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A space[edit]

While I'm not very keen on editing wiki pages, I guess I'll use this space to say what I plan to do here. While gaining all the information I desire from the site, I will probably do some gnoming on pages that need such editing. I will also answer any questions I can or hopefully point you in a relevant direction. I will mention that I've never beaten an Elder Scrolls game, a handicap I would like to overcome in the following months. My goal is to beat all of the main entry titles, with the side titles beaten as they become available to me. My favorite titles are Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Skyrim, though I have no exceptional knowledge on any specific game. I'm hoping to change that soon, as well.

A side note[edit]

After learning a lot about how the wiki works and what does and does not belong on here, I've come to the decision that I will not be doing major edits, nor suggesting any edits. Any edits I do will be purely spelling, punctuation, and grammatical error corrections. Wiki pages do not work like I had thought, and I have no interest in getting involved with all the hooplah necessary to gain positive contributions.

Enjoy your day, and stay classy.