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Updates History (1996 to March 1998)

15 February 2011

To reduce the size of the Updates History (Apr to Dec 1998), this page was created to hold the older update entries. See this page for any changes made after 1 April 1998.

Changes for 28 March 1998

  1. Several new files on the Daggerfall Files Page. New WinQEdit quest editor, DFText (TEXT.RSC editor), DFItem (savegame item editor) and DEFEdit, (MAGIC.DEF editor).
  2. Location of mages guild with good bound souls, DF Items Page.
  3. Couple new records on the DF Records Page.
  4. All kinds of new stuff on the DF Hacking Page.
  5. Neat new secret found on Battlespire Level 1....the mock turtle! BS Level 1 Walktrough.

Changes for 14 March 1998

  1. Minor update fixing a few things here and there.
  2. New version of BatEdit on the Battlespire Files Page. Some bugs fixed and many new features added (and hopefully not many more bugs...:).

Changes for 8 March 1998

  1. New version of BATEDIT on the Battlespire Files Page. Can now edit the resistance/immunities etc... amoung other things.
  2. Some of new files on the DF Files Page. New quest editor WINQEDIT and new custom quest package XTRAQST2.
  3. Updated a few records on the DF Records Page.
  4. How to find residences at night in Daggerfall on the DF Hints Page.
  5. Bunch of links added to the UESP Links Database
  6. Added several guilds to the Battlespire Guild Page
  7. Finished the Battlespire Walkthrough section.
  8. Added the rest of the monsters and some more stats to the Battlespire Bestiary. Not sure if the stats there are 100% correct since they are hacked from the GAME.EXE file.
  9. Tip on the Battlespire Tech Page on how to get the game running without a CD, removing those annoying pauses.
  10. Yet some more Battlespire Bugs.

Changes for 1 March 1998

  1. Corrected and added several links.
  2. Several new records on the DF Records Page. Will be starting a Battlespire records page soon so send stuff in.
  3. Cheat on the DF Cheat Page about how to teleport to the dungeon exit for free (no spells or items needed).
  4. Finally released, a Battlespire Save Game editor, BATEDIT v0.10 Beta, on in the BS Files Page. Name Beta since I made several assumptions about the save game structures and am not 100% I am right. I've successfully editted a number of savegames with no problems.
  5. The previous version of BatRaw on the BS Files Page had a small bug which lowered the quality of the PCX files when converted. The problems been fixed and the PCX files come out as they should. Also removed all the debug information and chopped 50kb off the ZIP size.
  6. Added the Battlespire Walkthrough. Currently only up to Level 3 in there at the moment but I'll slowly get the others done as I play.
  7. Few new hints on the Battlespire Hints Page.
  8. Added the Battlespire Riddles Page.
  9. Created the Battlespire Item Names Page for describing all those wierd magical item names in the game (currently over 200 names!).
  10. Added the Battlespire Bugs Page for reporting (and possibly solving) and bugs found in the game. Quite a few serious ones I've found already in the latest patch.
  11. Started the Battlespire Bestiary Page for listing all the monsters in the game along with fighting tactics, statistics etc... Not much at the moment but its a start.
  12. Battlespire save game offset list added to the BS Hacking Guide as well as a little more information, of note on TXT.BSA.
  13. Joined the Link Exchange Counter program and added the counters to the main page. Will see how they work for a while and if they slow things down too much.

Changes for 23 February 1998

  1. Only a brief update to get the new Battlespire information out...larger one coming soon (so those people who I promised some updates, its coming sometime).
  2. Some new information on Battlespire, some Undocument Keys which I found recently, including one for taking screen shots. To go along with this a new utility to convert the screen shots to PCX files, BATRAW.
  3. I finally got Battlespire and am very busy playing and hacking it to get information out there. I've discovered quite a bit already in the first level and will try to organize into something releasable soon. Also coming soon, a simple save game editor...stay tuned.
  4. As you might have already seen, I'm working on a redesign of some of the main pages. I've tried to organize things a bit better and improve the overall appearance (let me know if I've failed to do so...:).
  5. Added the Redguard and Morrowind sections. They don't currently contain too much, just a little preview information.

