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Daggerfall Hall of Records

15 February 2011

I thought that it would be a nice idea to have a hall of records for various Daggerfall acts such as highest achieved level, most kills at one time etc... A little place to have players boast of their feats. Right now I'm either using my character's stats or a good guess as to what the record might be until someone tells me otherise. Please send in new records or new catagories...

The "Rules":

  1. For the most part the characters used for the below records should be cheat free characters, although this is a rather loose rule. Some acceptable or legitimate cheats are:
    1. Various in game cheats/bugs like using the void, stealing bugs, etc...
    Some slightly legitimate cheats which may be allowed are:
    1. Cheatings which don't affect the record in any way, like giving your character some gold for any record not involving money.
    2. Some catagories will allow some specific cheating, like reducing skills too get a higher level.
    Some cheats which are absolutely not allowed are:
    1. Using a cheat specific to the catagory, like using an editor to give yourself 12 billion gold and then claiming that for the Richest catagory.
    2. In general, any cheat in which you raise any skill/attribute etc... would be frowned upon.
  2. Since there's no real way to prove your record, or at least prove you didn't cheat to get it, everything here will have to be based on the honesty of the player. If I do hear of a record holder who cheated to obtain the record, I'll have to create a hall of shame for those cheaters.
  3. Send in your new records or new catagories to the WebMaster. Include the catagory, any information specific to that catagory, Character's name, level and class (for custom classes, give a brief description too, like 'close to a fighter-mage' etc...) and finally your name and email as you want it to appear here.

The RECORDS for 100% Legitimate Characters
The below records belong to characters where absolutely, positively, NO cheats were used, aside from any in game bugs.

Richest Character (Without Stealing):
45 Million, Tran, Level 14 custom character. Amassed through several trips through the Lord K'avar quest. Joseph Trawick,
5 Million, Arianis Y'Torra III, Lvl22 "Vindicator" (spellsword+plate), Greg Ackerson,

Highest Level (No Cheating):
Around 31?

Quickest Quest:
5 Seconds (Fighters guild kill the mob quest in same building), Nick Seegmiller (
16 Seconds (Fighters guild kill the mob quest in same building), Yannick LARVOR -

Best Sale:
3.2 Million for a broken but new Orcish Armor, Yannick LARVOR -

Biggest Jump:
From Daggerfall's Palace to wilderness. Jumped using the Palace's Stairs. Jumping skill at 43%, STR at 100. Mendax Darkblade, Male Redguard Vampire 17th Level Darkblade (mage/fighter/assassin),

Longest Non-Levitation Flight:
Sentinel Palace to NorthEast of Gysaha-Gora. Cast a custom Slowfall spell 4 times and used the speed cheat.

Most Monsters Killed in One Blow:
12 guards with a non-enchanted Daedric Dai-Katana, Lyra the Darkblade, Mouse (
5 Nightblades in a Mage's Guild guard quest with a Magical Daedric Dai-Katana, Matt Hatter, Lvl 10, David Grove (
4 Fire Deadras (Backstab with Deadric Dai-Katana), Tusk, level 21 Highlord (Barbarian/Mage),
3 Assassins (Protect dude in mage guild quest),

Most Monsters Killed with One Spell:
38 Daedra, Single Storm (1+50 pts/lvl of electrical damage) while trying to summon Sheogorath, Level 26 Nightblade, Iydaryth Blackblade (Christopher D. Palmer -
4, all Warriors with a Custom Damage Health Spell, Khellendros, Level 30, Dragon-Blade class (warrior/thief/mage)

Most Guards Killed in one Sitting:
172, 5th level Brute (custom warrior), Lycanthrope, (Brandon Dautrich -
79, Simon, Level 7, Custom Fighter,

Most Backstabs on a Single Mob in a Row:
100+ (using the SoulTrap/Paralysis method), Level 26 Nightwalker (thief/mage),

Most Mobs Backstabbed in a Row (Consecutively):
7 Backstabs, all on City Guards, Keophex of Wroth,

Toughest Monster Killed with one Hit:
Daedra Lord, killed with hand-to-hand (130% w/ magic), Redclaw the Fellhanded, Ninja (monk/mage/thief), Phil Braithwaite,

Most Consecutive Misses:
16 strokes on a Giant Bat, Level 2 Knight Templar, Bruce (

Lowest Level Lycanthrope/Vampire:
Level 1, Solaron, Spellsword, became a werebeast in Privateer's Hold, Josh Pallister (
Level 2, Garon, custom Nightblade/Assassin, became a werebeast via a fighter's guild quest, Mario (

Most Artifacts Obtained by One Character:7
19, Ryan, level 25 custom battlemage/assassin/knight, Kathy Neal ( Auriels bow, auriels shield, azuras star, ebony blade, ebony mail, hircines ring, lords mail, mace of molag bal, masque of clavicus vile, mehrunes razor, namiras ring, oghma infinium, ring of khajiiti, sanguine rose, skeletons key, skull of corruption, spell breaker, volendrung, wabbajack
17 (all the Daedra summoning ones), Dardanai Centaurian, Lvl 25, Keith (
15, Trybekk Wolff, level 29 Arcane Warrior, Kenny Van Audenhove,

