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Daggerfall Cheats

15 February 2011

Every once-in-a-while, I'm sure all of us get the urge to pump up our character's stats, get a little extra gold, or get that 'awesome' weapon...whether to kill that pesky ancient lich whose been bothering you or just to see how powerful a character can be. This page contains info on how to obtain such through various methods...enjoy. Please feel free to Contact the Webmaster with any suggestions, cheats not included here or links to sites containing cheat info.

You might also want to check out the Daggerfall File Area which contains various editors and hacks for the game.

Major Topics, Seperate Documents
BIOG??T0.TXT Files - 28 October 1998
A large collection of information on how to edit the files which affect the character creation process.
Hacking Guide - 28 October 1998
A collection of documents and sites giving information on how to hack save game files and descriptions of file formats used in Daggerfall.
Minor Topics, Found Below
2 Million Gold in One Night - 3 April 2002
Get a boatload full of gold and loot in one night.
Free Mana - 3 April 2002
How to get mana back from cancelling casting a spell.
Stealing from General Stores - 10 January 1999
A tip on how to steal without worrying about the guards.
Getting Better Treasure - 25 October 1998
Increase your chances of getting good loot by reloading your game.
Formula For Level 255 - 12 October 1998
Step-by-step instructions on how to reach the maximum level in the game.
Soul-Binding Cheat - 26 July 1998
Bind a soul into an item with no side effects.
Teleporting to Dungeon Exits - 28 February 1998
How to teleport to the dungeon exit without using any spells or items.
Free Enchantment Points - 10 December 1997
How to get enchantment points from bound souls without the disadvantages.
Low Spell Cost - 16 October 1997
Cast any spell for only 5 spell points, apply now, limited offer!
Character Creation Cheat - 16 October 1997
Reset the attribute totals during character creation to give your character as low, or as high attributes as you want.
Stealing Your Fortune - 6 September 1997
Ever notice how the horse and cart in a store repop after you steal them...hehe.
Running Across Water - 6 September 1997
A neat little trick enabling one to essentially walk on water (although I haven't tried it myself).
Achieving Level 75+ - 6 September 1997
Cheat which enables one to get levels as high as 75 by editting the BIOG files.
Joining Multiple Guilds - 28 April 1997
In patch versions 1.91 and later you can only join one knightly order and one temple. For those who wish to join more, here's how.
v2.13 Cheat Codes - 28 April 1997
Listing of the cheat codes available in the v2.12 patch and how to activate them.
High Levels FAST - 3 January 1997
How to level quickly by using the skills editor to advance skills
Mercantile Skills - 3 December 1996
A Great way to practice the mercantile skill, without spending anything.
Improving Jumping - 13 November 1996
How to jump many times in a short period and thus insure the increase in the jumping skill.
Free Magic Items - 13 November 1996
How to steal from the mages guild (or any store?) without any side effects.
Cheap Enchanting - 13 November 1996
Item enchanting bug which allows binding a bound soul multiple times to an object.
Changing Weapons Quickly - 13 November 1996
A half-cheat on how to change weapons without having to wait in combat.
Cheap Spells - 13 November 1996
How to create very cheap spells.
Infinite Magic - 13 November 1996
How to use spell absorption and area effect spells to your advantage.
Increasing Stats - Old
An internal cheat in allowing the editing of the characters statistics (strength, intelligence etc...).
Unlimited Treasure - Old
Internal bug allowing infinite treasure if you don't mind reloading.

How to Get +2 million gold in One Night
3 April 2002

Taking advantage of the ship is an easy way to make money. During my career as a young thief (well, a Dark Blade to be exact, but custom classes aside . . . ) I spent many a night frustrated because my cart was full of books, holy daggers, holy tomes, and such, and most of the night was yet ahead. Once I finally got around to buying a ship, I noticed an intruiging anomaly. When I went to my ship, and then came back to town, ALL OF THE STORE INVENTORIES WERE RESET!!!!!!!