Changes for 2 February 1998

  1. Patch v1.5 has been released for Battlespire.
  2. I think I've finally stopped writting '1997' for updates.
  3. Rather small but severe bug in the last DagPicG version which made editting non-square pictures from being editted properly (thanks whoever told me). Now you when you change a pixel you write the the right one.
  4. I think I've gotten the UESP mirror Site up and least several people have successfully tried with no failures yet. This site is a computer I setup in my room and is a 486/66 running Linux. This will make it easier to test new things, etc... The honesty site will still remain the main site since this one may change/go down at any time.
  5. Some new DF Save Games.
  6. Some new DF Records put up.
  7. Small redesign of the all the main pages. Removed some of the smaller graphics since they took up a lot of space and didn't contribute much to the design. While us lucky few with ISDN or T1 connections don't notice the extra loading times, those with slower modems definitely would. Close to 50kb of images were removed.
  8. Small update for the Battlespire Swap file problem, on the BS Techinical Page.
  9. Major upgrade on the ESPLINK Program. I redesigned it so that it would handle all the UESP links sections which means only one set of link information ever needs to be changes (as opposed to the 2/3 copies previously). You should find the page just about the same looking, although the rating section is expanded significantly. The configurable page is also accessible in order to display just the sites you want in the desired order. If you get any wierd output/error messages let me know.
  10. Fixed _many_ bugs in the ESP Search Routine which resulting in not looking in certain files and the 'Document Contains No Data' error.
  11. Updated all the pictures in the DF Bestairy using ANDYPIC to get the pictures directly from the texture files. This results in much better pictures.
  12. The usual lots of little corrections here and there.

Changes for 16 December 1997

  1. Just uploaded two new great editors to the DF File Area under the misc. utilities. BookEdit v0.10 and DagPicG v0.35G. BookEdit is a simple text editor which allows you to create or edit DF book files in the ARENA2\BOOKS directory. DagPicG is an improvement over the original DagPic and is a fully graphical program for loading, converting, saving, and even editting IMG/CIF files. Both have been tested and appear to run correctly but being the first versions please report any bugs you find or improvements you can think of. Enjoy...

Changes for 14 December 1997

  1. Important News!: Battlespire has been released!
  2. Added a whole bunch of things to the Battlespire Page, including the new Bethesda FAQ, reviews, PATCH info, guilds page, technical info and more! More to come hopefully.
  3. Deleted a few of the older patches in the files area to make some extra space. I still have all of them so just let me know if you need any.
  4. Section on the Daggerfall Book File Format added to the DF Hacking Page.
  5. Over 90 people on the UESP Mailing List at the moment. Add your name to receive update information as well as important Elder Scrolls news.
  6. New version of the DF Quest Item Located, DDFQL, in the DF File Area. Also some custom quests were added, XTRAQST, to the misc file section.
  7. Removed some old DF patches to make room for some more DF Save Games! due to popular demand.
  8. Fixed a few Battlespire links. In the near future I'd like to get a better way to manage all these ES sites I have. Any ideas welcome.
  9. Joined the Battlespire Web ring. Hopefully this will be up and running shortly.
  10. Over 100,000 hits in the past ten months, over 500 hits per day! I don't know if your impressed but I am. Hopefully I'll still be able to provide you with the same quality, and quantity of information for Battlespire in the upcoming months.
  11. Directions to the 'secret dungeon' accessible from your ship on the DF Hints Page.
  12. Information on an item that turns you into a vampire on the Vampire Page as well as some updated Lycanthropy spoilers.
  13. DF Records page slightly redesigned and new records added... keep them coming.
  14. Few new DF bugs on the BUGs Page
  15. Cheat on how to get a free 8000 enchantment points in the item maker on the DF Cheats Page.
  16. New cheat on the DF Cheat Page on reaching level 255.
  17. The usual corrections here and there. Unfortunately my HTML checker is on the blink so there may be more errors than usual this update...hopefully not too many.

Changes for 26 October 1997

  1. Couple new records on the Daggerfall Hall of Records but I still need a lot more....don't be shy, send in your new records/catagories...
  2. Battlespire minimum requirements seems to have increases to a P133... No news for sure on the exact release date yet.

