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Morrowind Books

19 February 2011

This page contains most of the various books and other major literature found in Morrowind. Feel free to Contact the Webmaster to contribute any suggestions, or information not included here. Some of the information here was obtained from the Official Morrowind site.

General Book Documents
Skill Books - Saturday, 19-Feb-2011 09:55:40 EST
Lists the books in the game that increase the character's skills.
Book Titles
The Armourer's Challenge - 28 January 2002
Two armourers challenge each other to a contest of smithing skills.

Breathing Water - 28 January 2002
Story of Tharien Winloth who is taugth the secrets of water breathing by a scoreress.

The Cake and the Diamond - 28 January 2002
Story of a couple of chaps who find a woman to make them an invisibility potion from a diamond.

Chance's Folly - 28 January 2002
A thief named Chance goes after the ultimate treasure, but finds something else instead.

A Hypothetical Treachery - 28 January 2002
A play involving a small band of treacherous adventurers.

Last Dance - 28 January 2002
Song involving men and women's parts.

Vivec's Sermons, Volume 1 - 28 January 2002
Vivec's Sermons, Volume 2 - 28 January 2002
Words of wisdom relating to Vivec.

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