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Daggerfall Save Games

19 February 2011

I thought it would be nice to supply various save games for Daggerfall. Since we currently have lots of disk space, feel free to submit your ZIPed save game with a short description to the Webmaster.

  1. I try to run all save games with the FIXSAVE utility before testing them out.
  2. Most of the save games have been successfully loaded on my machine.
  3. Saved games should be loaded with a patched version greater than or equal to the version it was saved as. It is possible to load a v2.13 game in say v1.79 but this is not reccommended.
  4. To use the save game merely backup any of the SAVE0-5 directories in Daggerfall directory (if you want to keep that save game). Delete all files and uUnzip one of the saved games into this directory.
    	cd \dagger\save1
    	pkzip c:\ *.*
    	del *.*
    	pkunzip c:\dagger\save1
  5. Enjoy the games and let me know of any problems with them.

  1. Morthag Iron Heart - Unaltered Level 13 Paladin with a heart of, well, iron.
  2. Ming - Powerful lvl 31 unaltered character with all sorts of stuff.
  3. Dorian Kaine - 'Slightly' altered level 41 god character.
  4. Keophex of Wroth - Interesting level 21 mage/thief.
  5. Mordallis Lanfellow - Powerful level 18 magic user.
  6. Tlalac Boram - Your average level 21 thief type.
  7. Shadow - Nice level 30 thief/mage.
  8. Ghash - Level 30 Wanderer.
  9. Dafydd - Level 20 Socerer save games just before you grab the Mantella for all the possible endings.
  10. Kral Blackhaven - Mostly pure level 40 Oriental Knight.
  11. Kral: Vampire - Level 31 Oriental Knight infected with the blood of a vampire.
  12. Kral: Werewolf - Level 31 Oreintal Knight infected with lycanthrophy.
  13. Lord Soth: Wereboar - Level 4 Dark Elf wereboar.
  14. Trevor - A Level 16 Breton Paladin.
  15. Pooky Bear - A Level 120 hacked character.

Morthag Iron Heart [Download] 95 kb, v2.13?, 16 May 1998
Level:13 Races:Nord
Class:Paladin Armor:Mithril/Adamantium
Legitimate:Yes Gold:500,000
Artifacts:3 Guilds:Knights of the Flame(8), Fighters Guild(6),
Temple of Stendarr(4), Mages Guild(5)
Morthag is a brave paladin, a kind of special knight that assemble the sword and magic in the fight for the good. They dont fail in any mission and try to help the people so far as they can. They will go any distance to defeat Daedras and undeads. And they follow a very rigorous code of honor. He hasn't failed ANY mission! People in Anticlere react well to him.


Ming [Download] 55 kb, v2.13?, 16 May 1998
Level:31 Races:Redguard
Class:Samurai Armor:Full Magical Daedric
Legitimate:Yes Gold:3 million
Artifacts:All Guilds:Rank 9 in many
Has not yet started the main quest. The only cheats used were a bio editor to create custom biography and the show all dungeons cheat because one of the artifact quests refused to mark the dungeonon on the map. All primary, major and minor skills maxed out and all miscellaneous trained to at least 50. Owns all books and potion recipes. Revered status in Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinal and home town of Santaki (owns a large house there).


Dorian Kaine [Download] 60 kb, v2.13?, 17 December 1997
Level:41 Guilds:Rank 9 in ALL!
Class:Hunter Armor:Full Magical Daedric
Legitimate:??? Gold:~51 million
Your basic kick-a** character...full suit of Daedric all enchanted with soul bound Dragonling, Feather Weight, etc... Has lots of jewelry for the same purpose, but it is all worn. Is currently on the Wayrest Painting quest. About 51 million gold, most in letters of credit. Is rank 9 in EVERY GUILD in Tamriel (all temples, knights, etc...). Have been told this is a legitimate character, not merely a pure cheat, which is entirely possible but how likely?