Changes for 16 October 1997

  1. Fixed an error which prevented the search engine from working...oops. There is also a bug preventing one from searching for strings 3 characters or less. I'm not too sure why but I will be looking into this.
  2. New hint/trick on the DF Hints Page on flying up without levitation
  3. New cheats on the DF Cheats Page which can be very useful during character creation and any spell castors.
  4. Created the DF Bug Page which simply lists the known bugs in the game with a short description and in which versions they appear in. Kinda short at the moment.
  5. Created another neat page, The DF Hall of Records. Lists various interesting records obtained by Daggerfall players. Check it out and see if your character(s) qualify for any of the records listed or if you can think or any new ones.
  6. Little update in the release date of Battlespire, BS Features.
  7. Finally, complete listing of legal reputations on the DF Guild Page.
  8. Quite a few small correction/additions here and there as usual.

Changes for 2 October 1997

  1. Am real busy at school but am trying to get a few things done. If anyone experienced somewhat in The Elder Scrolls and HTML wants to help...let me know.
  2. Some new Battlespire Links on the links page.
  3. Survey Contest now closed but still feel free to complete the survey...will get the prize thing done soon.
  4. Completely removed any frames real need to support it really.

Changes for 20 September 1997

  1. Created a small section for BATTLESPIRE. Doesn't have much at the moment just some information/screenshots. Hopefully will get something on Redguard going too.
  2. Added some new Daggerfall links on the Links Page. Will hopefully get some Battlespire links up soon.

Changes for 12 September 1997

  1. Am back from work for the summer...I hope. Just started graduate studies in Physics at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and hopefully will get everything updated as soon as possible.
  2. The Monster Bestairy is complete. Added the centaur and nymph pictures...finally.
  3. Shortened the What's New page again, adding old updates to the Old What's New page.
  4. Corrected the link to the latest patch on the Bethesda Web Site.
  5. Updated the UESP Info Page a bit.
  6. Few more cheats on the Daggerfall Cheats Page.
  7. Update on the ESP Survey and created the ESP Survey Results Page.
  8. Much more new data on Hacking the BIOG Files. Should have just about complete list of items now.
  9. Some more information on Hacking Texture Files. Haven't checked this out but will try to do so soon to verify/add anything I can.
  10. Some information on characters changing into monsters on the Hacking Page.
  11. The Magic and Spells page has a little new information on useful spells (feel free to donate more suggestions).
  12. Good method on increasing your reputation in a region on the Guild Page.
  13. Deleted many sites on the link page which I couldn't connect too. Have a bunch of new sites still to add.
  14. Quite a few other small changes here, there, everywhere...
  15. Will work on getting a more complete BattleSpire and RedGuard pages up in the near future...feel free to send an revelvant info/sites etc...

Changes for 9 May 1997

  1. Sorry for the delay in this update, but I've been very busy lately and problems at the Honesty site have prevented the update for some time.
  2. So many returned surveys have commented on the annoyence of frames that I've removed them. The framed pages are still available for any who still want them. Feel free to bug me if this ruins your life.
  3. You can now visit the new Configurable Links Page which allows one to sort and display the sites the way you like.
  4. Finally, a new DFQEdit version has been released. Check for it on the DF Files Area. Is now less buggier/crashy (hopefully), a few new features to make life easier and you can now edit some of the QBN fields such as items and NPC's. Is a step closer to a complete quest editor.
  5. Several more quests on the Quest Walkthrough Page were completed.
  6. Created the DF Hack Page which contains links to everything related to file formats and hacking files etc... If I'm missing anything let me know. Moved some of the file hacks on the cheats page to this one.
  7. Good guide to hex editting items created on the DF Hack page.
  8. More links on the Links Page, now close to 80 Elder Scrolls links here!.
  9. Finally got the fire and ice atronach's pictures up in the DF Monster Bestairy. Only missing the centaur and nymph at the moment.
  10. A new cheat on the DF Cheats Page on how to join multiple temples/knightly guilds in later patch versions. Also two new cheat keys for DF.

Changes for 15 April 1997

  1. New information on the next Elder Scrolls game Redguard. Check it out on the Chapter 3 + Beyond Page.
  2. Several pages in the Quest Walkthrough were updated in an on-going process to give detailed walkthroughs.

