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Coming Attractions

19 February 2011

There's never a dull moment around here as there's always plenty to do. Here are some ideas that I'd like to get done if I could find the time. If you'd like to help participate in the site and help out with an idea or five, just Let Me Know.

The UESP has been, and will always be, primarily a content site. Despite probably having more hints/walkthroughs/etc... than most ES sites, there's always room for improvement. This would involve things like adding player submitted information, going over old information that may need to be revised or improved, reformatting pages for easier reading, play testing games to confirm things or debug errors. etc...

Search Function
I haven't had a search function for the site since I moved to the domain. Doing a CGI script like I had in is not convienent due to the way they handle SSH access. A search function written in PHP is needed.

Brief Game Reviews
I've done and have received several short reviews on games in the past and I like the idea of the review. Even if short it gives a general idea on how a ES fan might like or dislike a particular game (or even just to list what games I've tried).

Everyone likes to rant/rave about things even if just for the sole purpose of ranting.

Fan Fiction
There have been various Elder Scrolls related fan fiction floating around in various places, some of it quite good. Would be nice to try and gather as much of it as possible in one place.

File Database
Assuming I can actually backup the databases on, I'd like to implement a general file database for all games. The main reason for this is to be able to support Morrowind (and Oblivion) mods for download (far too many to maintain by hand). I know there are several other major sites for mods and my intent is not to detract from those but just to be able to provide the mods if any of them ever go down (I've seen far too many good sites disappear over the years). This is a great exercise for anyone wanting to get into SQL/PHP (hint, hint).

The World of Tamriel
The framework and some content is there but lots more content needs to be added (i.e., lots of time needed). Especially in the area of the geography and online map and adding the Morrowind specific information to the section.

Review Old E-mails
I have a ton of old emails I never got around to answer (I'd have to guess, but closer to 1000 likely). It would be great to go through and add any hints/tips they suggest or for site ideas. Not terribly exciting but should be done.

General Site Maintenance
Stuff like correcting grammar/spelling, broken links, removing contributor e-mail addresses (didn't have spam back in the day), etc...

Link Database
Create and maintain a database of ES links. The current pages are quite out of date and probably half of the links are broken.

Page Design
I'm fine with the general page design as it is (basically just the page content with a brief header and footer). The main game pages, however, could use some work as I think they could be clearer. Same thing with the main page. Its not too bad but could use a little tidying up.

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