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Metus Raven-Soul}}
Home Cavern of Fear
House Raven-Soul
Gender Male Age 27
Main Games
Arena Linz Renser Daggerfall Kentric Wrun
Nord Spellsword Breton Knight
Morrowind Sar'ev Mafrelor Oblivion Shera Fiol
Dunmer Rogue Redguard Silent Mage
Skyrim Ysh'Lera-Fi
Argonian Dragonborn
Battlespire Raszvin Mysst Online Dinaeve el'Faibara
Bosmer Burglar Altmer Sorcerer
Miscellaneous Autistic
Arena Character Biography
Name Linz Renser Role Nord Spellsword
Gender Female Level 3
Health 41 Spell points 75
Fatigue 104
Arena Character Skills
Miscellaneous Linz has thus far been using a longsword, nothing special to comment further on.
Daggerfall Character Biography
Name Kentric Wrun Role Breton Knight
Gender Male Level 2
Health 59 Spell points 27
Fatigue 132 Worships Julianos
Daggerfall Character Skills
Prime Long Blade (37) Second Etiquette (30)
Third Blunt Weapon (29) Fourth Archery (27)
Miscellaneous Kentric makes use of a long sword, or rather a katana, and wears chain and steel armor. Otherwise he just walks about and spends his time delivering messages.
Daggerfall Character Factions
Arkay Novice Fighters Guild Apprentice
Morrowind Character Biography
Name Sar'ev Role Dunmer Rogue
Gender Male Level 11
Health 81 Magicka 45
Fatigue 195 Birthsign The Shadow
Morrowind Character Skills
Prime Short Blade (79) Second Light Armor (56)
Third Block (40) Fourth Athletics (36)
Miscellaneous Sar'ev wields a short sword or dagger, which he carries literrally 15 of in case one is damaged too much, along with a shield for blocking. He also has three magical weapons for the occasional ghost, one of them being a long blade. He's not very sneaky, instead stabbing people right in the face.
Morrowind Character Factions
Blades Journeyman Mages Guild Apprentice
Thieves Guild Operative Imperial Cult Layman
Fighters Guild Journeyman Great House Hlaalu Hireling
Oblivion Character Biography
Name Shera Fiol Role Redguard Silent Mage
Gender Female Level 32
Health 382 Magicka 176
Fatigue 383 Birthsign The Mage
Infected Vampire Home Shack in the Waterfront District
Oblivion Character Skills
Prime Sneak (107) Second Destruction (105)
Third Light Armor (92) Fourth Blade (83)
Miscellaneous Shera is a sneak and a spellcaster. Her primary way of attacking is by using spells, but uses a sword and a shield a lot as well. She might use the sword for the initial strike as it allows for sneak attacks, after which she will either swing her sword and block or run backwards and cast spells. Usually depends on the situation. She also does alchemy.
Oblivion Character Factions
Dark Brotherhood Listener Mages Guild Arch-Mage
Arena Myrmidon Thieves Guild Gray Fox
Nine Divines Pilgrim Court of Madness Madgod
Blades Knight Sister Fighters Guild Associate
Knights of the White Stallion Knight-Errant Knights of the Nine Divine Crusader
Mythic Dawn Acolyte Knights of the Thorn Honorary Knight
Order of the Dragon Champion of Cyrodiil
Skyrim Character Biography
Name Ysh'Lera-Fi Role Argonian Dragonborn
Gender Female Level 40
Health 260 Magicka 180
Stamina 250 Home Lakeview Manor
Steward Lydia Adopted Children Runa Fair-Shield & Lucia
Skyrim Character Skills
Prime Sneak (100) Second Archery (100)
Third Lockpicking (86) Fourth Light Armor (68)
Miscellaneous Ysh'Lera-Fi sneaks around, takes any loot found in dungeons, and uses the bow as her main weapon. Conjuration magic, one-handed sword, and restoration magic are her second choice for fights.
Skyrim Character Factions
Thieves Guild Guildmaster College of Winterhold Arch-Mage
Stormcloaks Stormblade Dark Brotherhood Listener
Companions Companion Volkihar Vampire Clan Lord of Volkihar Keep
Battlespire Character Biography
Name Raszvin Mysst Role Bosmer Burglar
Gender Male Spells points 50
Wounds 80 Encumbrance 101.0
Battlespire Character Skills
Prime Short Blade (54) Second Jumping (45)
Third Stealth (41) Fourth Dodging (36)
Miscellaneous Raszvin makes use of a short blade and hacks his way through things for the most part thus far. He's not very good in his etiquette as whenever he talks to the demons, he just tends to insult them before hacking them down. Though, he's still surprised about the Dremora that blew himself up... somehow.
Online Character Biography
Name Dinaeve el'Faibara Role Altmer Sorcerer
Gender Female Level 29
Health 14456 Magicka 19528
Stamina 13982 Home Cliffshade
Faction Aldmeri Dominion Infected Vampire
Online Character Skills
Prime Storm Calling (36) Second Light Armor (35)
Third Restoration Staff (33) Fourth Dark Magic (30)
Miscellaneous Dinaeve works mainly with magic, wearing light armor, she blasts foes from a distance before taking on a lightning form and keeping up the pressure. Her main weapon outside her sorcery is a staff of restoration, thus enabling her also healing magic. Her main weapons are lightning and healing. Since becoming a vampire, she also focuses on vampiric skills to keep her health up.
Online Character Factions
Aldmeri Dominion Volunteer Grade 2 Fighters Guild Rank 4
Mages Guild Rank 2 Eyes of the Queen Agent
Brackenleaf's Briars Briar Undaunted Rank 2
The Five Companions Member Thieves Guild Rank 2

About Me[edit]

I played Morrowind (with expansions) as my first game of the Elder Scrolls. I came to know of the game through a friend. He played it for years and never grew tired of it, so I was quite curious about the game. After Oblivion had been out for a while, I ended up buying that as well. Enjoyed it a lot, especially when I went around with the Dark Brotherhood. When Skyrim came, I bought the game immediately and enjoyed it a lot as well until my PC broke. But now I'm actively playing again with the add-ons that came out while I hadn't played with my new PC.

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