2 April 1997

This section, Mailing List Information, gives instructions on how to join the DAGGERFALL mailing list. For those who don't know what a mailing list is essentially a large group of people who communicate via e-mail concerning the game. EX: You could post an e-mail about how to get past a certain monster. This e-mail would be sent to all members of the mailing list...who might then respond. Typically you should expect to receive anywhere from 30-100 messages a day.


  1. New Items
  2. Commands to the List
  3. Sending Mail to the List
  4. Rules Concerning Spoilers
  5. Other Rules
  6. Retrieving Message from the Archive
  7. Contacting List Administrator

New Items

Commands to the list

Send a message to with no subject. The body of the message should contain the command(s) that you wish to execute.
subscribe dagrfall
Subscribes you to the list
subscribe dagrfall-digest
Subscribes you to the digest version of the list
unsubscribe dagrfall
Removes you from the list
unsubscribe dagrfall-digest
Removes you from the digest version of the list
who dagrfall
Returns a list to you of all current list members
who dagrfall-digest
Returns a list to you of all current digest members

Sending mail to the list

Due to some past bouts of spam, only people currently subscribed to the list will be able to post messages to the list. So be sure that your "From:" field is set to whatever the E-Mail address is that you used to subscribe to the list. For most people this won't mean anything, but if you are not seeing your postings check your "From:" field and make sure it matches up with the E-Mail address you used to subscribe with.

Any mail that you send to '' is automatically copied to all members of the list. Thus, to respond to a message you see on the list, you would want to replace the To: portion of the email with '' unless you wanted it to be private to the original author in which case you would leave their email address intact, and the list would (of course) never see it.

To send a new mail to the list, just start a new message as you normally would. Send the message to '' instead of a person, and it will automatically be copied to one an all.

Rule concerning "spoiler" messages

ALL messages which contain something which may spoil the fun for others, MUST contain the word SPOILER in all caps at the start of the subject. Things considered to be spoilers include, but are not limited to (use your best judgement, I'm not going to kick someone off for violating this rule the first time):
  1. Locations of quest objects
  2. Locations of hidden rooms and/or the means to get into them
  3. Locations of where to buy the best stuff, etc.
  4. Where to find NPCs and/or what they can tell you or do for you
  5. ANYTHING else in the same vein
  6. Bugs in the game that allow you to advance more quickly (whether through money, XP or items)
  7. Any "hacks" to the game's files or savegames which allow you to advance

By using your best judgement, these things would not be considered spoilers...

  1. Locations of scenery
  2. Hints on how to build good spells or items cheaply
  3. A hack to "backup" your character without changing him/her

Again, use your best judgement and I'm sure everything will be fine.

Other rules regarding behaviour on the list

  1. One or two off-topic posts are normal and not subject to any kind of action. Repeated off-topic posts will warrant a warning to the individual(s) involved.
  2. Off-topic posts are considered anything not related to the TES series of games. Thus, acceptable topics are Arena, Daggerfall, or the as yet unnamed TES:3, 4, etc.
  3. After being warned of off-topic posts, if the list member continues in the same vein (not necessarily the same topic) they will be ejected from the list. I may choose to issue a second warning, but this will depend on many factors (not the least being the time since the first warning).
  4. No personal attacks are allowed on this list. Flames will result in a warning per the off-topic rules.
  5. Warnings are (usually) not posted to the list, this just creates more spam, I do take notice when things get out of hand and take the appropriate actions.

Retrieving archives of list messages

All past articles can be found in digest format at the following location

Contacting the list administrator

You can contact the administrator of the list (myself) at my regular email address,

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