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Daggerfall Artifacts

15 February 2011

Many have asked about the great items of power rumoured to exist in the land of Daggerfall, fewer have foolishly attempted to find them and none but the greatest of heros have ever possesed ones. They are items blessed by the very gods of Tamriel themselves and are said to contain the very essence of them. I say you are foolish to try and learn more about them, but if you must I will tell you everything you may wish to know. The known artifacts of Daggerfall (currently numbering 23) are listed below, along with the description of each (hacked from the TEXT.RSC file in the ARENA2 directory) and hopefully a picture as well. Any corrections/suggestions/additions etc... may be Sent to the Webmaster

Artifact Picture Statistics Description
Auriel's Bow [Auriels Bow, 102x66(1.2kb)] Damage: 6-20
(1 target at range, save versus magic)
Spells: Lightning, hand of sleep, and magicka leech
Weight: 1.5 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
Auriel's Bow appears as a modest Elven Longbow, but it is one of the mightiest ever to exist in Tamriel's history. Allegedly created and used, like its sister Auriel's Shield, by the great Elvish demi-god, the Bow can turn any arrow into a missile of death and destruction. Without Auriel's power behind it, however, the bow uses its own store of energy for its power. Once exhausted of this energy, the bow will vanish and reappear whereever chance puts it. Its most recent appearances have been the subject of gossip for hundreds of years.
Auriel's Shield
(Tower Shield, although looks like a round)
[Auriel's Shield, 40x52(1.7kb)] +4 Armour
(caster only)
Spells: Resist Fire, Shield, and Spell Reflection
Weight: 12.5 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
Auriel's Shield, an Ebony shield said to have once belonged to the quasi-mythical Elvish deity Auriel, can make its wielder nigh invulnerable. In its resistance to fire and magick, Auriel's Shield is unsurpassed. Like many artifacts of Tamriel, the Shield has life and personality of its own, and does not feel bound to its user. A popular fable tells the tale of it abandoning one wielder in her greatest hour of need, but this is perhaps apocryphal.
Azura's Star
Soul Gem, Amulet
[Azura's Star, 30x30(1.4kb)] Resuable Soul Gem
(1 target, save vs. magic)
Spells: None
Weight: 0.25 kg
Value: 0 Gold
Summon Azura on the 21st of First Seed
Few mortals have the stomach to trade in souls. The Dark Brotherhood does it, as do certain groups within the Mages Guild. For these cruel folk, Azura's Star has a particular fascination. The Star acts as a reusable soul gem. The soul of any creature killed by the bearer of the Star is trapped within it. If the Star already carries a soul, nothing happens. Using Azura s Star empties it, freeing the trapped soul to make its journey to Oblivion. Azura's Star can be used to make magical items over and over and over.
[Chryasmyre, 81x114(1.7kb)] (caster only)
Spells: Resist fire, Shalidor's mirror, and Heal
Damage: 8-24
Weight: 7.5 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest (Ancient Lich quest)
Chrysamere, the Paladin's Blade and Sword of Heroes, is an ancient claymore with offensive capabilities only surpassed by its defenses. It lends the wielder health, protects him or her from fire, and reflects any deletory spells cast against the wielder back to the caster. Seldom has Chrysamere been wielded by a bladesman for any length of time, for it chooses not to favor one champion.
Ebony Blade
Ebony Katana
[Ebony Blade, 37x32(1.1kb)] (1 target at range, save versus magic)
Spells: Far Silence, Vampiric Touch, and Energy Leech
Damage: 11-24
Weight: 2.5 kg
Summon Mephala on the 13th of Frostfall
The Ebony Blade, sometimes called the Vampire or the Leech, resembles an ebony katana, and its power is very dark indeed. Every time the Ebony Blade strikes an opponent, part of the damage inflicted flows into the wielder as raw power. The Blade itself may not be any more evil than those who have used it, but at some point in its history, a charm was cast on it so it would not remain with any one bladesman for long. The wizard who cast this charm sought to save the souls of any too infatuated by the Blade, and perhaps he was right to do so.
