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Daggerfall Main Quest Walkthrough

15 February 2011

Although one can have many...many hours of fun in Daggerfall without even considering the main quest, one can easily get caught up in the intrigue the main quest produces. This page will hopefully guide you completely through all required, and optional, steps to solve the quest.

This information has been compiled from a number of sources, but most of this came from DaggerWeb. In pages where there is a detailed walkthrough the quests's text come from the quest QRC files as loaded by the utility DFQEDIT, available in the DF Files Area on these pages. If you see something missing from these pages, or even something that's...wrong (gasp), simply contact the WebMaster.

Warning: This and the following pages contain a massive amount of spoilers. View at your own risk.

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Quest Walkthrough Contents

Privateer's Hold ( 6 April 1997 )
Before you can do anything, you'd better try and get out of this cave you are trapped in. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done.
Lady Brisienna ( 6 April 1997 )
You receive her letters a few weeks after exiting the Privateer's Hold. This is the only part of the main quest which should initially be done.
Concern for Nulfaga ( 6 April 1997 )
You are sent by Queen Abuk-i to Shedungent in the far reaches of the the Wrothgarian Mountains to find Lysandus's mad mother, Nulfaga, and return news of her to .
Mynisera's Letters ( 6 April 1997 )
You are sent another another mission by Queen Abuk-i to recover letters which supposedly Mynisera, the Queen Gothryd, and the widow of King Lysandus, has been smuggling out of Castle Daggerfall.
Elysana's Robe ( 6 April 1997 )
The sweet and ever-so-innocent Princess Elysana of Daggerfall has nicely asked you to deliver a robe to her suitor in Wayrest. Nothing could possibly go wrong in this simple quest, could there?
Morgiah's Wedding ( 6 April 1997 )
Morgiah, princess of Daggerfall, asks you to deliver a message to the King of the Worms at Scourg Barrow in Dragontail Mountains. In return, she will tell you something about the missing emperor's letter you're looking for.
King of the Worms - Lich's Soul ( 6 April 1997 )
The KOW, seeing your usefulness as an agent, asks you to capture the soul of Prince Karolis, a lich in the dungeons of Sentinel Castle. In return, he will provide you with information on the underking...if you survive that is.
Prince Lhotun - Missing Prince ( 14 April 1997 )
Prince Lhotun of Sentinel asks you to find his missing brother, Prince Arthago, but doesn't give you any more information.
Wayrest Painting ( 17 April 1997 )
Queen Akorithi of Sentinel ask you to retreive a painting from the dungeons of Wayrest castle. What she doesn't tell you is where to find the painting, that this painting is magical, and is well guarded.
Castle Llugwych - Stronghold of the Blades ( 19 April 1997 )
An agent of the Underking asks you to remove a cursed bracelet from the stronghold of the Blades, having been placed there by the King of Worms. In return, he will give you the location of Lysandus' secret tomb.
Freeing Medora ( 19 April 1997 )
You find out that Medora, lover of King Lysandus, is now banished on the Isle of Balfiera by Queen Mynisera. After finding Medora you find out that she can be freed only by the horn of a great unicorn. Unfortunately, the corner alchemy shop is closed and your stuck with trying to find one.
Dust of Restful Death ( 19 April 1997 )
A vision received from the grateful Medora informs you that King Gortworg, Warlord of the Orcs knows the location of the dust of restful death which can free the spirit of King Lysandus.
Lysandus' Revelation ( 7 April 1997 )
Once Medora has finished preparing the dust of restful death, you can pay a visit to Lysandus' tomb, assuming you've already found it's location by completing the Castle Llugwych quest. Hopefully, upon calming King Lysandus' spirit he can provide you with some useful information.
Lysandus' Revenge ( 7 April 1997 )
After learning the identity of the King Lysandus' assasin you decide to pay him an unexpected visit.
Blackmailing King Helseth ( 7 April 1997 )
King Helseth asks you to deliver a letter to Lord Castellian in Wayrest. It couldn't possibly hurt anyone to take a little peek at the letter, could it?
Barenziah's Book ( 7 April 1997 )
Queen Barenziah asks you to retrieve a book that has some incriminating information about her. The book is currently held by King Gortorg but the necromancers want to get their hands on it as well.
Cyndassa - The Werebeast ( 14 April 1997 )
Princess Cyndassa of Daggerfall asks you to kill a werewolf for her in return for a little information. Little do you know what a special werewolf this is.
The Emperor's Courier ( 14 April 1997 )
You know now that Queen Mynisera knows the whereabouts of the missing letter you were initially sent to find. All you have to do is track down the courier who sent it.
Orcish Treaty ( 7 April 1997 )
You've learned that Gortwog, Warlord of the Orcs is in possesion of the emperor's letter but it's another matter to convince the 'esteemed' orc to give it to you.
Mantella Revealed ( 7 April 1997 )
After finding the emperors letter you may receive messages from friendly factions informing you about the truth of the Totem and the Mantella Crux.
Elysana's Betrayal ( 7 April 1997 )
Perhaps you remember this princess, the one who made you help assasinate a lord. Well, she's asking you for another favour, to escort her cousin in exchange for information on the totem. It sounds promising...but...
Who Gets the Totem ( 7 April 1997 )
You know where the totem lies but actually getting your hands on it could be another matter. Also, there appears to be a bidding war on exactly who you're going to give it to once you find it.
Journey to Aetherius ( 7 April 1997 )
You've always wanted to see what an alternate dimension looks like, well nows your chance, although it could be your last. You journey into the realm of the Daedra looking for the lost Mantella Crux.

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