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Battlespire Guilds

15 February 2011

Since Battlespire has multiplayer options there will most likely be guilds forming much like in other multiplayer games. Guilds are merely an assembly of people who share a common theme, or goal, anything from being knights of honour to backstabbing assassins. This page will hopefully list the home pages of each of the available guilds along with a brief description (if available). More will come after a while...

  1. The Windblades
  2. The Twin Blades
  3. The Eye of the Storm
  4. The War Angels
  5. The Legion of the Damned
  6. Stormlancers
  7. Apocalyptic Warriors
  8. The Crimson Blades
  9. The House of Durai

The Windblades

Site Location:Tra'Hari and Trasentients Lair

The Windblades is a guild composed of multiple sub-guilds with all members attempting to bring the element of roleplaying into the game. Their goal is to hopefully prevent the multiplayer aspect of Battlespire from becoming another simple shoot-em-up type game. Each member of the Windblades can have any character she wants, good OR evil, or neither. This character will be playing inside of the game, and can grow and develop both inside Battlespire and outside, as we interact with each other. A character can have any personality, any alignment, and any affiliations. One person can be a rougish thief, while another can be an elusive mage. The the main guild there are a number of sub-guilds which will be true guilds. Hopefully there will be about 3-4 sub-guilds with each a number of players. The sub-guilds and description follow.

The War Winds
This is a guild of roguish warrior-magi who pledge allegiance only to themselves. They are a relatively solitary breed, only coming together when the need arises.
Meurtrier Sanglant
This guild is an evil pit of death, living of the essence of life itself. They care little for the pain they inflict on others, as this is merely the endless cycle of life and death.
Spa'Kelvani DePere
This guild is a collection of highly paid and expecptionally talented assassins, thieves and dishonored warriors. While they will never get involved in the politics of a situation, they will do just about anything if the price is right.

The Twin Blades

Site Location: N/A

This guild is a collection of adventurers who merely wish to explore the realms of Battlespire together and have a grand time doing so. Their motto is "Treat all members with respect; When defeated in Battle, don't get mad, get even". When possible guild members will attempt to help each other when needed.

The Eye of the Storm

Site Location: N/A

Don't yet have a mission statement per say, just anyone who wants to have a good time enjoying the game.

The War Angels

Site Location: N/A

We have one common enemy and one common goal: to keep evil from taking over this land. And as long as there is one War Angel left, the battle is not over. You see we believe there is a necessary amount of evil needed to defend good, this is what we were made for and this is what we will do. Honor, Respect, and Pride must be important to anyone who wishes join. There are different ranks available through time if your superiors deem you worthy.

The Legion of the Damned

Site Location: N/A

It is the mission of the Legions of the Damned to annihilate every shred of goodness and decency in Tamriel. In order to join you must battle one of the leaders. You don't need to win, only show that you are evil enough to do anything to win. Has a few basic rules to follow and a rank system. Evil is the only reality.


Site Location: N/A

A Stormlancer is a protector of good and the destroyer of evil. He always fights for honour, valour and pride and is always loyal to higher ranked members of the Clan. Is just starting so doesn't have many members or rules and such.

Apocalyptic Warriors

Site Location: N/A

For all of you who see people in Battlespire with [AW] after their name they are part of this glorious clan! But do not fear we don't Player Kill (PK), however we will avenge victims of PK'ers. Pk'ers you have been duly warned! Another guild starting up with a few members/ranks and no true rules.

The Crimson Blades

Site Location: N/A

The Crimson Blades of Tamriel come together as a guild of friends to help other people who seek our aid and to help ourselves become a more respected community through non aggressive ideas that help the populace as a whole (or in a few words, "We will help"). This guild has a large number of members also involved in other games (like Diablo etc...). There are a large number of rules to follow but given the number of people joined they don't seem to be a problem.

The House of Durai

Site Location: House of Durai Page

This is a samurai guild dedicated to hoonor and respect in Battlespire.

So you want to be a samurai, huh?
Do you have the ability and skills needed to be a powerful member?
Are you willing to follow orders and, on occassion, give them?
Are you a powerful warlord who is capable of leading a vast army?
Are you an outcast who needs salvation?
Are you in search of allies?

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