Changes for 10 April 1997

  1. Created the ESP Mailing List for notifying users about updates to these pages as well as official Elder Scrolls game information. Join today.
  2. Survey Page now operational...don't forget to fill it out.
  3. Bound soul stats on the DF Items Page are now almost complete.
  4. New large section on DF Items Page listing enchantment points of items. Is almost 100% complete.
  5. Finally, a Main Quest Walkthrough in the DF hints section. I've combined the quest solutions from several sites and my own experience. It should contain everything (and more!) you might need to easily complete the main quest.
  6. By using the sites error logs and the nifty tool HTML PowerTools for Windows (download freely for 30 days!) I've corrected close 700 various HTML errors and omissions (no, I'm not joking). Every file on this site was updated in the process. There should be now absolutely no missing images, or broken internal links (external links may still be faulty unfortunately). Also, all images have been added the WIDTH, HEIGHT, and ALT tags to make page loading faster and more convienient for those with slow links (or who chose not to load images, like me). The only HTML tags which don't fit the HTML 3.2 spec are the BORDER elements for the frames and the TARGET element in the link tag. Since the BORDER elements are merely for asthetic purposes that doesn't really matter. The TARGET elements are for making sure the right page gets loaded in the right window and since I offer non-frames pages, this doesn't make much of a difference either. Still, if your browser doesn't like displaying my site, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  7. Beginning to reorder the link lists in some pages by date, such as the hints and the cheats DF pages. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to find the latest up-to-date infomartion.
  8. New vampire and Werewolf save games on the DF Save Games page (both saved with the latest, v2.13, patch). Looking for a wereboar save game now.
  9. Cheat codes added to the DF Cheat Page.
  10. New DF utility DDQL on the DF File Page. Gives distance and direction to items in dungeons (Win95).
  11. Order of the Lamp information added to the DF Guilds Page.
  12. Daedra summoning cost effects on the DF Coven Page.
  13. Added a small list of magical item locations on the Store and Item Location Page. Also added a few new stores to the stores list.
  14. Slightly new DagPic v0.30 on the DF File Area. A few new features such as the ability to view most TEXTURE files.

Changes for 4 April 1997

  1. A bunch of new sites added to the Links Page. There are now over 70!!! Elder Scrolls and related sites listed.
  2. Deleted a bunch of old additions on this page, creating the new Old 'What's New' Page. This is to reduce the size of this page for faster loading times.
  3. Updated information on the DF Mailing List Info Page.
  4. Reorganized the Daggerfall File Area. Hopefully, it is now just a little easier to find what you want.
  5. Latest FIXSAVE file utility finally added to the Daggerfall Files Area. Also uploaded the old patches v1.77 and v1.79 for any interested.
  6. Minor version update to the Daggerfall Quest Editor, now named DFQEdit due to a trademark violation. If you see any sites with the old name please inform me/them about this change. The editor can be found in the Daggerfall Files Area.
  7. Even more broken links and missing images errors fixed.

Changes For 30 March 1997

  1. Changed sites yet again, this time to This site should be much more permanent and be up until at least the end of the summer, if not much longer.
  2. Am slowly working on correcting as many missing/broken links as possible, given that I have access to some of my sites error log (very handy).
  3. I lost my review of ARENA so I replaced it with a link to the review on the Games Domain. This can be found on the ESP: Arena Page.
  4. One new ARENA site on the Links Page (new addition, but an old site).
  5. The search utility is finally working...or soon will be. Created the Search Page with information on the utility and added another question to the ESP Site FAQ.
  6. There will be an information update soon, like in the coming week, and more neat stuff like the ESP Survey, new ESP Update mailing list, and Chat Room so stay tuned.
  7. New Daggerfall Patch v2.12 and new Fixsave Utility updated in the DF File Area.

Changes For 7 March 1997

  1. Terribly sorry for the down-time, but the Newforce UNIX site was hacked and several accounts were destroyed. On the up-hand, it gave me a good excuse to do some major re-organization which I've been planning for a while.
  2. Reorganized the directory structure of the web site again. This means that some of your bookmarks might no longer work but it will make it much easier for me in the future. Every HTML document was modified to reflect this.
  3. Started redoing some of the graphics making them smaller and better in places. I've already decreased the size of all images in the web site by around 25%. The images on the main pages I've reduced as much as possible to around 50% of their original size.
  4. Once the site gets CGI in place I can offer a search ultility, counters, forms etc... including a survey which you can WIN!!! Stay tuned in the near future.
  5. Made a few small changes/corrections here and there to make everything look and work better.
  6. Added the ESP Survey Page. Complete the survey and get a chance to win a fabulous Elder Scrolls prize.
  7. Several new sites in the Links Page bringing the total to more that 50! Also reorganized the links section sorting by site content and labelled several of the best sites to visit.
  8. Included the text file Daggerfall Offset List in the DF section.
  9. Several more monster pics in the DF Bestairy. Just a few more and it will be complete!
  10. Couple new Daggerfall hints on the Hints Page.
  11. Stolen-item quest and a new Castle Necromoghan solutions in the DF Quests Page.
  12. Alterate cure for vampirism/lycanthropy on the Vampire/Lycanthropy Page.
  13. Added skill practicing methods and a little bit to practicing spells on the Experience and Leveling Page.
  14. Created the DF Combat Page with fighting tips and strategies on the Daggerfall hint page.

