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Daggerfall Dragons

15 February 2011

One of the most asked question since Daggerfall was released was 'Where can I find a dragon?'. Yes, there are dragonlings to fight, but they barely count as a true dragon. Although this was one of the many stated features in the game, Bethesda eventually stated that there are no real dragons in the game (unofficially that is).

There still is a way to meet a dragon in the game, however it is extremely rare, explaining why no one has found it until now. You can meet the dragon in a nobles quest (R0C4XY23 to be precise) which is only available if you have a reputation with the nobles from 40 to 49. Actually, the dragon is actually the Daedra Lord Peryite, but it's still a dragon none-the-less and can be interacted with as a regular NPC. The quest starts off as follows:

[Your name], old friend, am I glad you're here.
 I am in trouble with a group of daedra and am
 looking for someone to purvey a rare
 manuscript to an acquaintance of
 mine. The reward will be extremely liberal,
 but the possibility of daedric intervention
 is quite high.  Are you interested?
After you accept the quest you are attacked by Frost Daedra, Fire Daedra, Seducers and Daedroths every hour. The first Seducer you kill brings up the following:
You deal the daedra a fearful blow, but
 it remains upright for a moment, eyes locked
 with yours, and a harsh voice issues from its
 bloody throat:
 "You may slay my mortal form, %pcn,
 but my brethren will harry you mercilessly
 until we pluck the book from
 your lifeless hand.  If you wish to avoid
 this fate, seek out _oblivion_
 and surrender it to %g2.  As the
 mediator between your world and mine,
 %g alone can persuade my Lord to call
 us off the hunt."
If you do as the Seducer says, you will meet one of the 15? Daedra Lords at this location. Thus, you only have a one in 15 chance of actually seeing a dragon (but he does appear, see the screenshot below). Since this is a very rare quest in order to actually get it you can copy it over to a more suitable location. If you aren't familiar with quest names try copying R0C4XY23.* to M0B00Y20.* (which is a level 0 fighters guild member quest). If you need more help copying quest files just let me know.

If you want furthur proof, take a look at The Dragon Screenshot. The marveleous credit for this discovery goes to Brian Libby ( who was the original one who discovered this quest and the dragon. Credit also goes to Skeleton Man ( who verified and organized much of the data.

Hopefully, now that the dragon has been found, custom quests can be created using him as an NPC. Stay tuned for more information.

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