Biggest/Most Expensive House Found for Sale:
Pothago, Pothago, 1,226,750. Its directly northeast of The Dirty Giant (tavern).
Sentinel, 1.2 million, It's like an apartment with four or five different entrances. Each of them lead to an individual residence, I think.
Tulune for just over one million. A bit SE of the Mages Guild, and is two buildings. The larger building is mostly a barracks-style room.
There are some over 1 million (describe house, location, etc... when you find one)

Highest Average Primary/Major/Minor Skills:
All at 100% except Ax4 (97%) (all weapon/spell skills), Olorin, level 30 custom class Wizard (warrior-mage), Douglas Klassen (
81.25%, Rique Starfire, J.p. Anderson (
All Primary/Major skills at 100% (all spells schools), Lvl 29 custom Mage/Rogue, Keith, (

Highest Skill:
150% Short Blade, Level 18 Battlemage, Craig Collar (
130% Long Blade, Level 10 Knight-Vampire, Avolon of Summerset, Thomas -

Highest Average Total Skill (including Misc):

Highest Skill After Character Creation:
Destruction 50%, Ihsan Dreamwater, Nord, Custom Fighter-Mage, Bill McCurdy -

Most Hours of Daggerfall Played Consecutively (Crashes don't count):
29.5 Hours, No Crashes, Shana-Kai, Roguemaster, 12th lvl (started at 7th...), (Robb Gubbine).
20 Hours, Mark Davis (
19 Hours, 12min, 10th Level Red Blade (custom fighter/mage/thief), Jay (
16 Hours (through 18 crashes lunch and dinner), Zaris Zargonis III, Survivor, Rob H.
13 Hours, Krolus, Lvl15 High-Elf Spellthief (custom mage-thief),
11 hours, Marek, Lvl 15 Redguard, (Jon -
10 Hours (Played from 11:30am to 9:30pm), Ash, Level 22 Custom Class (
9 Hours, ViperBtee (
7 Hours,
6 Hours, (9 Hours if you allow a headache induced nap). PtarThanes of Wrought (

Highest Magic Skill Without Casting:
Archmage in Mages Guild, Custom Monk/Thief with no spell points, Trained spells up 50% and became a lycanthrope--changing form uses the Illusion skill, Shadowspawn -

Most Complete Set of Silver Armor/Weapons:
R+L Pauldrons, Cuirass(2 styles), Gauntlets, Greaves, and Boots. Bandit, Level 2. Joseph Trawick,

Most Complete Set of Daedric Armor/Weapons:
(provide a count of the number of different daedric items including armor subtypes)
Almost 4 complete sets, Lvl 25 WarMaiden, Maranclar (
Complete Armor Set, 5 Complete Weapon Sets, Matt Hatter, Dark Banisher (Mage, Knight, Thief), David Grove (
Complete set of enchanted Daedric, Estus Bloodletter, Malaise Graves (
All Gold Trimmed, enchanted Daedric, Dardanai Centaurian, Lvl 25, Keith (
Everything except gauntlets, Janus Wetker, Level 22, Mystic (Mage/Knight),
Every single piece except left Pauldron, Tarod, Level 30, Argonian/Custom Ranger
All daedric with red cloak, bra, and pants, Cyrmoil Level 30, High Elf/God(custom), Derek Wilson (

Most Complete Set of Orcish Armor/Weapons:
7 Diff Orcish Armour, Level 17 Berserker (custom, expert, rapid-healing warrior, no magic), Matt King (

Biggest Haul from One Monster:
Warrior, Daedric Battle Axe, Daedric Saber, Daedric Pauldron, 1235 gold (next to the corpse was the Lords Mail!), Tim (

Biggest Haul from One Mob:
200,00 Gold, 4 Daedric Cuirass', 9 Daedric Dai-Katanas, 3 Orcish Boots, from Mob of Guards, Avalayar Scardan, Lvl 23 Scardan (custom burglar/acrobat/bard), Nolan Fidler (
Around 310,000 from the mages guild protection quest, Otter, Lvl 12 Warrior, Chad J Hansen (

Biggest Haul from One Dungeon:
16 million by trapping Deadra Lord's souls in soul gems, Tusk, a level 21 Highlord (Barbarian/Mage),

Highest Level WithOut Dieing:(Not Counting Any Due to Bugs)
28, Shadow Stalker, Custom Mage, Luke Jessee,

The RECORDS for Slightly Legitimate Characters
The below records belong to characters where some of the previously mentioned legitimate cheats were allowed.

Most Guilds Joined at One Time:
11 guilds, 7 of them I have rank 9 with, Kral Blackhaven, Using the v1.79 patch cheat

Highest Level (Setting Initial Skills to 0):
Level 41, Kral Blackhaven, Knight (Jackel)

Richest Character (With Stealing):
15 Million, Level 21, custom mage/cat burglar,

Most Complete Set of Daedric Armor/Weapons:
(provide a count of the number of different daedric items including armor subtypes)
17 different weapons, 20 different armor, Level 41, Kral Blackhaven, Knight (Shadow)

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