Changes For 21 February 1997

  1. Much new information on future Elder Scrolls Games in Chapter 3 and Beyond
  2. Wereboar and Orc Sergeant Pictures added to the DF Bestiary.
  3. Corrected leveling equation on the Leveling Page
  4. Couple new stats on bound souls on the Items Page
  5. Created link to web site with COVENS.ZIP file in the Covens Page
  6. Couple new sites in the Links Page for a total of 46! Several sites now have completed reviews.
  7. Several new Daggerfall Save Games - Daggerfall Save Games
  8. New links section in the Vampire/Lycanthropy Page
  9. Majorly updated Quest Hacking FAQ. Changed to a Text file for now.

Changes For 28 January 1997

  1. Updated a few items in the vampire information list on the Vampire/Lycanthropy Page.
  2. Just a 'few' more Chapter 3 Suggestions. I finally seperated the main suggestion sections into different documents as it was getting to large to edit effectively (I can only hit page-up and page-down so many times...:)
  3. A few new small sections on the Hints Page.
  4. Corrected the links section on the Cheats Page.
  5. Several new links in the Sites Section.
  6. Another review site added to the Daggerfall Review Page. Also fixed a few TARGET linking errors.
  7. Finally a link to the newest Patch in the Files Area with the text file of what the patch fixes. Several new files added as well.
  8. Created links section in the Quest Hacking Guide to the new quest hacking site on DaggerWeb.
  9. Changed a few things on the DagPic Information Page. Netscape seems to have trouble downloading PCX's so I changed them all to ZIP's and added file sizes. Also added link to another DagPic information site.

Changes For 3 January 1997 - Happy New Year!

  1. Stopped using 'Added' in front of each line
  2. Many new suggestions to the Chapter 3 Suggestions Page. Also added a table of contents to top of suggestion page to make catagories more accessible.
  3. A cheat on the Cheat's Page on doubling the max view distance.
  4. Updated cheat on making levels fast.
  5. New DF review on the DF Review Page as well as one corrected review link and one new one.
  6. Several new locations of witch covens on Coven Page. Also tidied up the page and organized it a little better.
  7. Corrected/updated the repuation title list seen in the DF Info screen. Guilds Page
  8. Finally some new information on the Chapter 3 Info Page. Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.
  9. More general info on creating magic items in The Items Page
  10. Converted DF Newbie FAQ into HTML. Newbie FAQ
  11. Fydor's Travelling Guide for Newbies on the DF Hint Page
  12. A dungeon exploration method on the DF Hint Page
  13. Another character class example on the DF Hint Page
  14. Much more information about Lycanthropy and its affects on the Vampire/Lycanthropy Page
  15. One more book description on the Book List
  16. The 1.95 Patch in the File Area

Changes For 14 December 1996

  1. Added the DFQEdit quest editor to the Files Area.
  2. Added the DFQEdit HTML Users Manual with a quick download link.
  3. Added the DagPic Images Page which contains dagpic and several modified images. I need more, so feel free to contribute.
  4. Added several new files to the Files Area. Added dates to files.
  5. Added dates to all links so that finding new information is much quicker. Didn't know the exact dates for many items so they will be approximate. Will start adding dates to new items from now on.
  6. Added a selling items for money hint on the Items Page.
  7. Added much new information to the Potions Page.
  8. Few new guild locations on the Guild Page.
  9. Finally added a Daggerfall Review Page. Contains a few reviews and links to them.
  10. Added good times to save games on the Hints Page.
  11. Added large section on vampires in the Vamp/Lycan Page.

Changes For 8 December 1996

  1. Added the Quest Hacking Guide. Is still very much new, not too accurate and very incomplete, but a good start. Look for a soon to be released quest editor soon (sorry...I'm not setting any release date...;)
  2. Two more cheats on the Cheats Page.
  3. Added a lycanthropy cheat on the Lycan/Vampire Page.
  4. Eight more bound souls on the Items Page.
  5. As usual, more chapter 3 suggestions added...

