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Battlespire Files

15 February 2011

27 February 2001
43 kb Truetype Daedric alphabet font for Windows. To install, just unzip and copy the Daedric.TTF file into the WINDOWS\FONTS directory.
16 October 1998
1161 kb Latest Patch v1.5. Copy to your BATTLESPIRE directory and execute Read what this latest patch fixes - BATPAT15.TXT
BATEDIT.ZIP v0.30 Beta
16 October 1998
76 kb Edit your attributes and skills with this easy to use editor. Simple user interface in 80x50 text mode. Easiest to install somewhere in the Battlespire directory.
26 January 2002
122 kb Simple and untested editor for modifying your character.
26 January 2002
30 kb Another basic editor for the game.
26 January 2002
1 kb Gamehack data table for editting save games.
16 October 1998
93 kb Convert RAW screenshots (CTRL-P) into PCXs with this utility as well as display them to screen. Contains a simple command line program as well as an easy to use user interface program.

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