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Daggerfall Bugs

15 February 2011

Unfortunately, since the release of Daggerfall there have been a plenthera of bugs that accompany it. What I'd like to have here is simply a list of all known bugs in the game with a brief description of them and what version they occur in. Feel free to submit any bugs you know of...please.

You may also want to visit the DF Cheats Page for detailed information on how to take advantage of a variety of bugs in the game...Enjoy.

  1. Sometimes if you creat a custom character, the game starts you out with around -1000 hp. you have to rest for several weeks to get full hp sometimes, and one hit from a monster kills you (all versions).
  2. Sometimes if you try to draw a weapon before it is equiped, your hand will be taken out and you can't use that weapon untill the game has been saved and reloaded several times (you may have to shut down your computer).
  3. In the first version (maybe a few others, not the latest one) if you use a certain shirts twice, i know the split shirt does this, it will mess up the game by putting in green stripes on everything. you will have to save and reload the game a few times, you might have to shut down your computer.
  4. Certain magical jewelry that you get in dungeons will turn into diffrent things when equipped (a bracer turned into some sort of moving blob) (DON'T CLICK INFO), latest version.
  5. When you equip a bow, humanoid monsters that are generated suddenly also equip one, but worst of all their bow has the same characteristics as yours. So for example when you find or buy a "death bow" (bow with the death spell on it, having the ability to kill sometimes a monster with a single shot), monsters shooting arrows at you can kill you too with a single shot. That bug exists in all versions.
  6. Having over 100% in a spell school has the result of all spells in the school costing 5 spell points (v2.13 as least I think)
  7. While in a store with your inventory set to cart, any item you pick up will go into your cart until you goto into the inventory screen or reload. (not sure which versions, all?)
  8. While in the mages guild buying items, examine the wares and exit. Go into your inventory and choose the wagon in the right hand and the magic items in the left side. Click on USE and then on your spell book. When the spell casting screen comes up, click on exit. In v2.13 the wagon column goes blank. In previous versions (not sure which ones) the wagon column would be replaced with the stores goods.
  9. Haggling over nothing (0 gold) with the mage guild identifier still increases your Mercantile skill (same with other vendors?) (versions?)
  10. Jumping while running allows one to walk on water (v2.13 at least). Jumping while going up an incline (such as stairs or a roof) lets you jump very high+far (just try it...).
  11. Casting any open spell will always open a store door (all versions)
  12. The void! (all versions)
  13. Jumping while quickly swinging a weapon allows one to fly upwards
  14. Arrows travel through walls, doors.
  15. That annoying buzz you get near lights in dungeons sometimes.
  16. When you backstab mobs with an arrow, the arrow is almost never in the corpse (all versions?, v2.13).
  17. Mobs will freeze if you attack them from a certain distance (all versions?, v2.13).
  18. If you choose any Good Rep option in the item maker, remove it, the 'Good Rep with All' option disappears from the menu.
  19. If you accept an artifact quests from a knights guild and don't complete it, that knight guild will not respond to you afterwards.
  20. Items in your wagon may disappear from time to time. This is a bug confirmed by Bethesda who haven't been able to fix it. Avoid this by checking your wagon inventory after loads to ensure nothing is missing at the end of list, selling unused items frequently, and by running the fixsave utility often.
  21. The BLANK bug still exists in v2.13
  22. You bash open doors in towns and the guards attack. When you agree to surrender they keep on attacking you and they never kill you, also you get a revered reputation (v2.13).
  23. Missing entries as well as repeated entries in the dialogs (v2.13).
  24. Casting Target at Range based spells outside doesn't work that well, especially if you and the target are at different heights (all versions).
  25. Sometimes after you practice you 'drop to the ground exhausted', even though you had full hitpoints (v2.13).
  26. The 'drop to the ground exhausted' is displayed whenever you load up a game. Bethesda says that this is due to a corrupt savegame (v???).
  27. When in dungens, When you cast a spell at range it gos through walls, and doors.
  28. When you cast the levitate spell and try to jump around your stamina just shoots down a whole bunch.
  29. The Transfer Magic spell does not appear to work (v2.13).
  30. Occasionally during the main quest, the location of a dungeon is not written on your map when it should be. This has been observed a number of times in the Dust of Restful Death and the Freeing Medora quests. The CTRL+1 map cheat appears to be a way around it (v2.13).
  31. It is possible to get 'inside' a house while in town. The walls disappear and you look like your still in town but cannot pass through the walls. Sometimes you can levitate out, sometimes not, which is terribly annoying (v2.13).
  32. Hermeus Mora WILL NOT talk to a Barbarian. Period. I spent many hours confirming this. Any other stock character or any other daedra lord works normally, but old HM seems to have a quirk. Maybe the patron of knowledge just dislikes ignorant savages? (v2.13).
  33. There's something strange with werewolf characters and the bow. After you turn back into a human using the lycanthropy spell the game wont let you equip the bow it certain situations. Not sure which version this is experienced in.

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