Ebony Mail
Ebony Cuirass
[Ebony Mail, 38x50(1.4kb)] (caster only)
Spells: Resist fire, Shield, and Spell Shield
+8 AC
Weight: 12.5 kg
Summon Boethiah on the 2nd of Sun's Dusk
The Ebony Mail is an artifact created before recorded history, according to legend, by the Dark Elven goddess Boethiah. It is she who determines who should possess the Mail and for how long a time. If judged worthy, its power grants the wearer invulnerability to all common magical attacks that drain talents and health. It is Boethiah alone who determines when a person is ineligible to bear the Ebony Mail any longer, and the goddess can be very capricious.
Hircine's Ring/Shield [Hircine's Ring, 36x42(1.5kb)] Turn into a Werebeast once per day
(caster only)
Spells: None
Weight: 0.25 kg
Summon Hircine on the 5th of Mid Year at a Witches Coven
The curse of lycanthropy has its advantages. The incredible strength, speed, ferocity of a werebeast make it a fearsome opponent. There are, of course, disadvantages. The bearer of the Hircine Shield can choose when to be a lycanthrope and when not. Essentially this gives him all the advantages with few of the negatives.
Lord's Mail, Armor of Morihaus
[Lord's Mail, 38x50(1.6kb)] Regenerate Health
(caster only)
Spells: Cure Poison and Spell Shield
+7 AC
Weight: 12.5 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
The Lord's Mail, sometimes called the Armor of Morihaus, the Gift of Kynareth, is an ancient cuirass of unsurpassable quality. It grants the wearer the power to regenerate lost health, resist the effects of spells, and cure oneself of poison when used. It is said that whenever Kynareth deigns the wearer unworthy, the Lord's Mail will be taken away and hidden for the next chosen one.
Mace of Molag Bal [Mace of Molag'Baal, 75x27(1.2kb)] Drains Spell points and Strength
(1 target, save vs. magic)
Spells: None
Damage: 13-24
Weight: 4.5 kg
Summon Molag Bal on the 20th of Evening Star
Also known as the Vampire's Mace, the Mace of Molag Bal drains its victims of spell points and gives them to the bearer. If the victim has no spell points, he is drained of strength, which is also transferred to the wielder. Using the Mace of Molag Bal can actually give its bearer more spell points or more strength than he would have fully rested. However, these bonus points are temporary. Molag Bal has been quite free with his artifact. There are many legends about the mace. It seems to be a favorite for vanquishing mad wizards.
Masque of Clavicus Vile
[Masque of Clavicus Vile, 30x36(1.3kb)] Increases Repuation probably
(caster only)
Spells: None
Weight: 0.25 kg
Summon Clavicus on the 1st of Morning Star
Ever the vain one, Clavicus Vile made a masque suited to his own personality. The bearer of the masque is more likely to get a positive response from the people of Tamriel. The higher his personality, the larger the bonus. The best known story of the masque tells the tale of Avalea, a noblewoman of some renown. As a young girl, she was grossly disfigured by a spiteful servant. Avalea made a dark deal with Clavicus Vile and received the masque in return. Though the masque did not change her looks, suddenly she had the respect and admiration of everyone. A year and a day after her marriage to a well connected baron, Clavicus reclaimed his masque. Although pregnant with his child, Avalea was banished from the baron's household. Twenty one years and one day later, Avalea's daughter claimed her vengeance by slaying the baron. Spells: None
Mehrunes' Razor
Ebony Dagger
[Mehrune's Razor, 66x17(1.1kb)] Save vs. Magic or Die
(1 target, save vs. magic)
Spells: None
Damage: 11-16
Weight: 0.5 kg
Summon Mehrunes Dagon on the 20th of Sun's Dusk
The Dark Brotherhood has covetted this ebony dagger for generations. This mythical artifact is capable of slaying any creature instantly. Victims of the Razor must save vs. magic or be slain. History does not record any bearers of Mehrunes Razor. However, eighty years ago the Dark Brotherhood was decimated by a vicious internal power struggle. It is suspected that the razor was involved.
