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Arena Save Games

19 February 2011

I thought it would be nice to supply various save games for the game of Arena. If you would like to supply some, just E-Mail the Webmaster to arrange uploading etc...

  1. CITYDA66.ZIP - Danlor, 18th level Redgaurd Knight, 3 staff pieces and 8 artifacts -
  2. EDIIH.ZIP - Ediih, a 13th level Knight. All stats at 100 except for Int. A few artifacts and staff pieces.
  3. SPLLSWRD.ZIP - A lvl 22 spellsword with some nice equipment - Lance Levendowski

Information on ARENA Savegame Transferring

Several people have had problems transferring/importing savegames into ARENA so I decided to put a little splurge here describing how too. First, a general description of how ARENA handles savegames. ARENA has 10 savegame slots, from 0 to 9. These are represented by all the .00, .01, etc.. files in the ARENA directory. If you do a 'dir *.00' you should see the files (providing there is a #0 savegame) SPELLSG.00, STATES.00, CITYDATA.00, SPELLS.00, LOG.00, AUTOMAP.00, SAVEGAME.00, SAVEENGN.00, WILD001.00, WILD002.00, WILD003.00, and WILD004.00. I won't describe each file but each one is part of the savegame, except for SPELLSG.* which is part of the game data, not part of the save games. Thus, to extract a savegame from the ARENA directory, a simple 'copy *.00 c:\somewher\' is nessecary, deleting the SPELLSG file afterwards... The names of the savegame files are contained in the file NAMES.DAT. The names are 48 characters long and are interpadded by the NULL 0 character (not the '0') and thus cannot be eddited with a normal text editor. An empty savegame slot is identified by the name 'EMPTY'.

The simplest method to transfer a savegame into ARENA is to overwrite a previously saved savegame. Backup a desired savegame (ex: copy *.01 c:\temp\), rename the savegame to be transferred to the savegame backup (ex: 'rename *.04 *.01' would rename the savegame previously saved in slot 4, to one in slot 1), and finally copy the transfer save game into the ARENA directory and load it up in ARENA.

Another method, transferring a savegame into an empty slot is safer but more difficult because the file NAMES.DAT must be modified using a binary editor (a text editor will not work unfortunately). Those familiar with a binary editor can modify NAMES.DAT with little effort, just change the appropiate EMPTY slot with some meaningful name. For those without a binary editor or not familiar with any of this, I have created a simple program which can modify empty savegame slots in NAMES.DAT. You may download the 14KB ZIP file NAMEMOD.ZIP which contains an executable, text file, and the C source code.

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