Somehow in the blink of an eye, between my going to the Docks to check on my boat, and wandering back to town, each and every one of the stores had been restocked. Well, being the good . . . err, bad, little thief I am, it occured to me that instead of wasting my time in the pawn shops and general stores stealing books, I could simply hit the weapon shops 20 or 30 times in one night, and swipe all the daedric stuff, and make a killing. (Ok, I stole everything Elven or higher, well, fine then, silver is worth more than elven, so I stole that too) I lost count of the number of times I hit the stores in that one night, but I got 5 cart-loads of stuff, (stashed them on the ship) and made a little over 2.3 million gold in one Daggerfall night.

Original Text Written by Star Fire -

Free Mana
3 April 2002

There's another magic cheat I found by accident. If you cast the most powerful spell you can afford, then try to use a magic item requiring a target. Intead of targeting something, use Q to recall the spell. You'll get the cost of the spell back, and you can use the magic Item/recall any number of times without actually recasting the spell... Hence if you heal yourself or use stamina, then use some magic bracers or something and cancel the spell a few times you'll have full mana again in a few seconds.

Original Text Written by Joshua Garren -

Getting Better Treasure
25 October 1998

When you find a pile of treasure (random treasure), save your game. Make sure you are staring at the treasure when saving. Then pick up the treasure. If it is not something that you want to keep, reload your game, and pick up the treasure again. If it is not what you want, reload again. You can do this until you get something good, or just get tired of it. THINGS TO LOOK FOR... holy daggers Weight.25, holy tombs ~2.0(dagger is better, both item's base value is 2500, but the dagger is lighter), Any magic item is a good find, any item of superior material (at low levels, elven/dwarven or higher levels, mithril or better). When you find something you want to keep, save, and continue. This can be time consuming when your computer is being stingey/greedy, but when you pawn your items (fortify your personality w/spell before you sell), and come out with nearly enough $ to buy a ship, SMILE. I came out of an adventure with 10 magic items, and (after the pawn shop) aroung 100,000, and several mithril/ebony items to keep, one of which is an ebony dai-katana that i now use regularly. This is especially useful at lower levels when magical and quality items are rare or non-existant.

Original Text Written by Reaper -

Another Soul-Bind Cheat
26 July 1998

Now, this is a really dirty and underhanded trick for Daggerfall, so people intent on playing fairly at all, don't use it. The best way to make powerful items, is of course, to soul bind a powerful creature into it, right? That's all fine and good, but the side effects can be a real drag. To soul bind a creature with _No_ side effects, select all your item's properties _first_, before adding and disadvantages. Thten, add some other excess powers, just to take up space, until the game says that the item can't have any more powers (I believe this is after you put about 10 or so in an item). Then, remove the lest power. _Now_ put the sould bound critter in the item. The game will display the message "no more room in item." No room for the disadvantage side effects that is. You will have an item with a soul bound creature, with all the bonus points, but none of the side effects. Great, neh? This works in all versions of Daggerfall to date.

Original Text Written by The Laughing Bandit -

Teleporting to Dungeon Exits
28 February 1998

I have a cheat/bug I couldn't find on your site. When you want to get out of a dungeon fast and don't have the teleport spell, save your game. Then reload, walk a bit forward, then do the alt-F11 half-cheat, the computer will not have the data left from were you were standing before you saved and when you reach that point, you'll get teleported to the exit.

Original Text Written by Xanathan

Increasing Character's Stats

There is a bug (or 'easter egg') in the game that will allow you to increase your stats (str, dex ...) to the max. of 100.

  1. load up a saved game or start a new one
  2. go to the screen where it shows you your stats, levels, affilations...etc
  3. now click on any of the stats that you want to increase, it will show you a message saying how well your score is.
  4. now click to the side of that stat to increase or decrease it. It's like the counter button you get when you raise a level, only it's invisible.

Note: it only gives you 3-6 points to play with each time, so when you can't increase anymore just click on the inventory button then go back to the screen and repeat the process.

NOTE: This has only been tested with the retail version, not the demo(s). I couldn't get this to work under patch 179.

Unlimited Treasure

First of all, I'm using version 1.075 on windows 95. Find a stash of treasure in the attic of a tavern. I'm in the King's Goat in Chesterwark. Walk right up to the treasure and look down at it. Take all the treasure and then save your game. Restore the game you just saved and the treasure will be back again as if you never too it. It's still random treasure, but who cares.

