effect.

BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, WHITE, BLACK and hold A, while holding A close window for constant effect

Black white white black white and hold A, while holding A close window (B) for constant effect

Another XBox cheat:

  1. First buy soultrap and enahnce attribute spells (not scrolls)
  2. Next make a new spell with what ever enhance attribute you want for 1 sec on self.
  3. Then ON THE SAME SPELL have soultrap on target for 1 sec.
  4. Cast the spell and try not to hit any body and PRESTO!! You now have what ever you had on constant effect
You can use this over and over again, however I reccomend not to do speed too much. Also you can use this for other things like Shield, Chameleon etc..., but don't do chameleon and levitate too much. With too much chameleon you cannot talk to people and with levitate you can't rest.

Original Text Written by Gravitybomb, Brandyn, and Nick.

Console Commands
1 December 2002

In game just press '~' (tilde) to bring up the console and type one of the cheats as described below. When you enter a valid cheat in the console, nothing should be returned. If you receive an error message, you did something wrong. An example cheat is:

player->AddItem "Gold_100" 12345
which will add 12345 of gold to player or
which turns the collison in the game on/off. Note that some commands required the player-> prefix, and some don't ( as noted in the below table).

Command Abr Player Description
AddItem "Gold_100" [Value]   player-> Adds [Value] amount of gold to player
AddItem "ITEMNAME" [Number]   player-> Adds [Number] amount of a specific item to the player's inventory. ITEMNAME is the item's ID which can be found in the editor.
AddSpell "SpellID"   player-> Adds the given spell to the spells which currently affect the player.
CenterOnCell, [CellID] COC   Places the PC in the named cell.
CenterOnExterior, [X], [Y] COE   Places the PC in the exterior cell grid.
CreateMaps "Filename.esp"     Creates map image file depending on the Create Maps Enable value in the Morrowind.INI file. If it is 1 (XBox), the file FILENAME.ESP.MAP is created in the DataFiles path with the map data (unknown format). If the value is 2 (Exterior Cell Maps) and you have created a directory Maps in the main Morrowind game directory, this command will create a 256x256 high color bitmap of each exterior cell in the game. This command takes a long while even on fast computers as each cell in the game is loaded.
FillJournal     Add all entries to journal, takes a long time
FillMap     Show all the towns on the full map
FixMe     Jump 128 units away from where I am now.
GetFactionReaction [factionID] [factionID]     The faction ids are not optional.
Help     Shows shorthand for most commands
PlaceAtPC, [ObjectID], [Count], [Distance], [Direction]     Places the given object into the world near the player. For example PlaceAtPC "sharn gra-muzgob",1,20,1 will place one NPC Sharn 20 units in front of the player. See the editor for more object IDs.
SetFatigue [Value]   player-> Sets player maximal (and current) fatigue
SetFlying [1]   player-> Sets the player's flying mode. To get this cheat to work, enter the console command and then cast a Levitate Spell. The effect should now last until you disable the flying with the console.
SetLevel [Value]   player-> Sets player level. For this to work properly you'll have to either use the command, save the game and restart, or gain a level naturally after using it.
SetHealth [Value]   player-> Sets player maximimum (and current) health, though you probably want to use SetCurrentHealth instead
SetMagicka [Value]   player-> Sets player maximal (and current) magic
SetReputation #   player-> Adjusts the players reputation to the given number.
SetSuperJump 1   player-> Allows super jump (0 - disables)
SetWaterBreathing [1]   player-> Allow to breath under water (0 - disables)
SetWaterWalking [1]   player-> Allows to walk on water (0 - disables)
Set_____ [Value]   player-> Sets the skill ______ (such as SetBluntWeapon, etc...) or attribute (SetStrength, etc...)
ShowScenegraph SSG    
ShowVars SV    
StopCellTest SCT    
TestCells TC    
TestInteriorCells TIC    
TestModels T3D    
ToggleAI TA    
ToggleBorders TB    
ToggleCombatStats TCS    
ToggleCollision TCL   Turns clipping on and off for the player and all NPCs in range. This allows you to fly around through walls and objects. Use with care as often NPCs and creatures will become stuck when you use this command.
ToggleCollisionBoxes TCB    
ToggleCollisionGrid TCG   Displays the grid which controls how objects collide with things.
ToggleDebugText TDT   Displays various debug texts on the screen, such as position.
ToggleDialogueStats TDS    
ToggleFogOfWar TFOW   Turns the fog of war in the automap display on and off. Useful for taking screenshots of complete maps with no 'black' areas in them.
ToggleFullHelp TFH   Show you ownership and script of objects you look at.
ToggleGodMode TGM   Makes the player invulnerable.
ToggleGrid TG    
ToggleKillStats TKS    
ToggleMagicStats TMS    
ToggleMenus TM    
ToggleScripts     Turns all scripts on and off?
ToggleStats TST   Toggles display of the various debug statistics.
ToggleSky TS   Turns the sky on and off.
ToggleTextureString TTS   Shows texture strings for targetted objects?
ToggleWorld TW    
ToggleWireframe TWF   Toggles the display of wireframe 3D objects.
Unlock     Unlocks the currently selected lock (door or container). To select an object, open the console and click the object to select it (you'll see its name in the console title bar).
  TPG Toggle path grid display. Displays the grid that helps define where NPCs can walk.
  SG   Show selected actor's group members
  ST   Show selected actor's target group members.

Original text written by d'Spaar -, Don, Walther, Jerry Moyer, Martin, and Gout

Summoned Item Bug
6 June 2002

You know the bound spells which summon daedric armour or weapons? Usually this only lasts around 30-60 seconds, but my friend and myself have found a way past this.

  1. Use the spell to summon the item.
  2. Take it off your body and put it in your inventory.
  3. Take it out of your inventory and place it on the ground.
  4. Rest for at least 1 hour.
  5. Pick it up off the ground after resting and there you go! It will now last forever
You can also just create a bound spell with a zero duration and the effect will last forever...

Original text written by Jonathan and Kaneloon.

Change Race
4 August 2003

Follow these steps to change your race in the middle of a game.

  1. Take every item out of your inventory and put them on the floor or somewhere as the process will reset the items you carry.
  2. Open the console with the ~ tilde key
  3. Enter the command Enablestatreviewmenu
  4. Modify your character as you wish.
  5. Make sure you click the back button at least once.
  6. If you changed your race enter the console command startscript racecheck
  7. Your are now the new you
Note that there are two problems as you will lose all your spells and your immunity to all diseases (if you have progressed far enough in the main quest). You can renable the disease immunity by using the console commands:
	player->addspell "Common Disease Immunity"
	player->addspell "Blight Disease Immunity"
	player->addspell "Corprus Immunity"

Original text written by Marc-Etienne Desjardins and includes contributions from TeKran.

XBox Sunder/Keening Cheat
4 August 2002

This works in the XBox version and hasn't been tried in the PC version. Drop all weapons except Sunder and summon a Bound Mace. Then hold right trigger and "A" button to switch weapons rapidly. You will end up raising your Strength and Luck to incredible levels permanently (and other statistics?). You can do the same for Keening except you use the Bound Dagger and it results in increased Speed. Note that at Speeds higher than around 500 the game gets so fast it becomes difficult to control your character.

This also works without the bound weapon when you have both Sunder and Keening in your inventory.

Original text written by Brian Jones and includes contributions from Jared Parkinson.

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