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Site Information

15 February 2011

This page provides information on the site and those who maintain it. You may also be interested in the Site Statistics page.

Site History
See the Site History page.

The UESP WebMaster/Site Maintainer
Yup, there's just me Dave Humphrey who runs, or tries to at least, all these pages. A little about myself...I'm currently 25 years of age and working on my Masters of Physics at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada). I started gaming on some of the early Apples in the mid-80s although my first CRPG wasn't until 1992, Magic&Magic III (and what a start!). Since then I've played quite a few CRPGs, close to all I wager created since that time (last I counted it was approaching 20 or so...aye!). I also enjoy action games (CTF Quake) and the odd simulation/strategy although I'm not very skilled at the latter. When I'm not studying or working on the UESP (not often lately...:) I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and badminton.

Message from the UESP WebMaster
I've tried to create these pages as a repository of information on the popular computer role playing game series The Elder Scrolls created by those wonderful folk at Bethesda. In cases where I don't have, or can't include, some desired information I attempt to give a site which does. I've also tried to create a visually appealling environment without too much clutter or the need to load mega-bytes of images in order to give everyone a fast and greatly useful site. According to the many e-mails I've been receiving complementing me on a job well done, it appears as though I've succeeded, although the work is never done. I'm always trying to included new information and organize in the best way possible. Keep those suggestions, information, and comments (both good and bad) coming in!.

Heres a few things I try to keep in mind when creating or editting pages.

  1. Reduce or eliminate as much of the images as possible. Most graphics are reduced to 16 colors or are highly compressed JPEG to reduce load times. I try to use enough images to make it look nice while keeping in mind those with slow links.
  2. I try to add as much unique content that I can, copying or duplicating other pages as little as possible. When I do take information from other sites it isn't merely copied+pasted. I attempt to organize it differently, possibly better, combined with other information. I try and make it a habit of creditting any site/individual where the content was orginally found.
  3. Keep in mind that users have different browsers/versions with varying capabilities. In other words, the site should work in 'most' browsers/versions. I myself find it annoying when sites cater solely to a specific browser or forget about those with older versions. Everything in the site should work fine with v4+ of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Versions 3.x of the browsers may miss a few optional features of the site. In general any JAVA capable browser will work fine.
  4. Frequent updates. I admit, I almost never update the site as often as I'd like (preferably everyday). Sometimes I just get lazy, or sometimes life just gets in the way. I do try though...really...
  5. Reliable information. I just hate it when I notice a broken link or obvious error after I've updated the pages. I run an HTML checker on the site when I can and check everything twice before uploading things (usually) but the odd mistake tends to slip through every so often.
  6. I try to keep in mind that people view the site at a multitude of resolutions and color depths. I try to use safe colors for text and check how the site looks at various resolutions. I would recommend a minimum resolution of 800x600 with 16k colours for your best viewing pleasure (1024x768x16k would be better, I myself work at 1152x864 with 16 Million colours on a 17" Monitor).

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