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Arena Items List

15 February 2011

The following is an excellent items list maintained by Monte Bascom -, currently containing close to 2200 items. It lists quality items, both magical and not, as well the province, city, and store where they can be bought.

1. Amulet 2. Battle Axe 3. Belt 4. Boots
5. Bracelet 6. Bracer 7. Broadsword 8. Buckler
9. Claymore 10. Crystal 11. Cuirass 12. Dagger
13. Dai-Katana 14. Flail 15. Greaves 16. Gauntlets
17. Helmet 18. Katana 19. Kite Shield 20. Long Bow
21. Longsword 22. Mace 23. Mark 24. Pauldron (L)
25. Pauldron (R) 26. Ring 27. Round shield 28. Saber
29. Short Bow 30. Shortsword 31. Staff 32. Tanto
33. Torc 34. Tower Shield 35. Wakizashi 36. War Axe
37. War Hammer

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