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Battlespire: Quest Walkthrough

19 February 2011

Here you'll hopefully find everything you need to complete the game and the various quests along the way. Eventually I hope to get a detailed walkthrough of each level. Feel free to contribute hints/tips and walkthroughs yourself as well as correct any errors/omissions found within.

Important Notes
- Most of the walkthrough is written through the eyes of Mordallis, a custom knight class. Wherever you see his name you would see your characters name instead.
- I assume that the game has a set location for most things, ie, not random. If it is random the locations of some items given in the walkthrough may be incorrect (please let me know).
- Each walkthrough contains a large image (30+ kB JPEG). Users with slow links may want to disable auto image loading before continuing. The maps are high color maps captured directly from the game and do not display well in 256 colors (just a warning).

Level 1 - 19 February 2011
The first level of Battlespire where survival is difficult enough let alone trying to decide what exactly your supposed to be doing.

Level 2 - 19 February 2011
Many tough monsters in this level can give even the strongest characters a hard time.

Level 2a - 19 February 2011
You have to find the voidguide pieces to get out, but where are they?

Level 3 - 19 February 2011
Wraiths that can't be killed, some mysterious talking gems. Whats an adventurer to make of all this?
Level 4 - 19 February 2011
Things are actually becoming slightly friendly towards you and you're scared....very scared.

Level 5 - 19 February 2011
You appear to the hunted on some sort of hunt whose hunter cannot be killed. Can this be the end of our adventurous hero?

Level 6 - 19 February 2011
You are in the presence of the Daedra gods on this!

Level 7 - 19 February 2011
This is the last level where you face Dagon, Lord of the Daedras.

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