A basic description of the UESP map can be found below. See UESP:Map Help on our wiki for more detailed help.

Map Controls


Use the input box in the upper-left corner to search for specific locations. Enter search text in the input area and press Enter or click on the icon.

Click the "Show Search Results" below the search input box to display a list of search results. Reset the search results by clicking the icon on the right of the search input or perform a search of an empty string.

Map Link

Use the "Link to Current Map" at the top of the page to obtain a permanent link to the currently displayed map.

Cell Resources

On the Skyrim map you can use the Cell Resource drop-down list on the top menu bar to display color-coded cells representing the amount of that resource in the cell.

Need More Help?

See UESP:Map Help on our wiki for more detailed help or ask a specific question regarding the map.