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Battlespire Riddles

19 February 2011

I thought it would be a useful idea to have a page devoted to solely the riddles in the game along with their solutions. The answers can be found in the Walkthrough pages but often you don't need or want any other information than the riddle's answer. The riddles aren't in any particular order.

Through straitway is rightway
for most paths, I've found
Most goodway is sometimes
the other wayround.
Solutions: eltrut kcom
Location: Level 1 secret

Some live in me, some live on,
And some shave me to stride upon.
I rarely leave my native land.
Until my death I always stand.
High and low I may be found
Both above and under ground.
Solutions: Tree, trees, tree trunk, trunk, wood, timber
Location: Level 2

I rise above the roofs below
Finger up-raised to heaven.
I speak in clear tones
That aim for others
To gather where I call.
Solutions: bell tower, tower, steeple, bell towers, towers, steeples, church tower, temple, shrine
Location: Level 2

Armor bright
Gleaming white
A single rank
Their faces blank
Now hid by night
Now bold by light
Bright red the land
Where soldiers stand
Solutions: teeth, tooth, mouth, tongue
Location: Level 2

Loadbearer, Warrior
Spirited, Brave
Fleet-foot, Ironshod
Faithful One, Slave
Solutions: Horse, horses, pony, ponies, steed, destrier, courser
Location: Level 2

So dark, dirty, cold this place,
To stay you would refrain
Yet those who occupy this place
Never do complain
Solutions: grave, tomb, crypt
Location: Level 3

The gift your mother gives you,
Though prized by all, the long and short of it,
Too much of it kills you every time.
Solutions: Life, breath, breathing, living
Location: Level 3?

What was the sight my eyes were giving
When I saw the dead carrying the living?
Solutions: a ship, boat, rowboat, craft, vessel, skiff, dinghy
Location: Level 3?

We say some things improve with death.
What stinks when living, but dead smells good?
Solutions: Pig, hog, swine
Location: Level 3

Who makes it neither needs nor wants it.
Who buys it neither uses nor wears it.
Who uses it neither sees nor feels it.
Solutions: Coffin, casket
Location: Level 3?

Never watched by daylight
Never watched by night
But evenstar watches oft and well
'Tween the black and bright
Solutions: dusk, sunset
Location: Level 4

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