Changes For 30 November 1996


  1. Added some more main quest solutions to the Quest Page.
  2. Added one more Daggerfall site to the Links Page.
  3. Finished 2nd version of DAGPIC (v.20). Now converts PCX to IMG/CIF files. Available on the DF Files Page.
  4. The save game for Tlalac Boram had a corrupt quest. Fixed this with fixsave and uploaded it again.


  5. As usual, more Chapter 3 Suggestions.
  6. Added some hints on the Items Page.
  7. Added some hints on the Hints/Spoilers Page.
  8. Added some training hints on the Leveling Page.
  9. Added one more spell point cheat on the Cheats Page.
  10. Added a note on downloading files on the DF Files Page.
  11. Fixed a few typos here and there.

Changes For 23 November 1996


  1. Moved Lycanthropy and Vampire Hints in the main hints/spoilers document to a new Vampire/Lycanthropy Hint Page.
  2. Added the Character Creation page which includes descriptions of statistics, skills, classes, races and the custom class.
  3. Added a list of Diseases on the Hints/Spoilers page.
  4. Large update on Guild Descriptions. Now lists locations and descriptions of close to every guild found in Daggerfall. Currently 33 listed!
  5. Added several new sites to the Links page.
  6. Added many new suggestions on the Chapter 3 Suggestions page.
  7. Added one more donated savegame to the Daggerfall Savegames page.

    Minor Updates

  8. Added the purification potion recipe to the Potions Page.
  9. Added a few things to the Cheat Page.
  10. Updated the Store Locations/Description page to include a description of each of the 5 store qualities (from the TEXT.RSC file).
  11. Updated Holidays page, adding one missing holiday description.

Changes For 16 November 1996

  1. Added the 'What's New' page which you're looking at
  2. Rearranged the directory structure. Is now a bit more organized which makes updates a bit easier and saves disk space as all the main images are contained in a single directory instead of each directory.
  3. Added the Daggerfall Save Game page, currently with only one entry.
  4. Added the Daggerfall Witch Covens information page.
  5. Updated the DAGGERFALL FAQ slightly mostly giving links to the ESP pages for more updated information.
  6. Slightly modified the hints/cheats list to make them a bit more readable and better looking...hopefully.
  7. Fixed a big bug on the main page which caused the main page frame to be carried over onto the Daggerfall pages. Oops!
  8. Hacked ther TEXT.RSC to get artifact descriptions and created the ARTIFACT list (23 listed) and a getting a picture of each (using the BIOG edit cheat)
  9. Redesigned the ESP logo. Is smaller and has quick links surrounding it.
  10. Updated the Links section adding one more site updating existing ones, and adding reviews.
  11. Added links to various file, hint and cheat related sites on the appropiate pages.
  12. Added a 'lite' graphics page to the main ES pages. Also added no-frames options as the screen can get cramped in 640x480 mode with frames (I checked)
  13. Added some graphics on the main ES page
  14. Started updating each pages' description in a story like setting. Hope you like it.
  15. Add the
  16. Potion Recipe page, a listing of potions and ingrediants needed for the potion maker found in most temples.
  17. Another major update on the Daggerfall Holiday page. I once again hacked into the TEXT.RSC file and extracted the descriptions of all the holidays! I added them to this page. Also did a few minor updates here.
  18. Added Frost Daedra bound soul stats to the Bound Soul page.
  19. Added Cheapest Spells to the experience/leveling page, listing the cheapest spells in each spell school.
  20. Added some more very good donated tips to Practicing Tips page.
  21. Added the main quest Mantellan Crux dungeon walkthrough solution
  22. Added the statistics section to Elder Scrolls Page Information

Changes For 9 November 1996

  1. Added the Monster bestiary. Am working on getting a photo of each monster, already have over 1/2 of them. Includes stategies, statisics etc...
  2. Updated the Bound Soul Stats
  3. Added a Various Store Locations page.
  4. Added a Magic Spell Groups list page.
  5. Major update on the Daggerfall calender and the Daggerfall Holiday pages.
  6. Added DAGPIC to the File Area
  7. Started and finished working on the reviews on the TES: Links page. Only have the Guild of Daggerfall page, and that requires MS-IEx (ugh!).

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