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Battlespire Hints

15 February 2011

Like the Daggerfall Hints page here, this will hopefully be soon filled with all kinds of information about the game, from items, to quests, and far beyond. Feel free to submit anything relevant to the WebMaster.

Major Topics, Seperate Documents
Magical Item Names - 15 February 2011
Found that magical greave of Sanguine Interpolation and wonder what it does? Look here for the descriptions of over 300 such names!
Walkthrough - 15 February 2011
Extensive walkthrough of each level in the game. Location of quest items, important tips, etc...
Solutions to Riddles - 15 February 2011
Stuck for that answer to a riddle...all or most of the riddles with their answers can be found here.
Bestiary - 15 February 2011
List of all monsters along with useful statistics. Note: Contains 34kb of JPEG images.
Minor Topics, Found Below
Class Creation Cheat - 26 July 1998
How to obtain some 'bonus' points in the class creation process.
Level 1 Secret - 28 March 1998
Find this interesting secret with a strange guest.
General Tips - 25 February 1998
Several brief tips to make life a little easier.
Undocumented Keys - 23 February 1998
Some keys which are not documented elsewhere, including one for capturing the screen shot.

Class Creation Cheat - 26 July 1998

When you first start the game and create or edit a class, if you select any and all the potions, save the class, reload it, then deselect the potions, you will get more build points than they are worth. This can be done as much as you want by saving the class. You can create a very powerful class doing this.

Original Text Written by

Level 1 Secret - The Mock Turtle - 28 March 1998

After you open the Star Galley door, walk a short bit out on to the runway, turn about 120 degrees left, look down and walk off the bridge. climb up and there is a hidden teleport that takes you to a square room in the NE corner of the level map. Inside is a gigantic turtle! You can actually go left of him, jump up and climb over him. Really a blast, although nothing there, but cool none the less. Talk to the Mock turtle, get secret password (eltrut kcom). Use it in the NW corner of the room and bingo a chest!

Original Text Written by Roe R. Adams III -

General Game Playing Tips - 25 February 1998

  1. When picking up arrows after a fight, drag them to over your second weapon slot. They will be added to your quiver (or your inventory if not the same type).
  2. You can fall through relatively small cracks (like in the wooden bridges in Level 1) if you move too slowly. Either jump across (and build your jumping skill) or walk quickly.
  3. When jumping be careful of hitting something bewteen the start and end of the jump (either the roof or a nearby obstacle). You'll land far short of your goal and possibly in a not so nice place.
  4. Using a Doht rune (found mostly on level 1) makes you ethereal for a short period of time.
  5. More coming....

Undocumented Keys - 23 February 1998

CTRL-0 (zero)
Exits the game immediately
Saves a screenshot file in the PICS directory. The file is a RAW format which can be converted to a PCX file using the BATRAW.ZIP utility.
This starts to take continous screen shots. Be warned that this eats up disk space like crazy and slows everything down to a crawl (I got 70MBs of files in around 10 seconds). I haven't yet found a way to shut it off although you'd figure pressing CTRL-C again would work.

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