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Latest Patch is: v2.13

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Files Area

Editors, Patches,
Save Games,
Graphics and more...

 FILE AREA 15 February 2011
DAGGERFALL related files available for download including editors, patches, etc...
 SAVE GAMES 15 February 2011
Download some savegames for DAGGERFALL including a description of each character. Also includes vampire and Werewolf save games!
 Graphics Page 15 February 2011
All kinds of graphics created by gamers for the game. Add them using DagPic or Andypic.


Hints, Cheats,
Spoilers, etc...

 Collection of Hints/Spoilers 15 February 2011
Compilation of useful information from a wide variety of sources including the DAGGERFALL mailing list. Quest spoilers and helpful beginner information can be all found here.
 Cheating Information 15 February 2011
Compilation of information related to cheating in DAGGERFALL. 'Interesting' tricks found in the game to hex editting the save games files.
 Hacking Guide 15 February 2011
Collection of file hacking documents and file format descriptions and links to other hacking sites.
 Complete Quest Walkthrough 15 February 2011
A complete description of all of the main quests and what is required to finish them (and how!).
 Bestiary 15 February 2011
List of DAGGERFALL monsters including picture, statistics and fighting strategies. Warning: Contains 80kb of in-line JPEG images.
 ARTIFACT list 15 February 2011
List of artifacts found in DAGGERFALL along with description, statistics, and picture. Currently 23 listed. Warning: Contains 40kb of in-lined GIF files.
 Hall of RECORDS 15 February 2011
Some interesting records set by Daggerfall players...check it out!
 Stores Database 15 February 2011
A customiziable display of a large collection of stores in Daggerfall.
 BUGS 15 February 2011
List of known bugs in the game with a short description and in which versions they appear.
 Windows Tips 15 February 2011
Information on getting Daggerfall and old DOS games to run under the various versions of Windows.
 Dragon Page 15 February 2011
Find out how to meet a true Dragon in the world of Tamriel!
 DFQEdit User's Manual v0.10 Beta 115 February 2011
The user's manual of DFQEdit, a start of a hopefully full quest editor for Daggerfall. Contains information about the program, how to use it, and where to download it.
 REVIEWS 15 February 2011
List of available reviews on the game.


Various Official and Unofficial Documents Answering Many of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Game

 Official WWW FAQ 15 February 2011
The official FAQ v1.2 from Bethesda as found on the newsgroup on 24 October 1996. This contains much useful information about the game and should be read by all DAGGERFALL gamers. A Text Version of this FAQ is also available.
 Unofficial Newbie FAQ 15 February 2011
Contains many commonly asked questions (with answers) asked by players new to the world of Tamriel. A Text Version of this FAQ is also available.
 Unofficial Daggerfall FAQ 15 January 1999
Tons of good information contained in this FAQ.
 Old Unofficial FAQ 15 February 2011
The old unofficial v0.992 DAGGERFALL FAQ web pages. Contains mostly preview information pertaining to the game such as features, screen shots, monster FLC's, and MIDI files. A Text Version of this FAQ is also available.

Misc Stuff

Things Which Don't
Fit Elsewhere

Old Preview 15 February 2011
DAGGERFALL WWW preview page written in 1995 for the Games Domain Pages. Shortout line of what to expect in the game, features etc...
 DAGGERFALL Screen Shots/Previews 15 February 2011
Preview web page of the unofficial DAGGERFALL FAQ. Contains screen shot list and description, MIDI sound files and animated FLC's of monsters.


Tons of Daggerfall and Elder Scroll Related Web Sites and other Links

Daggerfall Links 15 February 2011
Links to pages and other locations containing information on the Elder Scrolls CRPG series. Includes a brief review and rating of the site with contents, amount of graphics, and loading time, etc... Optionally completely configurable to include only the sites you want with various sorting methods.

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