Keophex of Wroth [Download] 55 kb, v2.13, 17 December 1997
Class:Dark Minion (Mage/Thief) Armor:Full Magical Daedric
Race:Dark Elf Skills:Archery, Hand to Hand, Restoration
Critical Strike, Backstabbing (80%!), Illusion
Stealth, Medical, Running, Dodging, Destruction, Lockpicking
Gold:~51 million Guilds:None
  Keophex is the essence of evil. She murders for fun, actively tries to end life any way possible, and loves to fight dirty. I have made a LONG custom bio for her (in the history), which describes the dementia rather well. Basically, her goal is to get a complete set of the Artifacts the Daedra Princes send her to get. If you could "join" a witch's coven, and go up rank, she would be a "Master Witch". Basically, do quests for Wroth coven until you can afford to summon a Daedra, do it, get the artifact, store it, and start again. She currently has 7 artifacts acquired in this manner. Keophex is ALWAYS invisible, and tries to make every hit a backstab, and usually pulls it off. Ebony material is her thing, and she's currently looking for a full suit (minus helmet, of course) of ebony. Keophex prefers the Bow and Fist style, but currently uses an Ebony Longsword and an Ebony Kite Shield, as she doesn't want to master anything yet. Most importantly, KEOPHEX HAS NEVER DIED. Never once has she died, unless the game messed up, Just be sure to read the history before you play her, it really makes you understand this character's psyche. Keophex does not mingle with mortals, except Mordastyr Yeomsmith, the leader of the Wroth Coven of the Wrothgarian Mountains.


Mordallis Lonfallew [Download] 86 kb, v1.79, 2 April 1997
Level:18 Guilds:Mage(6), Fighter(8), Rose(5), Mara(5), Thief(3)
Class:Shadow Ranger (Fighter/Thief) Artifacts:Hircine Ringe, Auriels Shield, Auriels Bow
Race:Wood Elf Skills:Restoration, Stealth, Long Blade(all ~80%)
Mysticism, Critical Strike and Dodge (30-40%)
Climbing, Archery, Mercantile, Alteration (70%),
Lockpicking(45%), Pickpocket(30%)
Gold:~1.3 million
Special:Small boat and House in Merhope Hall, Wayrest
  Has not yet started the main quest. Has tons of magical equipment, most of it stored in the house or wagon. Several powerful enchanted items and all armour is featherweight (mostly ebony/adamantium armour).Dave Humphrey -


Tlalac Boram [Download] 96 kb, v1.91?, 17 December 1997
Level:24 House:Medium Size, Corssing, Wrothgarian
Class:Ninja (Thief/mage) Armor:Ebony/Orcish
Race:? Skills:Blunt(65%), Hand(98%), Critical(76%)
Dodge(93%), Stealth(100%), Mysticism(86%)
Restoration(62%) Long Blade(71%), Backstabbing,
Lockpicking, Swimming, Short blade.

Special:Int, Wil and Spd at 100
Gold:+2 million Guilds:Akatosh(9), Dragon, Mages(9)
  Is immune to paralysis, spell absorbtion in darkness, magery x2, Expert in HandtoHand, inability to regerate spell points, critical weakness to disease. Has over 2 mil gold in credit in his medium size house in Crossing, Wrothgarian Mtns. Also has a full suit of Mithril and Dwarven in the house. Owns a small boat which holds most of the books in the game. Has found the Ring of Namina, Skull of Corruption and has created the artifacts: Wrothgar, Mage's Bane, and Ebonarm's Anvil. You'll have to play it to find out what they are! All magic jewelry.
Jason O'Brien -


Shadow [Download]   60 kb, v2.00, 17 March 1997
Level:30 House:Large, Daggerfall
Class:ShadowLurker (Thief/mage) Armor:Daedric
Race:Dark Elf Legitimate:No
Special:Good rep with everyone Guilds:Most Temples Dragon, Mages, Thief, DB (all 9)
Gold:~3 million
  Has Advantages: General Spell Absorption, Immunity to Magic, Extertise in Short Blade, Increased Magery x3 and Athleticsiscm. Disadvantages: Critical Weakness to paralysis and Poison, Forbidden materials Elven and Orcish, and forbidden weapons Axe and Missile. Great reputation with everyone and ALL bribes for totem. Most of the money was received from stealing stuff from the Odd Blades. Most levels and stats attained with an editor. Is a patriarch in all temples but Zen and Dibella, a Paladin for the knights of the Dragon, an Arch-mage, and a master thief AND assasin. Owns a large boat and is well into the main quest.
David A. Uhen -