Namira's Ring [Ring of Namira, 40x40(1.7kb)] Opponent takes damage from own attacks
(caster only)
Spells: None
Casting Cost: Equal to the damage done to the opponent
Weight: 0.25 kg
Value: 50,000 Gold
Summon Namira on the 9th of Second Seed
Namira is aligned with the darker side of nature, as is her ring. While the ring is being worn, any damage the bearer takes is suffered by the attacker as well. Spells and missile attacks are ignored. How much damage the attacker suffers depends upon his nature. Animals and Spriggans take no damage, being creatures of natures. Daedric beings only take half the damage they do, being supernatural creatures. Humanoids and monsters take full damage. Undead take twice the damage they dole out, because they are wholly unnatural creatures.
Necromancer's Amulet [Necromancer's Ring, 40x40(1.5kb)] Absorb Spells
(caster only)
Spells: Troll's blood and wisdom
Value: 3,620 gold
Weight: 0.25 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
The legendary Necromancer's Amulet, the last surviving relic of the mad sorceror Mannimarco, grants any spellcaster who wears it the ability to regenerate from injury, and absorb magicka. The bearer also becomes wise beyond his years. This artifact is popular amongst mages. It is the one flaw of the Amulet that it is unstable in this world forever doomed to fade in and out of existence, reappearing at locations distant from that of its disappearance.
Oghma Infinium [Oghma Infinitum, 48x36(1.3kb)] 30 Points to Distribute among Attributes
(caster only)
Spells: None
Weight: 2 kg
Value: 50,000 gold
Summon Hermaeus Mora on the 5th of First Seed
The Oghma Infinium is a tome of knowledge written by the Ageless One, the wizard-sage Xarses. All who read the Infinium are filled with the energy of the artifact which can be manipulated to raise ones abilities to near demi-god proportions. Once used, legend has it, the Infinium will disappear from its wielder. It leaves one with 30 bonus points to distribute among the character's attributes as one wants.
Ring of Khajiiti [Ring of Khajiit, 40x40(1.7kb)] Increases skill Stealth?
(caster only)
Spells: Invisibility and Feet of Notorgo
Weight: 0.25 kg Value: 1740 gold
Summon Meridia on the 13th of Morning Star
The Ring of the Khajiiti is an ancient relic, hundreds of years older than Rajhin, the thief who made the Ring famous. It was Rajhin who used the Ring's powers to make himself as invisible, silent, and quick as a breath of wind. Using the Ring he became the most successful burglar in Elsweyr s history. Rajhin's eventual fate is a mystery, but according to legend, the Ring rebelled against such constant use and disappeared, leaving Rajhin helpless before his enemies.
Sanguine Rose [Sanguine Rose, 48x36(1.2kb)] Summons a Lesser Daedra to fight for caster
(caster only)
Spells: None
Value: 0 gold
Weight: 0.25 kg
Summon Sanguine on the 16th of Sun's Dawn
The Sanguine Rose is not an artifact most folk would care to have. It summons a lesser daedra to the user. The daedra will attack any other creature in the area except the bearer of the rose. The rose is like any other in that it will wilt. The more of its power that is used, the more wilted it becomes. Eventually all its petals fall off and it loses its powers. Somewhere in Oblivion a new rose blooms and is plucked by Sanguine herself to be given to a new champion.
Skeleton's Key
[Skeleton Key, 48x36(1.3kb)] Open any non-magical lock once/day
(caster only)
Spells: Open
Value: 1,800 gold
Weight: 0.5 kg
Summon Nocturnal on the 8th of Hearthfire
The power of the Skeleton's Key is very simple, indeed. With it, any non-magically locked door or chest is instantly accessible to even the clumsiest of lockpickers. A particularly skillful lockpicker may even open some magically barred doors with the Key. The two limitations placed on the Key by wizards who sought to protect their storehouses were that the Key could only be used once a day and it would never be the property of one thief for too long. Some of those who have possessed the Key have made themselves rich before it disappeared, others have broken into places they never should have entered. Once a day this key allows one to open one non-magical lock, or a good chance at opening a low level magical lock.
