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Battlespire Screenshots

19 February 2011

Several screenshots of the game have been released including a few animations as well. Hopefully you'll find most or at least the better of these below. Most of the screenshots are 400x300 JPEGs (yes, with 16 million colors, although remember the game will be in 'only' 65,536 colours). Not sure why the size since I don't think it's a standard graphics mode, at least I've never seen it anywhere. Some of the images also have a neat FPS (or frames per second) text telling you how fast the game runs, at least on whatever machine was used to make the screenshots. All these screenshots were found on the Bethesda Web Site and any new ones since then can be found there. I'm not putting any thumbnails up to make this page faster, but the descriptions provided should give one enough to decide whether to view it or not.

Really big and ugly four armed creature towering over you (hopefully he's really not that tall). Part of a opening/ending movie sequence of Dagaon.
Appears to be a shot of a large castle being destroyed by something with an innate grasp of lightning. The ending cinematic sequences of Battlespire being destroyed.
Part of the opening cinematic sequence of a person standing next to a beam of energy.
Now this is neat, some sort of 4 armed nasty thing being hit with some sort of nastier fire spell. Another part of the ending cinematic sequence of Dagon.
Looks to be some sort of special room inside a dungeon. This is the end to the Soul Cairn, Level 3.
Desolate remains of...something. Very haunting, especially if one were walking through it...alone (howl of creature in distance).
A view of some room in a crypt or dungeon or something. Much more visually impressive than Daggerfall. A room on Level 3, the Soul Cairn.
Nothing special, some sort of castle viewed in some light fog. A fort found on Level 5.

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