Ghash [Download] 90 kb, v2.13, 5 March 1998
Level:27 House:Medium Size, Crossing, Wrothgarian
Class:Wanderer Armor:Daedric
Race:Redguard Legitimate:Yes
  All kinds of nice daedric armor/weapons and magic things. Only cheated to lower skills to get a higher level Ghash is a cured werewolf, but his mind is still perverted as if he was still a werewolf. He likes the smell of fresh blood and did recently kill 109 knights in the town of Tsetoaret, Dragontail Mountains, and about 30-50 civilians. While he was amputating those knights he broke one Daedric Short Sword, one Mithril Short Sword and did almost destroy a Dai-Katana. When he didn't want to kill anymore guards he went to a nearby pub and got real drunk, when he finally got sober he couldn't remember a thing.
Dennis nystrom -


Dafydd - Blades [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Dafydd - Orcs [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Dafydd - Sentinel [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Dafydd - Under King [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Dafydd - Wayrest [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Dafydd - King of Worms [Download]   95 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Level:20 Skills:Longblade(89), Destruct(90)
Class:Custom Sorcerer Armor:Daedric, Magical
Legitimate:Yes Guilds:Mage(9), Akatosh(9)
  Savegames just before you pick up the mantella for each of the possible endings. Character has 16 HP per level and is a custom sorcerer-type; no spell point regen/absorbs spells, INT points in spell points, can't use orcish or iron, no leather armor or buckler. Character is unhacked except for the lockpick skill because I was getting aggrivated having to bash down every other door :-)
Bill Faulk -


Kral BlackHaven [Download]   81 kb, v2.13, 14 December 1997
Level:40 Skills:Critical, Hand, Archery (~99%)
Dodging(85%), Stealth(99%), Mercantile(65%)
Rest, Run, Alt, Myst, Medical, Swim
Class:Oriental Knight
Legitimate:Yes, Mostly Armor:Chain, Magical
Guilds:Several(9) Gold:+60 million
  Advantages: Resistance to Shock, Disadvantages: Critical Weakness to Poison and Disease, Forbidden to wear buckler or tower shields, axes, long blades (Level Advancement: Just above the 0.3 Position). Kral is the typical 'good' knight, except he uses his hands and a bow instead of a blade and a shield. Starting skills set to 0 so I could reach a higher level. Owns a large boat and a house in the Glenpoint capital. Is a member in a bunch of guilds, most of them rank 9. Over 60 million in various banks, obtained without stealing or cheating, mostly from selling dungeon loot. Around 14 artifacts, and a good set of custom magical equipment and spells. No cheating used except to reduce skills. Enjoy...
Dave Humphrey -


Kral BlackHaven - VAMPIRE [Download]   83 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Level:31 Class:Oriental Knight
Race:Redguard Armor:Chain, Magical
Legitimate:Yes, Mostly
  The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and a full blown vampire now! All attributes are now at 100...and this is without modifying them by cheating! Several skills like critical strike and hand-to-hand are at close to 130%. Definetly not someone you'd want to mess with...ever!


Kral BlackHaven - WEREWOLF [Download]   83 kb, v2.13, 14 March 1997
Level:31 Class:Oriental Knight
Race:Redguard Armor:Chain, Magical
Legitimate:Yes, Mostly
  The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and now a werewolf! Game starts out while he is in the werewolf form, having just slaughtered a guard. To change to werebeast form you can cast the Lycanthropy spell once per day. You stay a werebeast for 24 hours and you must kill an innocent once per month or your hitpoints drop to 4.


Lord Soth
[Download]   14 kb, v1.75, 17 December 1997
Level:4 Class:?
Race:Dark Elf Legitimate:Yes
  4th level Dark Elf affected from Lycantrophy, in the WereBoar form. No cheats or patches used.


[Download]   96kb, v2.13, 7 February 1999
Level: 16
Class: Custom Paladin
Race: Breton
Legitimate: Yes
  Attributes: Str:81, Int:70, Wil:80, Agi:60, End:82, Per, Spd and Luc:60
Primary Skills: Etiquette, Longblade, and Restoration
Major: Dodging, Mysticism, and Blunt Weapon
Minor: Critical Strike, Short Blade, Axe, Dragon, Thaumaturgy and Destruction
  A very well designed character with lots of interesting and unique magic items and spells,


Pooky Bear
[Download]   54kb, v2.13, 7 February 1999
Level: 120+
Legitimate: No
  A very high level, completely hacked character, Captain Moronic -


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