Skull of Corruption
[Skull of Coruption, 46x34(1.2kb)] Creates clone of opponent which it attacks
(1 target, save vs. magic)
Spells: None
Weight: 0.25 kg
Value: 0 Gold
Summon Vaernima on the 10th of Sun's Height
Using the Skull of Corruption on an opponent creates a duplicate of the victim. However, this duplicate will attack the original, not the wielder of the Skull. There is a story about the Thieves Guild Master and the skull that is probably fiction, but highly amusing. The Master used the skull on her enemy, creating a clone of him to fight. After defeating the original, the clever duplicate snatched the Skull from the Master and used it on her. Although the cloned enemy could not directly attack the Master, it could use the Skull to create a duplicate Master. The two clones jointly ruled the Thieves Guild for years.
Spell Breaker
Tower Shield
[Spell Breaker, 57x112(3.7kb)] Silence?
(caster only)
Spells: Free Action and Spell Reflection
+4 AC
Weight: 12.50 kg
Summon Peryite on the 9th of Rain's Hand
Spell Breaker, superficially a Dwarven tower shield, is one of the most ancient relics of Tamriel. Aside from its historic importance dating from the Battle of Rourken-Shalidor, the Spell Breaker protects its wielder almost completely from any spellcaster, either by dispelling magicks or silencing any mage about to cast a spell. It is said that the Breaker still searches for its original owner, and will not remain the property of any one else for long. For most, possessing Spell Breaker for any time is power enough.
Staff of Magnus [Staff of Magnus, 100x141(1.6kb)] Regenerate Health when used
(caster only)
Spells: Spell absorption
Damage: 13-20
Weight: 2 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
The Staff of Magnus, one of the elder artifacts of Tamriel, was a metaphysical battery of sorts for its creator, the Arch-Mage Magnus. When used, it regenerates the wielder's health at remarkable rates. In time, the Staff will abandon the bearer who wields it before he becomes too powerful and upsets the mystical balance it is sworn to protect.
Dwarven Warhammer
[Volendrung, 111x53(1.6kb)] Lends health to user
(1 target at touch, save versus magic)
Spells: Paralysis, and vampiric touch
Damage: 7-22
Weight: 7 kg
Summon Malacath on the 8th of Frostfall
The Hammer of Might, Volendrung is said to have been created by the Dwarves of the now abandoned clan of Rourken, hundreds of years before they disappeared from the world of Tamriel. It has the ability to grant health to its wielder, but it is best known for the paralyzing and strength leeching effects it has when cast at an enemy. Like the Dwarves who created it, Volendrung is prone to disappearing suddenly, resurfacing sometimes in days, sometimes in eons.
(currently broken in versions v1.79 and earlier, will crash game if used!!!)
[Wabbajack, 102x141(1.5kb)] Turns monster into another type
(1 target, save vs. magic)
Spells: None
Damage: 13-20
Weight: 2 kg
Summon Sheogorath on the 2nd of Sun's Dawn
Madness and chaos are the trademarks of Sheogorath. The Wabbajack embodies these same traits. Using the artifact on a creature will transform it into something else. The creature can become any one of the following monsters: rat, imp, spriggan, giant bat, grizzly bear, spider, nymph, harpy, skeletal warrior, giant, zombie, giant scorpion, iron atronach, flesh atronach, ice atronach, fire atronach, lich. The problem is the bearer has no way of controlling the transformation. He could change a giant bat into a lich, or a fire atronach into a rat.
Warlock's Ring
[Warlock's Ring, 30x40(1.6kb)] (caster only)
Spells: Shalidor's mirror, Heal, and feet of Notorgo
Value: 3,490 gold
Weight: 0.25 kg
Obtained via a Knights Guild quest
The Warlock's Ring of the Arch-Mage Syrabane is one of the most popular relics of myth and fable. In Tamriel's ancient history, Syrabane saved all of the continent by judicious use of his Ring, and ever since, it has helped adventurers with less lofty goals. It is best known for its ability to reflect spells cast at its wearer and to improve his or her speed and health, though it may have additional powers. No adventurer can wear the Warlock's Ring for long, for it is said the Ring is Syrabane's alone to command.

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