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Elder Scrolls Links

15 February 2011

  1. The Great mark (Great! ) indicates those sites which I would rate the best of the many sites listed below. Certain extra special sites have earned two 'greats'.
  2. Due to the number of sites here, I cannot keep the reviews of ea/ch one up to date and thus the review information may be old.
  3. The sites are grouped into the various Elder Scrolls games categories but are not listed in any particular order.

General Elder Scrolls Sites

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
Begin Self-PlugLarge collection of information on the entire Elder Scrolls series. Links, files (patches, cheats, editors, etc...), bestiary, previews, reviews, hints and spoilers can all be found here. Is updated regularily so visit often. If you don't visit anywhere else, visit here! Is updated frequently. End Self-Plug.

Xanathars Library
Has some great information on the world of Tamriel including some great maps among many others things.

Andel Crodo's: TES Essential Site
Very nice site, well designed. Contains a gallery of Daggerfall characters for the viewing as well as all kinds of weird and wonderfull DF things. A must see! Is updated frequently.

Home page of the computer company which produced the Elder Scrolls series. Contain the latest up-to-date official information on the games. Contains patches, FAQ, preview information, purchase instructions and the DAGGERFALL chronicles, a strategy and hint guide. Very nicely designed and should be visited often.
Elder Scrolls Section on YAHOO The Elder Scrolls Section on the popular web search site link contains about some ES sites.
Grendal's Domain: Home of the Black Marsh Old page with not much.
Morrowind Sites

Morrowind Offical Web Page
MW French Page
MW Germany Page
Home page for the Elder Scrolls game series. Contain the latest up-to-date official information on the game. Contains preview information and forums. Is updated frequently.

Destination Morrowind
Nicely designed and frequently updated Morrowind page. Very nice FAQ.

MW Beta Testers
Group of Beta testers for the game that unofficially test plugins for the game.

MW Char Planner
An excellant on-line utility to plan and create your Morrowind characters.

Morrowind Summit
A good MW site hosted by the GameSpy network with good information and lots of plug-ins.

Morrowind Files
Great site with tons of files and plugins for downloading.

Interactive Map
An excellant map utility for finding all those locations in the game.
Text Quest Walkthrough Very nice and thorough text walkthrough of the game.
Dorgan's Site Plugin site.
Morrowind ModDaz ESP hacking information and a automatic room/level creator.
Euro-Morrowind Some information and downloads for Europeon game players.
Realm of Morrowind An english Norway page with basic information on the game (graphically intensive).
German Morrowind Page Apparantly contains some good information if you can read German.
German Planet Morrowind Another Germany fansite.
Dutch Morrowind A Dutch fansite.
Italian Morrowind An Italian fansite.
Morrowind Outlander (Italian) An Italian fansite.
Morrowind Italia Another Italian fansite.
Morrowind France A French fansite.
Morrowind Mods/Plugins (French) A French fansite with plug-ins.
Kalderia (French) A French fansite with mods.
Morowind Japan A Japanese fansite.
Morowind Russian A Russian fansite.
Morowind Czech A Czech fansite.
Morowind Construction Set (Czech) A Czech fansite about the construction set. A Danish fansite.
Morowind Fristad A Swedish fansite.
Morrowind RPGDot Good news site but little else available.
Tear of the Storm Group of modders.
UFR-Morrowind General news, tips and information on the game.
Shaido's MW Page Basic information and features of the game.
Request for Glory Page about a mod to recreate the first four games of the highly popular, but abandoned, Quest for Glory Games (excluding Dragonfire).
The Creed Page about a mod to recreate Morrowind but 1000 years in the future.
The Daily Vivec Some news, articles, info, comics and mods.
Morrowind Pirates An English/French site dedicated to pirates.
Mindflight Systems Some news and info.
More Time Killed A hilarious and well done comic.
Morrowind Abodes Selection of plug-ins that offer homes for the characters.
Tamriel Rebuilt Home page of a group attempting to recreate all of Tamriel using Morrowind.
Middle Earth Mod Mod attempting to recreate Tolkien's Middle Earth in a plug-in.
MW Developers Society Some information about creating mods for Morrowind.
MW Chronicles Good content and some plug-ins/files.
MW Game Banshee News, some content and files.
Aldrien's Chalice A casual site with some good content.
Gratuitous Guar A site all about Guar, including the Golden Guar Awards!
House of Thieves Information on how to be a successful thief in the game.
MW Alliance Some information about alchmey in the game.
Adventurer's Guide The great Adventurer's plugin and some general tips. Contains plugins for the game.
Lady Eternity's Mods Some excellent models and plugins.
Trials of a Clueless Woodelf A journal of a Wood Elf character.
Codex of Vvardenfell Morrowind site specializing in Alchemy (potion making).
Morrowind After Dark Morrowind site focusing on vampires.
Dragons Eyrie Home page of Mark Jones, freelance artist who has worked on several ES games including Morrowind.
MW Diaries Diary of a Morrowind character.
MW Journal A journal/picture book of a Morrowind character.
MW Transit An interesting JAVA utility that gives directions between two points.
Alchemy Lab All sorts of information about making potions in Morrowind.
MW Argonian The journey of an Argonian character and race information. Russian Morrowind site.
Redguard Sites

Redguard Home Web Page
Home page for the Elder Scrolls:Redguard game. Contain the latest up-to-date information on the game including preview information, forums, downloads, etc... Definitely worth a visit!. Frames. Is updated frequently.

The Shores of Stros M'Kai
A great looking site with lots of good and up-to-date information on the game.
A-Vaults Redguard Preview A great, detailed preview for the game with lots of screenshots and an excellent movie trailer. A must see!
Battlespire Sites
Daggerfall Sites

Daggerfall FAQ(Unofficial)
A very thorough FAQ about the game

DF Save Game Hex List
Contains a good list of hex codes for the save game to give yourself items, armor, weapons, etc...

Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall
Excellent FAQ on the game.

CJY Daggerfall Page
Bunch of good general hints, cheats, links, files and character creation.
Daggerfall Tools All kinds of great DF utilities.
The Complete Daggerfall File Library Just about every possible Daggerfall file you could ever want can be found here in a well organized environment. Hasn't been updated in a while.
The Evening Star Nice site which has some hints and information as well as some humourous sides of Daggerfall. Newspaper, hints, files, links, journals, and characters. No longer updated.
Daedrafall Mod Home page of the Daedrfall mod which allows you to play the game as a Daedra, among other things.
Legends of Iliac Bay Nice character gallery for Daggerfall as well as a few links and files.
DF Bestiary Various information and pictures of the monster in the game.
Arena Sites
General Gaming Sites

Games Domain US WWW Site
Lots of great game information. Is updated frequently.
Misc Links
IRC Channel In the past, people have been meeting every Tuesday and Saturday nights at 10PM EST to discuss the latest news in Daggerfall and other culturally intense debates (like trying to find a screenshot of a nymph..;). IRC has moved to port 6667 (that's m0use with a zero). Another IRC server may be found at (you might have problems connecting to the latter). A good shareware Windows IRC program can be found at The MIRC Home Page.

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