Do this until you're almost fully loaded. Then spin around 180 degrees and remove the treasure to your wagon. Then spin around 180 degrees so you're facing the spot where the treasure was and save your game. When you restore the game, the treasure will be back again.

This was taken from ACEKIDS

Cheap Enchanting

This is ridiculous. Sweet, but ridiculous. I'm enchanting stuff with 9 advantages at a cost of only 100 EP.

Get an Iron Atronach soul. Bound it to item, then add a bunch of advantages. Then remove all the advantages and exit the item maker. Re-enter item maker. Now I can bind that same atronach four times (it just keeps reappearing in the list!). Remove all atronach bindings - notice that removing just ONE removes all the green items, too. Add featherweight and get two freebies. Remove featherweight, leaving two freebies. Do the atronach binding again, remove them again. Now add featherweight and get EIGHT freebies (could have nine, but the last one goes off the end of the scroll). Never have to use the atronach soul.

NOTE: Using this cheat (multiple bindings) does seem to cause a number of errors. I've encountered #2 (can't enter ship), #117 (occurs seemingly at random), and an unknown on that dumps me back into Windows.

Make High Level FAST!

Want to make level 30 in about 30 min? I found this out after my long sword skill got to 100 and i was level 15. It said i was a master and could no longer advance. Why bother playing if you can't go up in level or hit points. So with any skill editor you open up the skills and add 15 points to one primary skill, save and exit. Load the game in daggerfall and rest for 7 hours...and level. Save the game, edit the file again and add 15 more points. This also works on the 2 highest minor skills and the highest secondary skills. I tried it with a savegame and went from level 15 to 29 in about half an hour. If you restart the game and give yourself very low starting skills you could go even further. My guess is that there is a math limit of about level 35 or so but not sure yet...anyone????

3 January 1997

I saw the guys suggestion here, and I did it a lot easier in about 10 minutes. Here's how:

First, find a good spot to sleep, you'll need it for a few days. Save your game there and use an editor to change that saved game so that all of your skills are set to 100 and all of your stats set to about 80. Then load the saved game and sleep for 6 hours at a time. For every 6 hours you sleep (I also rested until all my health points were gained in between sleeping periods), you'll gain a level. You'll be 30th level in no time, but that's the highest level in the game, so don't keep trying. Then use whatever stat editor you used before and set your stats at what you think they should be or what you want them to be ;). You won't be gaining any more levels, so don't worry about changing all your stats to 100, you won't have to add any more points. Enjoy!

Original Text Written by Phreak -

Quick Looting to Cart
November 1996

If you go to a store and sell something (or start to) and then leave your default inventory list set to your cart, you can go to a dungeon and grab anything at all and it goes straight to your cart. If you hit any of the inventory tabs, however, it resets back to normal. Also, if you have to reload a game it will reset you to a normal inventory list.

Increasing Jumping
November 1996

Make sure you are in a building with a low ceiling, then cast levitate, then hold down the run key and the jump key. Your character will start rising slowly in the air, and you will notice that their energy bar starts decreasing rapidly. This is because the game is checking your jump skill every time the jump key repeats (very quickly). This is guaranteed to increase your jump skill a point in the morning!

Free Magic Items
November 1996

To get any item from the Magic Item seller in the Mages Guild (and maybe elsewhere), Examine the wares, exit the conversation. Look in your inventory switch the left column to your wagon. Change the right-side inventory over to your Magic Items. Select the "Use" button/option between the inventory columns. Click on your spellbook (it will open to allow you to cast spells). Hit the exit button to abort instead of casting anything. As you abort, the Wagon's inventory will be replaced by the store's inventory that you had viewed just before hitting the inventory button/hot key. And you can't get caught or loose reputation. (doesn't work in v2.13, although something wierd does happen)

Original Text Written by Frederick Morris Napier -

Changing weapons quickly
November 1996

If you desperately need to swap weapons in the middle of a battle without getting massacred while equipping them, try this: instead of going to the inventory, go to the character sheet and then the inventory. When you quit the inventory sheet, you get back to the character sheet, and can watch the equipping messages roll by. When all is ready, exit that and swing away... instant equipping!! (Essential when your main enchanted weapon breaks!!!)

