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Daggerfall Graphics

19 February 2011

Anyone who's tried to create an image to put into the game knows its not as simple as it first appears. One must match the image palette correctly and often the image size cannot be changed. I thought it would be a good idea to create a page where one could download existing graphics that gamers have created as well as post your artwork for all to see. All the pictures below will have the correct palette, and the correct size where required, for you to add them to the appropiate file using DagPic or Andypic. All files are in the PCX format unless otherwise specified.

Filename Size Description Author Sample Image
6 June 2002
? kb Two skeleton faces, meant for playing as a Lich. Brendan [Tard]
6 June 2002
? kb Black leather gloves, designed for Argonians, but probably useable by all Tamrielic males. Brendan [Tamrielic Male Armor]
6 June 2002
? kb An Argonian male, black leather, left pauldron derived from Andy Polis's female leather armor. Brendan [Argie Male Armor]
6 June 2002
? kb An Argonian male, black leather, left pauldron derived from DF original leather armor. Brendan [Argie Male Armor]
6 June 2002
3 kb A modified crosshair pointer that lets you see what you've targetted. Brendan
XALBODY.ZIP 3.5 kb A more 'buxom' female body Xalynne Blackblade
XALFACE.ZIP 1.3 kb A blonde female Nord face Xalynne Blackblade
BCKFACE.ZIP 1.5 kb A 'dirty' male face with an eyepatch
IMAGE1.ZIP 1.5 kb Anyone want a Mario face?
FACE1.ZIP 1.5 kb Red haired female elf
23 May 1998
1.2 kb, 19x26 Skeleton head used with the following skeleton body. Shadow [Skeleton Head]
23 May 1998
3.5 kb, 69x144 Skeleton body...use to replace your character body. I replaced the 2nd pic in BODY01i0 with this but it should work with most male bodies. Shadow [Skeleton Body]
23 May 1998
1.0 kb, 24x29 Replacement picture for the pure water ingrediant. Replace the 2nd picture in TEXTURE.205 but could be used elsewhere by adjusting the image size. Shadow [Water]
30 May 1998
10kb, 320x64 IMG Don't like the default spell icons...then try these. A few new icons which are more visually descriptive. Merely unzip and copy the IMG file into your ARENA2 directory. More to come soon when I think of them. Shadow [New Spell Icons]

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