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Battlespire Bugs

19 February 2011

No matter how hard the game creators will try, there will always be some bugs in existing in any game. This page will list any discovered bug, anything from a mere inconsistency to a full blown game crasher, along with any solutions if applicable. Feel free to contribute anything you feel deserves a 'bug' label in the game.

    Smaller Bugs
  1. Empty sacks should disappear when left on the floor
  2. You can hear footsteps when standing on a lift (Level 1, v1.5)
  3. Bookcase graphic on Level 1 upside down (v1.5), of course it is a mage's chamber so...???
  4. Some monsters disappear and come back to life after you kill them sometimes (scamp and vermai) (v1.5)
  5. Two of the coffins on Level 3 don't have riddles on them (v1.5)?
  6. Walking and Sneaking speed seems to vary slightly, annoying (v1.5).
  7. Boats and ballon disappear when you exit them (v1.5). Ballon does return to mooring place eventually but where do boats go?
  8. Some of those purple healing crystals are really big (man size) v1.5. Is this on purpose?
  9. Bad graphics in places, Level 5 near waterfall, Level 3 under those rising platforms in big room (v1.5).

    More Serious Bugs

  10. Getting stuck in void. Sometimes you fall or just walk through a wall or crack forcing a reload. (v1.5)
  11. On some places you take damage for no reason. Near the seducer bodyguard on Level 7 for instance, standing on where the top part meets the bottom (ie, at the crack) you take considerable damage. (v1.5)
  12. If you 'pause' while on a moving lift (such as going into your inventory) you're position is paused but the lift movement isn't. When you 'unpause' you're sitting at the bottom. Can be deadly if its a high lift. (v1.5)
  13. Pausing thing also affects spells you cast. For instance I quaff a potion of Etherealness, return to my inventory, wait, exit, the spell has worn off. Doesn't appear to work for spells cast on you by enemies? (v1.5)
  14. Cursor position on automap in Levels 4 and 5 (and others) is wrong (v1.5).
  15. Problem clipping monsters in Level 4 near Quam warding sigils. Parts of monster and replaced by wall/ceiling/floor graphic. Occasionally monster disappears completely for long periods of time (still attacks, is not invisible) v1.5
  16. Jumping icon in Level 5 dungeon is not drawn (v1.5).
  17. Random crashes and GPFs in Win95. Problem may be not enough swap space. Don't ignore any warning message on startup. See the Technical Manual for information on how to solve this.
  18. Character gets stuck in many places, can't move or jump and have to reload (v1.5)
  19. Monsters die without leaving sack of stuff, even though you were firing arrows at (v1.5)
  20. Can't pick up scroll on floor in Level 2 entrance (v1.5) and other places as well.
  21. Mobs get stuck easily on, well, anything (v1.5). Mostly corners and tight places.
  22. A magical cape found on Level 2a is worn as a pant? (v1.5)
  23. Scamp disappeared on Level 2. Was seen in a blocked off section but when I went in it was gone (v1.5)
  24. Spider daedra near end of Level 3 (the one with the entry rune) walked up into the air and out into the void, never to return (v1.5).

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