Original Text Written by Richard Kempton -

Creating Cheap Spells
November 1996

There is an internal cheat in Daggerfall which allows one to create very cheap spells. Naming a spell with $ as the first character,

	$Dave's Fireball
will result in the spell costing 1/4 of the normal cost in spell points. Naming a spell with an ! as the first character,
will result in the spell costing no spell points, although it can be cast only once a day (every 24 hours). This 'feature' has been disabled in later patch versions (1.91 and on?).

Almost Inexhaustible Supply of Magic
November 1996

I just figured out how to get an inexhaustible supply of magic, without sleeping. You don't even pause, just keep on casting spells... Use the spell absorption and when you want to heal up or become invisible or whatever, you make the spell use the area affect instead of self as the target and then cast it at your feet, a wall, or monster. This is cool because most spells are additive and by casting them this way even weak spells can have a duration of rounds/days/weeks, you decide! Uncool though that either the designers didn't consider the ramifications of spell absorption or this is the way it is supposed to work? Anyway I like it because I use it for some of the wierder effects that wouldn't be worth it otherwise, like jump; is fun to be able to jump ten feet up! Or make just one weak spell for say, levitation, where sometimes I want it to last a long time and other times that would be annoying. Actually I don't make all spells "area effect" as not all can be and it isn't necessary, just use the ones that are to recharge for the ones that aren't. This totally beats using magic items to regain spell points. Too slow, and magic items are better for other stuff than recharging spell points anyway. This is also a great way to practice spells without ever running out of spell points.

Original Text Written by Lena -

Another Good Supply of Magic
This cheat is using magical items to provide an nearly endless spell oint supply(sell it when it goes "Worn") (useful in dungeons). It works with any spell that requires you to fire it, which gives you a chance to abort it(which is what you do). It will replenish the number of spell points you used for your last spell. If it was Bouyancy, it's 5 pionts; Fireball that's 80 points. Its a use for useless items such as "Bracers of Paralysis" or "Wrap of Far Silence". I have a Cyrix machine so it might not work on your system. In addition if you use a Worn Magic Item for too long it makes your system crash, so sell it.

Original Text Written by Lawrence Mazaras -

Yet Another Practically Infinite Supply of Magic
November 1996

When you abort the an enchanted item's spell (with 'E'), it will return ALL of the spellpoints utilized on the last spell that you cast. If you have used a spell that drained all of your magicka, all of it will then be returned to you, regardless of the power of the spell of the enchanted item. Also, the item does not have to be one that works at range, it may also be a caster only item that requires touch.

Original Text Written by Lyvim Xaphir, High Elf SpellMerc -

Practice Mercantile
3 December 1996

I have found a bug in daggerfall that allows you to increase you merchantile skill for free. I am runing version 1.77 of daggerfall. what you do is goto the mages guild and talk to the identify person. ask them to identify and have them identfy nothing. a message shuld come up asking if you want to identify for 0 gold. Anwser yes. And repeat, Each time counts as buying or selling something allowing you to increase your mercantile skill for nothing. This also works with repair.

Original Text Written by Bob -

Patch v2.12 Cheat Codes
28 April 1997

In the patches v2.12 and later one can activate some of the developement cheat keys in the game. Here's how...

  1. With a text editor (like DOS Edit or Windows Notepad) open the file Z.CFG in the main DAGGER directory. Add a line CHEATMODE 1 to activate the cheat codes.
  2. While in the game, the cheat keys are...
    1. 1: Sets your MaxSpeed to 1200 (6x the normal value).
    2. CTRL-F1: Activate all maps on the fast travel map. This can be useful if somehow a location is no longer on the map.
    3. CTRL-F4: Invulnerable mode.
    4. ALT-F11: If you fall into the void, pressing this will take you back to the previous object you were standing on. This can help you get out of the void when you fall into it.
    5. [ and ]: If you're in a dungeon, these keys will cycle you through the various quest locations. Be careful though that you don't beam into a location that is occupied by a monster. You will be trapped inside the monster. Also, some locations are high enough to pop you into the void when you beam to it. This can be useful if you fall into the void or can't find the quest item you're looking for.
    6. - and =: These keys raise your reputation and your skills.
    There are several additional codes that weren't released by Bethesda
    1. ': Displays quest flag information. Useful if you're into quest hacking only.
    2. f9: Clear the quest display information.
  3. Now remember, use these codes wisely, and only when you absolutely must and have no other possible course of action...yah right!

Joining more than one Knight/Temple Guild
28 April 1997

In patch versions 1.91 and later you can no longer join multiple Knightly orders or temples. For those with current patch version who wish to join more than one here's how.

  1. Install another Daggerfall game into another drive/directory. Use the minimum install unless you've got plenty of hard drive space.
  2. Upgrade this new installation to patch version 1.79 (version 1.77 may work but I'm not sure).
  3. Load up your game in your usual Daggerfall game with the later patch. Find a guild which you wish to join and enter the building. Save the game and exit.
  4. Copy the save game into the Daggerfall v1.79 directory which you've recently made.
    	Example:   cd \dagger\save4
    		   copy *.* d:\dag01\save4
  5. You _may_ need to run an old version of FIXSAVE to get the game running now. I transfer games from v2.13 to v1.79 running v1.1 of FIXSAVE and it works fine.
  6. Start up the v1.79 of DF and load this game.
  7. Join the guild and save the game and exit.
  8. Again, transfer this newly saved game into your usual DF directory.
  9. Start up your usual DF, load the new game and presto, you're joined to several temple/knightly guilds.

Stealing Your Fortune
6 September 1997

This is a way to get as much money as time (and patience) allows. To do this your patch must allow you to sell horses and carts. This is how you do it. First go to a General Store, it makes no difference where, and loiter till it closes. When it does you can take stuff off the shelves just like it was treasure. Pick a shelf that contains a horse and carriage and remove everything. Keep what you want and sell what you don't. Now, everytime you take the horse and cart and look back at the shelf the horse and cart will be back. Because they weigh absolutely nothing you can keep taking them till the store reopens or you get bored. Then sell them to the storekeeper who is still in the shop. If you load the save game again the storekeeper will disappear, but it's no big deal. Also if you get so much money that you wouldn't be able to carry it all the store keeper will automatically give it to you in letters of credit. This works everywhere.

Edward Corcoran -

Running Across Water
6 September 1997

If there is a body of water in your way and you feel the need to keep dry just hold the run ( p ) and jump ( J ) bottons down and you will simply bounce across the surface of the water at a running speed. Much faster then swimming (verified in v2.13)

Achieving Level 75+
6 September 1997

To make this work, you must edit your biography file that you want for your charactor. Set at least one answer to a backround question to give you -100 on every skill (at the least), and make sure that nothing will give bonuses to a skill! Create your charactor, and make sure you have cheat keys enabled! Note, when adding your bonus points to skills, the third major skill gets all of them, the primary scores get them divided evenly, and anything but the first minor score gets points. In the first dungeon, you can stay for a few weeks and emerge at level 73! You should be able to make it to 75 or 76 if you save after each level (see below). Press the + key once and rest for twelve hours. Repeat this. After a while, you will find that they don't give you the level! Change it to ++ instead (the point you used the first time and didn't get the level is gone for good, and that is why saving after each level helps). By the time you're finished, you should be up to at least +++ because you didn't get yet another level. This can be time consuming, but when you can make a spell that has 1 +1/level and get 76... In addition, all skills will be at 100 when you leave (unless you WANTED them lower, along with your level).

Bobby Birks -

The highest level I've ever made was about 125. I used an editing util to give me level 50 (highest allowed by that util), and set my stats on things like personality to 1. Then I raised my skills in most things to 999. Note: after Level 99 Daggerfall only recognizes the first 2 digits, so Level 125 is actually interpreted as Level 12. Also, when using an editing util keep the following skills at 200 or less to avoid crashing daggerfall: Mercantile, Streetwise, Ettiquette. Advantages to this are that you face tougher creatures, and shops have more Daedric stuff to steal, uh, I mean sell.


Reseting Attribute Totals During Character Creation
16 October 1997

When you are customizing a character you have to make your basic attributes have a total of 0 at the end. I have found seacret that if you make your attributes to whereever you want them you can press U to reset the +/- total to zero. This also works when distributing the few randomly determined attribute points on the next screen (both verified in v2.13)

Original Text Written by

Extremely Low Spell Cost
16 October 1997

Simply buy enough magical items (or create them yourself with the item maker), so that you have over 100% percent in a particular spell school. Now you can cast any spell, no matter how powerful from this spell school of magicka at a 5 spell-point cost!!!!! I'm not to sure which versions of the game this works in, but I think at least v2.13.

Original Text Written by Alexander -

Exact Formula for Level 255
12 October 1998

Follow these semi-easy steps and your 1+1/lev damage spells will incinerate the deadliest lich!

  1. Think about what class and race you want. If custom, see 1A.
  2. Follow these steps in place of steps 2 and 3 if a custom class
    1. Edit the biography files and add (x/#) after each question, with x being the biography file number (0-18) and # being the question within (1-12).
    2. Start up Daggerfall and make your selections, writing down ALL information when you are done, including the skills you chose. Stats (STR, etc.) may not be necessary, but disadvantages, advantages, HP, and everything else is.
    3. Select to answer the questions yourself and take note of which are asked (by the file and question).
    4. Pick a Minor skill other than the first and put a mark by it.
  3. Load up Daggerfall with your choices.
  4. When the option to add points to your skills comes up, take note of what each skill is and the order it appears. Put a mark by a Minor skill of your choice (NOT the first one).
  5. Edit the biography file for your class, or the necessary files and questions. Make sure there are no bonuses to skills! (replace them with gold or something).
  6. Load Daggerfall and answer the modified questions. If the questions for your custom class are different, take note of them and edit them too (you will need to go back). Custom class people, use the EXACT same configuration you had earlier.
  7. When told to add bonus points, add two each to each of the Primary and Major skills. Balance the Minor skills so that all are equal.
  8. Save your game.
  9. Refer to a save game modiefier that can edit level (up to 255) and skills (to 100), or a file with hex editing info. (hex) Edit your level to 255, and all skills to 100.
  10. Load your game and sleep for eight hours. If you 'advance' to level 0, or drop to level 254, then you may have made a mistake somewhere. If your level dropped, rest for eight hours again. If it drops further to 253, then you were probably way off. If it stops at 254, then that should be good enough for you.
  11. (optional, and a good idea) You may want to go back and change your health/max health to a higher amount. And set your stats to 100 (both would have gone up with natural advancement). If you want to be fair on health, find out what HP/level (#1) is for your class, divide in half(#2). Add these two together and divide in half (#3). Multiply by 254 (#4) and then add your starting health (#5), and your done (Health).
	(#1)/2 = (#2);  (#1) + (#2) = (#3);  (#3) x 254 = (#4);  (#4) + (#5) = Health

Original Text Written by Bobby Birks -

Update For The 127 max skill Cheat

The 127 maximum natural skills hack and the level 255 cheat aren't compatible as they are. The level 255 cheat will work the same with the skill hack, exept that the penalties must be changed to 533, 523, and 518 for the primary, major, and minor skills (respectivly).

And another note for both level 255 cheats, some skills will need to be set even lower if a racial benefit makes it higher. Just make sure that the skills total out to be -3197 for the normal level 255 cheat, and -3035 for the 127 maxskill hack version. Those values (-3197 and -3035) may or may not work if set as initial skill value when editing a saved game. The hex values for level 255 (to set for starting skills, that is) are 100 maxskills: 83F3FFFF and for 127 maxskills: 2FF4FFFF They should be accurate enough (the value for 127 maxskills got me to level 254...good enough for anybody!) As a side note, the level 255 values are listed as they would appear in a hexadecimal editor. You may want to remind some people that the starting skills value is 58 (hex) (88 decimal?) over from the start of the character name.

Original Text Written By Saracoth -

Level 255 Update

Item 1: Semi-improved "Make High Level Fast" cheat: (only change is more time taken and avoiding the use of editors that will create buggy games).
Use the raise skills cheat key to set them to 100 and rest for a little over 6 hours at a time (or just 7 if game time isn't a problem, but real time is). Try not to edit your skills or stats! If you want stats at 100, get Cheat O Matic, or some other RAM searching utility and find the points that you were geven to distribute (i.e. if you get 4 to start, search for 4; spend 1 and search for 3; continue until you have searched 1, then take away the points one at a time [if you haven't found the number yet]), then set them to a high-enough number or lock at about 3. This prevents most game errors that you get when editing skills/stats (I edited my stats high, but under 200, once and got a crash every time I fired an arrow or went underwater).

Item 2: Revised Level 255
  1. If using a standard class, go to 2. If making a custom class, first you should edit the first question in all biography files to have the number of the class (00-17) in it. (EXAMPLE: What school of magic have you been studying the longest? 00). Make the class and take note of which biography file it uses. Try to remember (or write down) the configuration of this custom class.
  2. Edit the biography file used by your class so that no choice gives a bonus to skills, and so that one has all of your primary skills lowered by 560, all major skills by 550, and all minor skills by 545. You may also set other skills to be lowered by 540.
  3. Load up Daggerfall and choose the class you want (or re-create your custom class). Distribute points evenly amongst the skills, and try to keep them the same amount.
  4. Use the raise skills cheat key (just hold it down for a while) to raise all skills to 100 (editing skills sometimes causes errors). If you want your stats to 100 without messy and buggy editing, rest for 7 hours at a time (or wait for 1 minute or so game time and rest for 6) and keep raising your stats as you go along.
  5. Save your game and load it into an ediotor (hex or one that allows level to be set to 255) and set the level to 255. Edit health points to whatever you desire while here. Even a 4 hp/level char would have a minimum of over 500!
  6. Load the game and rest for 7 hours. If level resets to an amount WAY lower than 255, it didn't work. If it stays at 255, play on! Reload if you want your seven hours back.
NOTE!: If using the hack that allows 127 to be the maximum natural skill level, this won't work after a point (level will continually warp from 0 to 1 to 255 to 0, etc every 6/7 hours of rest).
Existing characters and level 255:
Start a new characte. For sake of ease, use an existing class. Make sure the biography is edited properly. Start your game with these modifications and save it. Load game into a hex editor and take note of what the starting skills is set to. Give that to your own character. Then go through steps 4 and up. The NOTE! above still applies. You can also set starting skills to a higher number than it currently is if your level warps back to 0.
UNTESTED: 127% skill max and level 255.
Set starting skills to be lowered at 30-32 HIGHER than above (about 529, 519, 514, and 509). They should be lowered by 31 2/3, but you can work that out yourself...we hope ;)

Original Text Written By Saracoth -

Getting Free Enchantment Points in the Item Maker
10 December 1997

This is a repost of an old messie. It regards enchanting items that are soulbound without the side effects. As such it is definite spoiler material. If you don't want to be spoiled, please stop reading now. :-)

For the following exercise you need the following:

  1. Access to Itemmaker in the Mages Guild
  2. Soul trap with Daedra Lord
  3. Suitable item to enchant (preferably armor or weaponry, clothing or items such as armbands can be unstable)
  4. Between 30,000 and 100,000 gold (recommend min 100,000 gold)
Instructions: In the Itemmaker select the item you want to enchant. Rename it if desired. Before you do anything else, however, add at least seven (7) desired effects to the item *before* you add the soulbound disadvantage. Add up to nine (9) (but not more) if desired. Attempt to add some of the more exotic effects that require more enchantment points in order to use your 8000+ points to advantage...practice will reveal the more potent ones ('Regeneration all the time' is good example). Now add soulbound and select Daedra Soul. You will receive a message similar to the following:
	"No room for item in list..."
Click on message. Note lack of Daedra Lord disadvantages. Enchant item. Congratulations, you now have an enchanted item of 8000+ enchantment points with no disadvantages.

Original Text Written by John Weatherwax -

Stealing from General Stores
10 January 1999

Here's an interesting cheat about stealing without worrying about getting hit from the guards.

  1. Goto a general store.
  2. Stand next to the door that leads into the private area, looking at the shelves.
  3. Click on the rightmost shelf (against the wall) and steal something from it.
  4. Wait about 2 seconds, then go straight ahead so you're right up against the shelf that is facing the doorway out.
  5. When guards come to arrest you, just hit them through the shelf, and they can't hit you. when they are dead, go around the shelf and get their stuff.

Original Text Written by Aerich Goldwing -

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